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Losing the will to fight
RE: Losing the will to fight
(05-19-2018, 09:03 AM)Fats Drywaller Wrote:
(05-19-2018, 08:46 AM)Hojo Wrote: May I suggest you talk to your primary physician to consider some anxiety medication

With all respect, and only with regard to that one point, I'm going to disagree with that very strongly.  To all beginning CPAP users:  Please don't leap to that distant and absurd conclusion, especially if it's possible that you could end up on benzos (Valium, Xanax, whatever).  Ugh.  Those are super-evil.  Here's a revelation for y'all:  In the long term, benzos cause major anxiety, enough to put you in a hospital and/or a psych ward (loony bin).  At least, before you seriously consider fscking up your body and mind with that poison, read the part of Steven Tyler's autobiography, Does the Noise in My Head Bother You?, where he describes what withdrawing from a benzo addiction is like.  Seriously.  It's far worse than withdrawing from heroin, which takes only three or four days to get over the worst.  A benzo withdrawal can take a month of intense physiological and psychological suffering.  Gee, thank you, Big Pharma!

Don't do it, folks.  As they say about suicide, it's a permanent solution to a temporary problem.  In the case of super-hazardous psychoactive prescription drugs, read up on it first!  And I don't mean on the web sites of the pharma craporations; I mean in the writings of dissident doctors who know what they're talking about, like (just for instance) Peter Breggin, Martha Rosenberg, Marcia Angell.

Instead of drugs, give it time!  Keep trying.  Hang in there.  All will be well eventually, and probably sooner rather than later.  If it's not, then yes, "seek professional help" as the advice columnists often say, but  in the process try to stay away from super-hazardous drugs and the docs-on-the-take who prescribe them at the drop of a symptom.

I'm sorry that you so adamantly disagree that medication can help, it isn't for everyone but it does help a lot of people.  I would say that it takes a lot of courage for someone to reach out and ask for help beyond just for machine setting adjustments, we loose too many people from stress, depression, and anxiety, I don't want to loose another one.
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RE: Losing the will to fight
After reconsidering what I posted, I thought better of having it out there. I cannot undo what or who saw my info nor am I attempting to do so. I am overwriting it with the words seen here regardless of whether my post was inadvertently implying consent to take or consider any medication or not.

I agree with PaulaO2's sentiment seen below in post #13 that this forum isn't for discussing medications, especially with the direction I likely added while building on prior posts. That is the basis for my decision to edit out my former post. Any seemingly implied persuasion to consider medicating anyone that reads this (or the former version of this post) was not intended and I urge any to discuss any medication considerations with their doctor.

Regardless if I were the one offending by discussing depression drugs or not, my sincere apology to all on AB for furthering a discussion that is out of place here.

I'm not a doctor in real or fictional life. My posts include opinions based upon user experience regarding CPAP therapy and should not be considered medically professional direction or advice. Even a 1,000 mile trip requires a good first step. My recommended first steps include getting good walking shoes, 1 great cup of coffee, and a good GPS.

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RE: Losing the will to fight
Please, let's leave the discussion of what medications for anxiety/depression between ourselves and our physicians or counselors, not here. Whether or not someone decides to take a medication for these conditions is up to them and their physician, not someone they have never met except in a forum.

Take a deep breath and count to zen.

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RE: Losing the will to fight
I didn't notice that anyone had advised yet, but during the day while you are watching TV or lounging or reading, sit with your pillows on and the machine running. You will get used to wearing the headgear and pillows and there is some subconscious acclimation to the bizarreness of having pressure applied to your airway. Adjust and expeiriment with your headgear and see what you like best. This is alot easier than when you are ready for bed and ready to sleep.

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RE: Losing the will to fight
As a newbie too, I sympathize. I thought getting into the machine would solve my problems instantly. I was apoplectic when, after the first few nights,  nothing was working. I mean, I tolerated the mask and the pressure fine, but my AHI was terrible.  I thought my issues were unique, and that I needed a different machine, maybe an ASV. I sent hysterical notes to my doctor’s office, saying “it’s not working!”  I’ve been driving my DME crazy with emails about everything BUT the royal wedding.

It’s only been today - 10 days into the whole shlemiel that it has occurred to me that this is not a quick-fix, like taking your car to the body shop. it’s a process ... and it might take several months to sort out. It would have been nice if my doctor and/or my  equipment supplier had provided a little coaching on this ...  the fact is, getting used to CPAP and getting it to work is REALLY HARD (at least for me).  It has only been through spending some time on this forum that I’ve come to my conclusions. 

So, I’m taking a philosophical view ... I’m going to take it night by night ... if things go sideways, like they did last night, I’m going to just take the mask off, try to salvage my night, and try again the next day. If things go well, I’ll put another notch in my belt, and keep my fingers crossed for the next night. I’m assuming that I’ll get there eventually. Ask me in 3 months Wink
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RE: Losing the will to fight
Sadly last night was a bad one. I felt really comfortable at first and fell asleep quickly so that’s good. However, I woke up about an hour and a half later with severe stomach pain. I know it sounds dramatic but I thought I had appendicitis for a moment.

I took my mask off and sat up in bed. Basically I spent the next 25 minutes farting which slowly got rid of the pain (sorry for sharing that with you all).

After that I debated putting the mask back on but I didn’t want to risk getting stomach pains again. Surprisingly I did manage to fall back asleep quickly and even though I woke up a few times through the night I slept about 7 and a half hours which is the most I’ve slept in weeks.

The stomach pains haven’t occurred on any other night I’ve used the PAP machine, hopefully it was a freak incident and it doesn’t happen again. I’ve uploaded the sleepyhead data but because I only used the machine for a short amount of time I doubt the data is of much use. I’ll try again tonight and report back tomorrow.

JesseLee: Thanks for the advice, on my first day I used the machine for about 2 hours through the day and I feel it definitely helped me become more comfortable. Now I have used it for a few days I already feel like it’s starting to become the new normal.

Allanri: That’s exactly the type of mindset I’m going to try to take. Great advice.

Oops, I forgot to upload the sleepyhead data.

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RE: Losing the will to fight
I haven't had the air in the stomach issue myself, but it is one of the side effects that can happen.

Others who have suffered gas from CPAP will chime in with solutions and ways to ease the problem no doubt. 

As I, and others, have mentioned in this thread... it is a process of getting it all sorted to work for you as an an individual.

Keep at it, and keep giving feedback or asking questions as you go along.
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RE: Losing the will to fight
Hello Personxyz

It does read you are using CPAP therapy with the help of this forum solely as the question was asked previously with no reply? Do forgive if you have done so and I have missed the reply. I am not suggesting that it is impossible to do so as this is an excellent forum and has been instrumental in helping me dial in my appropriate pressures, provided support etc. Others in various parts of the world have done so and successfully, I am guessing as they appear to 'drop out' of this forum after a while. Only reason I am asking is I note you live in the UK and treatment is available on the NHS. And the only reason I am writing this is whilst my Sleep Clinic is 'at a distance' they are there should I require support. A sleep study provides the baseline 'sleep details' and would serve to drive any residue concerns after CPAP therapy in use. Whilst too long, my own process with the NHS has been thorough from brain MRI to head and neck scans to rule out possible physical causes for my disturbed sleep to sleep apnea.

All that said, you are on the right path if sleep apnea is the culprit and you have an excellent machine and good mask. As said in other posts there is a cult use of the Airfit P10. My own issues with CPAP therapy finally dropped into place after switching from the full face mask to the pillows. It has been suggested by others, getting used to the machine by using it during the day whilst watching tv, reading is a good idea, although I have not needed to do so myself.

It varies for all of us but, it took me about 2 months to settle into CPAP use. Some may take longer and I have read of some who took to it like literally a duck to water. However the important thing to say is that you should persevere in getting more hours used. My sleep pattern was totally wrecked with using the mask in the first months. And no, I did not have any problems falling asleep or being in bed before that. However after my sleep study and learning on this forum, I now know my sleep was disturbed and my brain was waking me up too often to make me breathe to the extent I was practically a zombie during my waking hours before CPAP therapy.

Aerophagia afflicted me a good deal as well in the early days. It was very uncomfortable and resulted in quite a bit of bloatedness and reflux acid pains which woke me up with sharp pangs. At times it still does if I eat too late, ate too much or had food which did not digest well. What I then do is sleep sitting up till the pain subsides. Often I would fall asleep again whilst sitting up and wake up to find that I have slid down to a horizontal sleep position.

It is early days for you and perseverance in keeping the mask on for longer will hopefully let you know if apnea is the culprit.
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RE: Losing the will to fight
Although you only used the CPAP for a short time, it appears the 6-10 pressure is right on for your needs. That was essentially a near zero event rate. If the aerophagia recurs, we can try some lower pressure to help avoid the problem. Well done for that session, and hopefully this problem will not return. Glad you were able to get some good sleep.
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RE: Losing the will to fight
Apnea infant: I must have missed that question, my bad. I self diagnosed myself and currently am not seeing a doctor. I did consider having a sleep study and it is something I may have in the future if necessary. Good advice about getting more hours in to fully adapt to the treatment, I’m going to try harder to do so. It’s encouraging to hear that your aerophagia has mostly passed, hopefully mine will too.

Sleeprider: I’m optimistic about the settings you gave me too but I guess it’s still too early to celebrate yet. Thanks for the kind words.
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