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Mask Recommendations For Facial Hair
It appears that I am in need of changing my full face mask to something else, since the best that I can do is a 72% to 75% mask fit. Originally I chose the FFM because of the occasional stuffy nose, but I have got my humidifier dialed in and that doesn't appear to be a problem any more. What type of mask would you recommend to someone that wears a full beard for most of the year?
Lex Cool
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I was going to edit the OP, but apparently it's too late. I found this post after my original searches. Equipment-facial-hair It appears that the nasal pillows may be the answer. I'm just not sure that I can stand them. Rolleyes
Lex Cool
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My brother has a full beard and uses a Fisher and Pakel full face mask. While he still gets some leaking, it is rarely large leaks. He has a bipap.
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I have a mustache and a beard-kind of a shortened Van Dyke. I use the Mirage Quattro FFM and normally do not have any problem with leaks. I do have the headgear tight but it is more due to my facial topography than the facial hair. Another FFM that might be of interest is the Simplus by F&P.

I have used several different masks and have never had any problem with leakage where the mask seal is on my facial hair.

Best Regards,

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I have a mustache and goatee. Use the Airfit F10. Have not had a problem.
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If you do not mouth-breath the nasal pillows are great. Those are not tubes sticking up your nose, it is the shape of the exterior of your nostrils, and that is where this mask seals. It is completely unobtrusive and millions of us prefer them to the full face mask or nasal mask. It's small, efficient, comfortable, and doesn't care if you have a beard.

Many DMEs and online sellers offer a return policy if it doesn't work out. Supplier 1 offers a 30 day return with no charge. Check it out, you might like it.
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Thanks for all the replies and recommendations. I was fortunate enough to get an average mask fit of 92% and 95% for 3.5 hours last night with my current mask. I was able to do this by putting the mask on in front of a mirror, taking care to adjust the mask correctly and sleeping on the edge of my pillow. I think I will try it a few more nights before making a change.
Lex Cool
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Unless you are Chewbacca, I imagine that the beard grows other places than directly on your nose, so it would seem like something that touches only your nose, like a Airfit P10, would be a no-brainer.
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Good job Lex Tac. You do not really need to listen to the P10 cult members. Big GrinBig Grin Just kidding!! A little common sense can go a long way. Keep on the hunt.

Best Regards,

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"Cult" implies adherence to a principle without knowing why, as if mesmerized by some outside controlling force. This makes that an inappropriate characterization for P10 users, because we all know exactly why.

It is popular for a good reason. We like it because we know that it works well, which is why we recommend it. It is fine to use something else that you might find to be even better for you, but not wanting to use something because it works well that is popular because it works well would be sheer madness.
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