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Machine No Longer has Climate Control But SH Still Reports CC at Auto
Machine No Longer has Climate Control But SH Still Reports CC at Auto
I post this as a new thread although there were similar threads already since I found out something rather mysterious.
Basically my Airsense 10 machine no longer recognizes the climate line air tube, even the new original climate line air tube I keep as spare. It no longer show a message when I disconnect and reconnect them. Only two options on tube shows up in the menu: slimline and standard. I don't know when this started but I just discovered it today when reviewing sleep report directly from the machine display.

Because of this, I reviewed climate control data in Sleepy Head from day one, and SH correctly indicated the date when I placed the climate control from manual to auto (January 31, 2019). As far as I can remember, I haven't changed it since. To date, SH reports that climate control is still at auto- even though the machine itself no longer has the climate control option in the menu.

Is Sleepy Head correct, and that the machine actually has climate control but somehow fails to show it? Or is it something else? 

[Image: 46656132115_069d2a9352_b.jpg]
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RE: Machine No Longer has Climate Control But SH Still Reports CC at Auto
I think that the climate mode displayed in Sleepyhead for Resmed machines is unreliable and that you should use the machine settings as your guide.  I have used manual settings in both the Aircurve 10 and Airsense 10 for years, and SH has always reported auto mode.
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RE: Machine No Longer has Climate Control But SH Still Reports CC at Auto
Noted on SH, sleeprider. Still, SH did report that my humidifier temp was a 7, which is correct. The inconsistency exist though, since if Climate Control is at auto, then the machine is programmed to set the humidifier also at auto, not manually set at 7.

The curious thing was, before I went to bed, I repeated the process of removing and re-inserting the climate line tube, the same action as before, push to lock and so on... and this time, the tube was recognized and climate control returned! It's a pity I didn't take a before and after photo, in case I need to return my machine for warranty to the vendor.
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RE: Machine No Longer has Climate Control But SH Still Reports CC at Auto
This afternoon when I checked my machine, the climate control was gone again! Then I tried to recall what has changed. I remembered that when the climate control option did not show up at the menu yesterday, my room was felt very humid and hot. But after I turned on the ACU for a few minutes, I reinserted the tube and the climate control showed up. This was what happened last night.

So I experimented. After seeing the climate control gone again today, I turned on the ACU and let it cool the room. After about 15 minutes, I checked the menu and sure enough, climate control returned! I did't even have to reinsert the tube. Granted, my RH meter may not be that accurate but it seems there was a correlation between ambient humidity and temp, that affects the detection of the climate line tube.

Photo 1: Room RH and Temp, ACU turned off, no climate control on display
[Image: 40612724763_7132207079_b.jpg]

Photo 2: RH and Temp, ACU turned on for 15 minutes, climate control now available
[Image: 32636309887_77374e7995_b.jpg]

This is not what I expected. Has anyone experience the same with their machines?
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RE: Machine No Longer has Climate Control But SH Still Reports CC at Auto
I was just searching the forum for issues with the climate control options and the hose. Although I have been having this issue off and on for a while I only realized last night how the problem actually manifest. I have been using cpap for about 8 months. I have central air conditioning and an oxygen concentrator in the room which heats things up a bit.

I have been having a dry mouth the last couple weeks the humidifier is not using much water, have had the temperature turned down because I want cool air, I store the distilled water in the refrigerator. In general the water use is pretty consistent but on occasion, it does not go through very much water overnight. I live in a dry climate, I have the humidity set at 5 or 6 in summer and the temperature set very low like 61 degrees. Last night I decided I would increase the humidity to 7 to see if that helped. It was then I noticed the temperature option was no longer available. 

I have had this happen before and I thought I was in the wrong place on the menu, so I looked all around and went into the clinical menu, no luck. I also noticed in the tubing section, the slimline was selected and only other option was standard ( I think) no climate line option for sure. I am not sure why I did this but I removed an reconnected the climate line and then the temperature option appeared. Then the temperature option disappeared and reappeared when I reinserted the hose again.

So this maybe the source of variability of my water use and it seems to be a hose connection issue with me. I am using a Resmed AirCurve Vauto. The DME replaced my Bipap with this although my doc has me on cpap mode. Longish story but I was started on bipap because I have mixed apnea. My ahi were not coming down so doc switch mode to cpap and we worked down to a low pressure to reduce the obstructive and keep central low as possible.

Do you think the unit or connector is malfunctioning.


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