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Mask Slipping Problem
So, I'm using a Quattro FX full face mask. Nasal masks don't work for me because my nasal passages are always so clogged. Under normal conditions the full face works great; however, at least half the time I wake up in the middle of the night with the bottom of the mask having slipped so that it's literally in my mouth. By the time I wake up, I'm usually panicked and exhausted, as if I never had it on ... (really, a worse feeling than if I just wore nothing).

Anyone ever deal with this?
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I believe that mask, like my mask, comes in 3 sizes. S,M and L. The difference being a 1 cm difference in the length of the mask. If your mask's lower seal is ending up in your mouth, perhaps a 1 step larger mask is required. I use a size M. If I were to use a size S, I'd experience what you are; and if I were to use a size L, I would experience leaks as it would ride too low on my chin. The mask size is marked on the face seal at the bottom as an S, M or L.
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Hi chd3143,
WELCOME! to the forum.!
You might try a different size cushion for your mask and see if that will help.
Hang in there for more suggestions and best of luck to you with your CPAP therapy.
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I did use the Quattro FX until the Quattro Air came out. Much less leaking with Air.
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I use the Quattro FX in the medium size. I started with the large as that was the sizing on other masks in the past and it was just a bit too big and leaked. I switched to the medium, and all was good - except there are times that I experience the same problem - the lower edge has slipped up into my mouth and all sorts of alarms are going off on the machine. Played with the straps, the tension, etc. Finally (like an airplane crash) figured out it was the sum of a number of factors.
1) replace the cushion as often as allowed under your insurance (usually 1 a month). You don't think you need to - but trust me you do.
2) Wash the cushion with soap and water and rinse thoroughly every day. Air dry. You would be surprised how much oil and stuff are on the mask from just one wearing.
3) Wash your face (chin & lower lip especially) before going to bed.
4) do not put any lotions on your face at night (I never did - but just saying).
5) adjust the mask strap tensions (without the machine running) so it is comfortable on your face and not overly tight. Too tight actually is bad, as it prevents the seal from inflating when the air pressure starts in the mask.
6) Don't know if you are a side or back sleeper. If a side - you might get a cpap pillow that has indentations on the side that allow for some mask space; for both back and side - where is the hose positioned and is it pulling on the mask at all.
The Quattro FX is a really good mask, especially at higher pressures, which you are pushing - but you have to play with it a bit (as with all of them) and what works for one does not necessarily work for another. Also, I have found that the Resmed products tend to run size wise a little on the large side compared to other manufacturers. I wish they made a medium/large.
One last idea - you say you have nasal congestion - so you are probably a mouth breather and that could be contributing to the slippage, with mouth opening. Try a chin strap. you will still be able to breath, but your mouth won't be falling wide open.
Good luck - hang in there.
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I have the same issue from time to time, but I'm wild in bed Smile Strangely, it's often still sealed well and isn't leaking. It would be nice if it had it's own chin strap to keep it from riding up.
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