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Mask Tightness / Itching

I'm relatively new to CPAP, been using it about 2 months.

I have two questions:

1. How tight should the mask be? I keep reading about people having leak problems, but I haven't experienced this. A typical nights leak stats are Median 0.0, 95th Percentile 0.0, Maximum 1.2.

Might I have my mask too tight? It may sound silly but can this cause permanent creases etc in your face, as I will be wearing this mask 8 hours every day?

2. Probably the biggest issue I have is getting an itch on my nose and not being able to scratch it. I try to ignore it, but it just gets more and more unbearable. So I have to stop the machine, take off the mask, itch my nose, then strap back in. This happens several time throughout the night, and so is somewhat disruptive to my sleep. Is this something that goes away the more you get used to the therapy?
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24 L/m leak or whereabouts is acceptable leak, I,m not that terribly concerned about leak as long as don,t come near my eyes and when that happen, its time to replace the cushion. I think its better to have some leak (as long as not disturbing your sleep) than having pain and discomfort from over-tightening the headgear

As for the itch, I just lift the mask and scratch, not much can do about that, maybe less humidity may help. Its all about compromise

Edit: In the early days, I used to make a mask liner which helps with the irritation, you can buy ready made ones too ... Remzzz and pad a cheek
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Sauron, your leaks figure look good, you should tighten it enough that you don't get too many leaks but not too tight that it marks you. The marks should disappear during the day but it sounds like you have it too tight, I would adjust the straps a small bit at a time and see how you go.
Another way to help stopping marks it to use mask liners.
Regarding the itch, try washing your face before bed, I also just rub my nose a bit before I put the mask on sometimes, it helps sometimes it doesn't, you do get used to it over time.
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Hi Sauron,
You might try loosening your mask just a bit, so you don't have marks on your face.
Hang in there for more suggestions.
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It's not so much the marks from the mask/strap that I was thinking about, as these have generally disappeared within and hour of getting up. And the mask is not at all painful to wear.

I was more thinking because the mask I have tends to want to pull upwards on my face and kind of pulls my face up a bit and exaggerates the natural creases under my eyes. I was wondering if this would lead to these natural creases deepening prematurely.

I'm probably just being vain.
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Depends how wrinkled you are. At 72 I wake up every morning with my whole face rearranged when I use a full faced mask.
Now that I use a smaller nasal mask that has gotten better.
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The main concern with overtightening is that it can prevent the mask from fully inflating and getting a good seal, paradoxically causing leaks.

Since your leaks (and I assume AHI) are doing well, you're probably in the sweet spot right now.

I don't think it probably will cause permanent creases, but you might consider a mask liner to reduce the marks in the morning.
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