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Long time cpap user having problems
I've had sleep apnea for 5 years and I have been having so many problems lately. My mask seems to never stay sealed to my face. I have been sleeping worse that when I didn't use my machine. I have switched to 4 different types of masks and I still have the problem. I make sure the straps aren't too tight or too loose. I wash my mask every night with baby shampoo. I wash my face before bed with a face cleanser for oily skin. I've also tried just water or soap.

My problem is at least half way threw the night my mask starts leaking air and making noise because of it. It wakes me up constantly and makes my sleep horrible. I wake up feeling like crap and I feel very tired all day. I am a side sleeper and considered getting the special pillow, but haven't tried that yet

I've considered calling my doc but what can they really do. I've went to the supply company and tried on 20 masks. Any help???
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Sometimes I just have to take my mask off once during the night, reseal it and it stays ok.
One solution for the desperate (and this really works) is using macks silicone earplugs to make a seal. Take a few ear plugs, roll and warm in your palms until pliable, fashion into a string the diameter of a pencil and place around the perimeter of the mask where it fits your face. Once you fit it to your face you won't be able to do much adjusting because of the silicone. You can try it as a short term fix. The next day or two lightly score the silicone so it will re-adhere, or take it off, roll into a ball and put into an airtight container and repeat the next night. Good luck.
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Hello, RedX and welcome. I have also been on CPAP for 5 plus years. I can report that the perhaps crazy sounding idea from Zimlich of using some silicone ear plug material shaped into a pencil like rope really does the job of eliminating mask leaks! I have been using the silicone every night since June 7th, and my mask leak problems are history! I'm talking zero leak shown on ResScan software most nights. If there is a leak occasionally it's a single digit number. And notice that right now my top end pressure is 19, high like yours. Zimlich mentioned Macks ear plugs, but it doesn't have to be that brand. Any brand of silicone. Walmart carries it as does CVS, and I'm sure others do too.
I remove the silicone from the mask seal area each morning and re-shape it before bed. I haven't tried Zimlich's idea of leaving it in place and scoring it. For the mask that he and I use, the primary leak area is across the forehead portion of the seal. So, that's where I place the silicone rope. I'm sure you can easily identify the seal area of your mask where leakage usually occurs.
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In terms of not sleeping well, it could be your pressure needs have changed. But you are using an auto so it should adjust for you. Have you looked at the data lately? If you are not sleeping well enough, you may be noticing the leaks more and getting easier-ly irritated by it.
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Hi RedX, First of all, WELCOME! to the forum.! I don't know the answer to the problem you are having but it sounds like you have gotten some GREAT suggestions. Best of luck to you on getting this straightened out.
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Thanks for the replies. Made a mask liner out of a t-shirt, read online to try. If this doesn't work I'll try the silicone. Do you make it into flat strip around edge or a thin rope. Maybe if you can show a pic on how yours is. Thanks
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RedX, I make the round silicone rope about the diameter of a pen or pencil and gently stick it to the mask seal. I find it easiest to form the rope by using the fingers of both hands together to gently roll the silicone on a smooth countertop surface. In the a.m., the rope has become fairly flattened by the pressure of the mask while the silicone did its job during the night. I hope this description helps.
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My first night with my homemade mask liner went good. Didn't wake up because of mask leaking. Hope it continues to help out so I can get some much needed sleep
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Welcome RedX, and congratulations! If I'm reading that last post right, you made the liner recommended by other members and it worked.

Love this forum!
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Maybe someone can explain something to me. I keep hearing about these mask liners and they seem to be made out of cotton or something for the most part. To me, this seems counter-intuitive. It seems to me like it would cause leaks rather than "fixing" them. The silicone thing I can see, but a porous substance doesn't make sense. I use nasal pillows so maybe that is why I don't understand, but it just seems....I don't know...odd, I guess.
As always, YMMV! You do not have to agree or disagree, I am not a professional so my mental meanderings are simply recollections of things from my own life.

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