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Losing the will to fight
Your AHI was very good and the CA are not at harmful levels. I just want to reassure you again, things are currently working well. Time will heal the sleep deficit, but if it persists a complete workup including testosterone is not out of the question...DAMHIK.
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Sonicboom, thank you for mentioning sleep hygiene. I actually did quite a lot of research on that a few months ago but ended up focusing on everything to do with sleep apnea and PAP machines. I was going to implement some sleep hygiene advice but got tunnel vision with my PAP treatment and focused solely on that. I'll dig up the notes I made and start following them.

Thanks for the reassurance sleeprider, I'm feeling pretty positive at the moment.

Last night had a minor hiccup, I had a problem with leaks that no amount of adjusting would fix so I took the mask off at about 5am and slept an extra hour and a half without it before getting up. I think the headstrap has become loose which is odd as I've only used it for a little under 2 weeks. I'll wash it some time next week which should help it regain it's original shape. I've also got some headgear clips that came with the mask so I may try them out.

Still woke up quite a lot but had another 2 hour uninterrupted period of sleep so there are definitely some positive early signs.

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I was right about the loose headstraps causing the leaks. I used the clips provided with the mask and had a great seal last night. Still woke up a lot but overall slept a good amount of time.

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That looks fantastic! Good way to get on to the weekend.

Keep it up!
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Thanks for the kind words JesseLee.

I haven't posted saturday nights results as I only wore the mask for an hour and a half. I was then rudely awakened by severe stomach ache. It wasn't aerophagia, I unfortunately had gotten food poisoning. I spent the next few hours in the toilet. When I came back into the bedroom I was so tired I forgot to put my mask back on.

After that dissapointing night things have gotten back on track. I had the mask on all of last night. Had a 2 hour 10 minute spell of uninterrupted sleep which is encouraging. A bit of a leak issue emerged, the clips I'm using with the headgear seemed to have moved on their own after I adjusted them perfectly so I had to tweak them again in bed but it soon sorted the problem out so no worries.

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Looking good!  Wish I could get my leak rate so good!
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Thanks ShaunBlake. I think I'm lucky that I only need a low amount of pressure, if the pressure was higher I think I might struggle with leaks quite a bit more.

I had a physically exhausting day yesterday but slept pretty well. Still keeping below 2 AHI and my leak rate is staying nice and low. Hopefully I begin to feel better soon.

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I've got no advice for you sir Smile

There are many people that would love to get the results you are now getting!

How do you feel? Symptoms I mean specifically.
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JesseLee: I do feel a little better but not much. I've only had 2 weeks worth of full nights treatment so I guess it's early days but there are a few promising signs. I wake up a little less groggy and have a little more energy throughout the day.

I washed the headgear straps and they seem to have gone back to their original length. As a result I haven't had to use the clips the past two days and my leak rate has been excellent.

The last two nights I've had excellent AHI scores which is great, hopefully I can maintain an AHI below 1.

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It takes time to "heal" from years of unrest. You are getting your time in on the machine for sure.

Your leak rate is good so your charts appear accurate. Your CA is spread out and is not concerning.

Keeping your AHI below 1 is a reasonable goal, but inevitably you will get a higher number. So long as you don't keep getting higher numbers, especially over 5, a random few 2s, 3s are okay. Watching long term trends in your AHI is important.

Commonly referred to chasing numbers, many times members will aim at getting as low as possible, but in the long run, how you feel is most important.
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