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Lost A Friend /Sleep Apnea
(03-14-2012, 07:26 AM)Gazby Wrote: Im very compliant with my treatment yet I still fall asleep watching tv or reading a book so I went to my doctors. He told me its just normal probably boredom or just well relaxed? So what am I suppose to do because sometimes I have woke up gasping......

Call your doctor ask if your therapy is effective. He should be able to prove it using data collected by your machine. If not, he has the capability of ordering for you a machine that will not only record your data, but make adjustments to your pressure, if necessary.

You shouldn't be nodding off in the daytime if you're getting enough sleep. Do you nap? Maybe you're one of those people who needs that afternoon nap.
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Hi Sleeping Beauty and Sleeping Beauty Turquoise,
First, I'm so sorry for the loss of your friend. She sounded like she was well liked. I'm glad that her memorial had lots of stories to support how full her life was. Losing someone unexpectedly is never easy. My condolences to you and her family.

Second, there is a lot of research to show that sleep apnea can be fatal. Rarely is it the only problem but prolonged, untreated sleep apnea leads to a lot of other nasty, debilitating and sometimes lethal illnesses such as high blood pressure, weight gain, depression, stroke, heart disease, heart attacks and even diabetes.

Third, I might have missed how long you've been using cpap already. A lot of people don't see instantaneous results. Usually the improvement is gradual and occurs over weeks or months. If you're on cpap and still falling asleep in front of the TV it could be because
  1. Your cpap therapy is ineffective. This can be due to a lot of reasons.
  2. You haven't been using your cpap long enough
  3. You aren't sleeping enough at night while using cpap.
  4. You have another medical condition that is causing you to fall alseep while watching TV
  5. You really need to watch more exciting television programs :grin:

The nasty respiratory infection that just hangs on gets worse every year. I hope your doctor will listen to all of your concerns. Let us know what he or she says about your sleep apnea.
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or 6. Habit. If a person has trained their body through habit to fall asleep when sitting in a certain chair and the tv is on, snooze they go, no matter what time they got up or how much sleep they had.

or 7. Personality type. Some people just can't sit down without falling asleep. My mom can't read beyond page three of any book she starts. No matter the topic, genre, whatever, she falls asleep. Annoys the crap out of her.
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Although I met carol 11 yrs ago, she was a friend/client and I only talked to her or saw her when we had an appointment. We did talk long talks on a few occasions since her near death experience Christmas before last. I don't know more details and would not call her grieving husband to ask. From talking to her I do know she had some pain too;probably difficulty walking. There was a video with music and photos from her birth thru life and in school she was slender and normal weight until about 3 years ago when treatment for Breast Cancer causes weight gain as well as other meds. She also had a sister older by a few yrs that I never knew til the memorial that died around 06'. Do not know how or why. She had three sisters, last of six kids ( Mormon so no drinking or drugs) One young sister at service was tall and very very thin. All I know is her husband said she fell asleep without c-pap and slipped away.

As for me, I have had a c-pap about six yrs and always compliant and only one day or two to adjust. Right now it is time for a new nasal pillow replacement. I am lazy about ordering. Tomorrow I will order. Yup, I take afternoon naps/ some days I do and others I am too busy and not bored. I think boredom, depression tho' mild play into that. I have another friend who is being promoted and moving to Oregon soon. We have been very good friends, even getting together for Christmas day. I am happy for her, yet sad. Lastly, we all know being overweight messes up all good health. I'm working on that. My size is XL or 16/18. But should be M size 12-14. I also do not drink, never smoked or did drugs. I also do not drink sodas.....don't want the sodium or sugar.

Nothing much left to say on this sad subject. But thanks for comments.
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I am sorry to hear of the loss of your friend. It is a sad thing.

I'm new to the C-PAP scene and have been using a Resmed S9 for two months. I have COPD and it has taken me two hospital stays in the last 4 months to make me see the light. Prior to getting a C-PAP machine I was constantly falling asleep sitting up and always tired. I didn't know it but I was also hallucinating (seeing flashes of light, strange movement out of the corner of my eye). Anyway to make a short story long, while in the hospital the last time (6 days worth) my oxygen level was around 80 (should be 92+) and my CO2 level was 100 (should be 20-30), While I was "sleeping" at night and not breathing the poisons in my blood where building up to the point I could not function. So your sleepiness could be a result of CO2. I even went out and purchased a home oximeter from Walgreens ($40) so I can check my oxygen levels every day. It is now usually between 95-98%. I checked the accuracy between my meter and the one at my doctors office and it was dead on. I feel better and don't fall asleep all the time...unless I want to...8-).
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What is Co2 exactly? I think now that I faithfully take my inhaler that is like the expensive Advair one, I am breathing better. Yesterday in the parking lot of the grocery store I used my other Ventolin as I felt maybe I would feel better. I never felt I had asthma difficulty breathing, but now I think I do breathe better with meds. I would like to use an oximeter, but think I might waste my money and that likely I am already 97 or so. Each time I go to the doctor they check it and it is always a good high number. What about when I sleep? The sleep staff girl said the sleep study has it written down. As I recall without c-pap it was 80 something or low, with c-pap a good 90. The longer you are on c-pap the better you will feel. I told my doctor about my need for naps and he said it is my circadium rythem and normal. Welcome to the forum. Your s9 is a great machine I hear, mine is similar respironics.

My friend who died was more of a client; not a friend I spent time with. she was a very sweet gal and I feel bad for her family. She knew she was at risk for death and I think she kind of knew was wasn't going to live long. It definately is sad.
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CO2 is carbon dioxide. It is a toxic substance found in nature and in our own blood system.

When we breathe in, we take in oxygen (O2).

When we eat, the body breaks the food down into usable bits and a bi-product of it is carbon dioxide (CO2). When the blood vessels pass through the lungs, the lungs put oxygen in and takes out the carbon dioxide which is released when we breathe out.

When we are not breathing during apnea events, that CO2 is not being filtered out, and it builds up in our blood system. It is also why we have vent holes in our masks. Else we'd be constantly re-breathing the CO2.

Plants love CO2. They work opposite us. They absorb CO2 and, through the process of photosynthesis, release oxygen. Animals and plants are symbiotic of each other. It is why the planet's loss of trees is so detrimental. Trees, since they are so large, process a tremendous amount of CO2 and help keep our air clean.
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I'm very sorry to hear about your friend!
I pray that God will comfort you in your time of need.
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