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Looking for Recommendations on Lightweight *Nasal* Mask (no pillows)
Long post, but trying to give plenty of detail so people can help. But if you want to skip to the core question...jump to red at the bottom. I'm almost exactly one year into therapy, doing well with it, and am thinking about trying a new nasal mask. I have very mild asthma and my biggest challenge was breathing against the pressure, it took me many months to truly adapt. Some mask history:

- Mirage Softgel - this is the mask I started with. Found it very difficult to sleep with it, especially on my side (would leak as I moved) and I tend to be a side sleeper. However I always liked the way breathing felt with it, it felt more natural to me.

- AirFit P10. Nice mask but it always felt like the nose piece would compress and not let me breathe properly. Tried all sorts of things, just couldn't get it to work well for me.

- DreamWare. This mask was a miracle for me and helped me to be successful with CPAP therapy, it allowed me to breathe and fall asleep without being in discomfort. I am consistently under 1 AHI per hour with this mask. However it still has some negatives, especially where the air blows out, which makes a lot of noise if there is a sheet in front of it, and also tend to blow right where I look to put my hand, so I'm always covering my hand so I don't have to feel it. And after 9+ months it's got some issues and is time to replace.

So now that it's easier to breathe against the pressure I decided to give the Mirage Softgel a try again. I love the way breathing feels with it - so natural, and nothing blowing right under my nose. Strangely my AHI's are higher with it, but my guess is that's just because it's so much bulkier and I'm fiddling with it and don't sleep as well due to the bulk. But....the breathing feels so good!

So I'm thinking I'd like to try a less bulky nasal mask. There are some very interesting ones out there from both Resmed and Respironics, and I'm wondering which ones will give me that feeling of natural breathing I get with the Mirage where nothing is blowing right into my nose. The Philips Wisp, just to pick an example, looks very lightweight, but with the nose piece being so small I don't know if it will keep that "open" natural breathing feel I get with the Mirage, or if it's going to be more like something is blowing into my nose?

So...if you made it this far, for those of you using nasal masks, what's your favorite light weight nasal mask (no pillows) you would recommend I try?

Also, if there are any that have a hose from the top like my Dreamware, that would be great, but I don't think that exists.

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I have been using the WISP for over a year now, and it is the most comfortable mask I have used. It comes with three different sizes of nose pieces, so you can use the one that is most comfortable for you. I use the one marked "L/m" and it is fine for me. I tried the small one, and although it is comfortable, I like the larger one better. And, there is nothing up against your forehead, so it is possible to watch a bit of TV even with it on. Or, if you like, to read a bit without anything blocking your sight. If you like, the strap on top has a loop that you can run the hose through, which keeps it on top if you like that. I don't use that, mine usually just tucks down. I am on Medicare, and they will send you a new one every three months.
Thanks Sleep-well[/font]
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Thanks. The website is a bit confusing. It says:

Quote:Wisp combines the performance of a nasal mask with the style of a nasal pillows mask.

But it does not have pillows right?

May I ask what masks you used before the Wisp?

Did you get the fabric or silicon frame?
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What it means is that there is no forehead brace on the WISP. More like the pillows type that just go around over the ears. But, it IS a mask, just like the others. I'm sorry, but I do not remember exactly which masks I used to use, except that they all were Respirontics, and the last ones had a blue gel under the silicone seal. And the forehead brace.
The frame is silicon, 'Y" shaped on either side. The straps around the back are elastic fabric.
Thanks Sleep-well[/font]
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Fischer and Paykall Eson.
Im using Dreamwear right now but I keep going back to the Eson off and on because its so comfortable, leak free quiet and no rush of air venting due to diffuser.

IMHO Eson nasal mask is the best nasal mask on the market.
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Fisher & Paykal Eson works great for me.

Tried nasal pillows and caused me major nose irritation problems.

I don't know if you would call an Eson mask "small" ... but it is very comfortable, and I'm a side sleeper who tosses and turns all night, I hardly ever have a leak out of it [and even if it does leak, it is only ever a slight leak that is easy to stop by simply moving my head a little on the pillow]

Where the hose attaches to the mask rotates through 360 deg., which is really handy.

I have the hose hooked up over the bedhead to reduce the chance of "rainout" if condensation builds in it.
I place the hose either over my neck from behind, or above my head on the pillow.
When I roll from one side to the other the hose simply rotates on the mask without a problem, I subconsciously nudge it if it doesn't slide away from me when I roll back towards the side of the bed the machine is on.

[Image: 20160908_100711_zpsimrhbrwa.jpg]

[Image: 20160709_165618_zpsnlovtu9e.jpg]
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The piece that goes to your forehead..is that hard plastic with cushions behind it? The only thing I don't like about that is that it that one of the things I was hoping to get away from was the piece on the forehead, my Mirage Softgel has that....although the forehead piece on yours does look a little less cumbersome.
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(10-18-2016, 11:40 PM)Dreams of Green Wrote: LOL!

The piece that goes to your forehead..is that hard plastic with cushions behind it? The only thing I don't like about that is that it that one of the things I was hoping to get away from was the piece on the forehead, my Mirage Softgel has that....although the forehead piece on yours does look a little less cumbersome.

In actual fact the plastic frame has a gap of about the thickness of my middle finger away from my forehead when I'm wearing it properly [as opposed to wearing it for goofy photos Dielaughing ]

When adjusted correctly the straps and the cushion are the only things that touch your head.

It took me a little bit of time playing with the adjustments over the period of a week or so, but now I have it set it is easy and comfortable to use.

The mask can be un-clipped from the head straps without altering or upsetting the adjustments.

The cushion can be easily removed from the frame, but the whole mask and frame can be washed as a single unit if you wish, and I actually do it that way.
I wash it in the bathroom sink in warm water, I just lather my hands with bath soap to wash it, then rinse with cold water under the tap.

At the elbow point just above the hose connector is a small air vent with a filter, the filter is supposed to be replaced often, but I found that if left in place it can actually be washed with the rest of the mask without detriment to the filter.

Due to the vent being at the top of the hose, rather than within the mask itself, any air expelled doesn't blow in a direction that causes drafts to be an irritation.

I use a standard contour pillow designed for head and shoulder comfort, I have no need for a specific CPAP pillow using the Eson mask.

I will be buying another one when this one needs replacing, and would happily recommend them as a good choice for anyone who doesn't need a full face mask.
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What about trying the Swift FX Nano nasal mask. It has a footprint very similar to the P10's but is a nasal mask. If you search YouTube you will find a certain PSG Tech who does a nice review of it. I am tempted to try it out myself, but have had good success with the P10's so never got around to it.
APNEABOARD - A great place to be if you're a hosehead!! Rolleyes

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(10-19-2016, 06:16 AM)cate1898 Wrote: What about trying the Swift FX Nano nasal mask.
The two I had my under consideration when I started were the Wisp and Swift, and I've added the Eson to consideration as well.

The reason I was leaning towards the Wisp at the start is that the strapping system seems more secure to me (same on Eson) and I actually don't mind the straps.

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