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Lorrubdb Therapy Thread: Fine-tuning therapy with Oscar
RE: AHI CA/UA still high, EPR changes
If you right click on the left side of the flow rate chart (by the title) it will give you options.  He wants you to change the Y axis to +50 and minus 50.  On the option dotted line put a check in the box for zero.
Apnea (80-100%) 10 seconds, Hypopnea (50-80%) 10 seconds, Flow Limits (0-50%) not timed  Cervical Collar - Dealing w DME - Chart Organizing

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RE: AHI CA/UA still high, EPR changes
Phew, thanks soo much, understood and was able to easily find/make changes but to to clarify I change to +50 maximum and -50? minimum?

For the dots I did put zero. So now do I just leave it like that or send him another copy of the chart with those settings?
RE: AHI CA/UA still high, EPR changes
Just leave it like that. Setting to +/-50 will make scale it to be more readable, The zero line defines inhales and exhales. Look to see that the inhales look to be the same area as the exhales. If exhales are smaller, where did the air go? Most common answer is expiratory mouth breathing.
RE: AHI CA/UA still high, EPR changes
Oh I see (kind of) but since I already mouth breathe inside my full face mask wouldn't the exhales go there too? Or what does it mean?
Anyway, I will post the chart tomorrow. Hoping it's better! Thanks so much for your help!

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RE: AHI CA/UA still high, EPR changes
So is this even possible??  My ahi was .16 last night from 6.87 previous night but am questioning result because had a lot of problems with my machine. I mean I would be thrilled if it's that low but here's what happened- I used a new mask (f30) which I didn't like but didn't seem to leak at all so kept it on. But this morning the myair app said I didn't use the machine last night and no data. But on the machine itself under sleep report it did have data so thought it didn't sync. Put my sd card in oscar that also said no data.  

I tried unplugging and rebooting the machine several times and moved the power plug to a different outlet -then reinserted the card and suddenly Oscar showed this data. My airapp still says no data and I didn't use machine. Also I turned off smarton which I didn't turn on but apparently it comes on when you have a lot of leaks which I did the previous night.  Not sure if that caused any problem but I remember during the night thinking I'm not feeling much air and wondered why it stopped when I took off mask or tube for bathroom break. Then I pushed ON again afterwards not realizing it was on autostart so could that interfere with functioning? Also it stayed at 8 all night.

So given all these problems is this result correct??  I would love it but not sure if there was a malfunction. What do you think?  Thank you!!

RE: AHI CA/UA still high, EPR changes
Someone please look at my post/chart and reply when you can. Anxious to hear what you think and if I can celebrate or not. Thanks
RE: AHI CA/UA still high, EPR changes
i'd take it!!!

but 1 night does not make a trend.

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RE: AHI CA/UA still high, EPR changes
Lol then I will  take it too! I’m greedy and  want same every night! Almost afraid to go to sleep tonight and wake up to 20 or something. I did have soft collar nice and tight and didn’t leak or move much so maybe wil start a tend. Fingers crossed!
Thank you!?
RE: AHI CA/UA still high, EPR changes
@ Lorrbub - My App get knocked on this board as being a feel-good app not a diagnostic tool. And for good reason.

The point to be made is that MyAir updates only occasionally. When I used to use it, I noticed that if would show no data if I went to MyAir soon after waking up. I learned to wait until it updates itself.
RE: AHI CA/UA still high, EPR changes
Well yesterday's AHI of 0.16 was too good to be true, now back up to 2.84. Not terrible but disappointed, hoped it would stay  super low.

I felt so great yesterday, energy and no shortness of breath so think the results were real and not a machine malfunction -but unfortunately just one night and not a trend as Gideon said. I feel the difference today, knew right away when I got up it was higher.

So here's last night's chart-one whole night, and a focus one of the cluster of UAs which also caused my increased AHI last time. Maybe I should change to setting back SmartOn which was on when I had the 0.16?

Please let me know what you think.  Thank you- your help is greatly appreciated :}


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