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Made it through the first night
Good morning everyone I used my dream station for the first time  last night I feel a little better this morning
Here are my first night stats are these bad or good?  

First night stats with dream station https://imgur.com/gallery/cS24J
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Not bad for a first night, but you definetly need to make a couple adjustments.

First, you Apap is set to the default setting of 4 minimum and 20 max.  This is not an optimal setting to treat your apnea.

With your 90% reading at 13, the minimum pressure needs to be closer to the 90% number to be effective.   The pressure range should be set at two below the 90% reading and two above.
So, a range of 11 min to 15 max.

Next, change your ramp start time.  A start at 4cm is too far away from the suggested minimum pressure.  Move it up to 8 or 9 for 15 or 20 minutes.  

Your slept over 4 hours with an AHI of 4.5, mostly Hypopneas.  Making the above changes will help bring that number down along with Obstructives.  

Good Luck!
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A slew of folks will be telling you to download SleepHead to get more detailed stats.  I strongly recommend that you do this.  

As a new CPAP user myself I don't feel 'qualified' to comment yet but I know you will be told to increase the minimum pressure from 4 to 6 (ish) and to use sleepyhead for more detailed reports.

I'm 3 weeks into therapy now and loving how refreshed I feel.  My personality has returned after months of severe fatigue.

Good luck on your CPAP journey
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In your old thread, I recommended you set the minimum to 6 cm to start, but you clearly need to be closer to 8.0 cm minimum CPAP pressure. Also, the links in my signature explain how to organize and post SleepyHead data. I think you will find that far more useful.
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(02-17-2017, 09:06 AM)FancyPants Wrote: As a new CPAP user myself I don't feel 'qualified' to comment yet but I know you will be told to increase the minimum pressure from 4 to 6 (ish) and to use sleepyhead for more detailed reports.

FancyPants, glad you are doing well and adapting.  You are just as "qualified" as anyone else.    Smile
We all have to start somewhere, and even after a couple years, I'm still learning!

About pressure settings......the rule of thumb is to look for the 90% pressure reading on SleepyHead  and set your pressure range 2 to 3cm below and 2 to 3cm above that number. Of course, there are other variables to consider and everyone is different.

Alot of providers tend to leave the machine at the default setting of 4-20, which normally is not optimal.
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Yes I plan on using sleepy head, didn't have time to go through everything to do that this morning I just wanted to get some idea of how it looked for a first night,. I'm gonna turn that minimum up to 6 and see if helps . I remember reading somewhere when if your ahi should be less than 5,. That's where it should be but lower the better
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An AHI of 5 is considered treated, but you should go by how you feel.

If you feel better by raising your pressure to 6cm min, then that's a good start, but according to your charts, you will need to be closer to 8cm.

Raise it to 6, watch a few days, then raise it to 7, repeat, then 8. You should see a difference.

Note: Please update your profile, especially with machine name. Sometimes advice is given according to the machine. Example: ResMed reacts faster to apnea events than the PR machines, which may make a difference in minimum pressure setting.
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I raised to 6 for minimum pressure and my ahi last went from a 4.5 to a 1.2 I thought that was some darn good progress I'm going to leave it at 6 tonight for the minimum and see how it does tonight if it stays constant I'm going to go up a centimeter
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Way to go! That's a great result, and hopefully the way you feel also moves in the right direction.
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The number and type of events often vary some day to day. You want to observe an overall tendency (the summary graphs) to remain below 5.0. If you're really inclined, export your SleepyHead data to a csv format and put it in a spreadsheet to graph.
Please organize your SleeyHead screenshots like this.
I'm an epidemiologist, not a medical provider. 
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