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Mask Settings On Machine
I recently tried switching from a full face mask to nasal pillows with limited success.  I find the full face mask works well for me, but it is not as comfortable as the pillow masks.  Furthermore, I am a stomach sleeper which makes using a full face mask more difficult, to say the least.  Anyway someone advised me to change the mask setting on my machine (A Resmed S9) to the pillows setting.  This theoretically would make it easier to breathe, because it adjusts the pressure to compensate for the resistance of the mask, which makes sense.  Ironically, the machine was already on this setting.  After a few days I went back to the full face mask, because the pressure in my sinuses was to much, and I would constantly need to breathe through my mouth to equalize the pressure and get a good breathe of air.  When I went back to using the full face mask I changed the setting on the machine to match the mask, and the pressure is noticeably lower.  It actually makes using the machine more enjoyable, so I was wondering if it would be a good idea to try the nasal pillows on this mask setting?  I am assuming that these settings effect the pressure much like water in a pipe.  The nasal settings is at a higher initial setting much like a smaller pipe would have higher water pressure, so it might effect the efficacy of the treatment.  But since I routinely of an AHI under 2, how much harm could it do?  Also wondering if anyone has tried the nasal masks?  How comfortable are they compared to full face masks, and is the pressure better, (lower) than with the pillows?  Thanks for any input.
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The reason for the settings to match the mask that yoh use is it adjusts for the exhale are comming from each type of mask.
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You should use the machine on the correct setting, this sets the machine up to work with the mask type, though you could argue that not all masks of the same type have the same vents and same fit anyway. If you are going to try this, I would download Sleepyhead software to see how you are doing first, then try it if you really want to, then compare your results.
However, if you are a face down sleeper it will be difficult to get a mask that will be comfortable.
If you can't read Sleepyhead, post you screenshots here and someone might advise as to how you are doing.
Some of the older machines didn't have any settings, if you changed masks they just gave you a new mask and you were left to get on with it.

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Guess I might not have been clear.  I have tried and failed to use pillow masks, a few different models so far, because of the pressure on the exhale.  I find it difficult to exhale against the pressure, so I can't fall asleep.  So, I have been using a full face mask.  It works fine, AHI is under 2 most nights, though I wake up quite often at night (between 4-8 times an hour).  I attribute this to the fact that I am a stomach sleeper and the mask makes me sleep in strange positions, which ultimately wake me up.  The nasal pillows keep this to a minimum, but like I said I have never been able to adjust to the pressure, and end up switching back to the full face mask.  I posted about the nasal masks here a few weeks ago, I bought a new model and wanted to give it another try, and someone mentioned changing the mask setting on my Resmed.  I had forgot about this feature and thought it was a good idea.  When I went to change the mask setting I found that it was already set to pillows.  So, it didn't make a difference, but when I went back to the full face mask that night I changed the setting to match the full face mask, and noticed the pressure was lower.  Or at least it felt lower than usual.  So, I am wondering if it would be a good idea to use the nasal pillow mask on the full face mask setting?  I am hoping that the initial pressure is lower so it makes exhaling more comfortable.
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The mask setting is just to calculate the leak rate. It doesn't effect the pressure. Use of the EPR will provide you with relief on exhaling.
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What is an epr?
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(10-10-2017, 02:06 PM)DPerretta Wrote: What is an epr?

EPR=Expiratory Pressure Relief.

My understanding of it is that the setting will change the amount of pressure required during exhalation. A higher number would make it easier to exhale. 
Someone correct me if I'm wrong.  Cool
My get-up-and-go musta got up and went.  Cool
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Can you adjust this on a Resmed 9? I have never seen an option like that in the settings window.
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(10-10-2017, 04:09 PM)DPerretta Wrote: Can you adjust this on a Resmed 9? I have never seen an option like that in the settings window.

I'm not sure about your specific machine. I believe you would have to enter the clinicians menu to access this setting.
My get-up-and-go musta got up and went.  Cool
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