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Mask Woes
Hi, New member, longtime CPAP User. I have been using CPAP since 2006 and without going into a long and boring story I was recently approved for a new machine and all the goodies that come with it with a new device provider. I picked up my new machine a Resmed Air Sense 10 Auto on Monday at the providers local store they didn't have the mask that I use and said I should contact the main office and they should be able to help me. I called them this am and no joy, they said that the mask I use has been discontinued (which I don't believe) and gave me some suggestions for replacements. I have been using the Breeze nasal pillow mask and before that the Comfortlite. I sleep on my side and like the way that the tubing comes from the top of my head instead of the side. I know I can buy it online and have a prescription with one of the online places but, if possible would prefer to save the money and only have to pay the detectable. So I am basically looking for some recommendations on what would be a good replacement mask. It seems like the provider only has Resmed masks.

Ended up being a long story (hopefully not to boring) anyway Wink

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The Dreamwear mask made by Respironics is a nasal mask that has the hose on the top. People seem to love it. I bought one on Amazon without a Rx.

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Best guess it your DME is not a dealer for Puritan Bennett products. The mask is still in production. Some online suppliers (#30) do bill insurance, but you'll have to verify if yours is included in-network. You might want to get a list of in-network DMEs from your insurance, then call around to see who will supply your mask needs. No rule requires you to sole-source where you got your machine. Be sure to tell your current DME you plans to find someone to supply your needs if they won't.

As mentioned above, several other masks use a swivel port on top of the head, and truthfully, I don't find the Airfit P10 to be a problem for any position of sleep with its smaller diameter more flexible hose.
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Hi Rick_V,
WELCOME! to the forum.!
I thought The Breeze had been discontinued too, but I have seen it at the different online CPAP suppliers, you might check the suppliers list here on the board at the top of each page and see if you can still get it.
If not, good luck to you with finding a different mask and much success to you as you continue your CPAP therapy.
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I use an Optilife mask made by Philips Respironics. Comes with a velcro strap with alligator clip attached so you can run the hose away in any direction you choose. Clipping it to the top allows for rolling over without dislodging the mask. The mask works very well and the cost was under $55 from Supplier #26, complete with headgear and multiple size nasal pillows. Some suppliers get $89 for it so shop accordingly.

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As a former Breeze user (and huge fan of the mask) as well as ComfortLite user, I can guarantee that you'll find greater comfort in some of the other masks out there. If your supplier only carries Resmed masks, go to another supplier. That's like your doctor saying he only prescribes medication from one pharmaceutical company.

I currently switch between the Nuance nasal pillows and the Simplus full face mask. The Nuance you can either route the hose up through a loop in the headgear or just let it go. It is really lightweight compared to the Breeze. But if wanting a hose to go up over the top of your head is your main criteria, that's easily solved. You can make your own hose holder or purchase one.
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Thanks for all the replies. Gave me stuff to think about. One thing I find amazing is what the DME's charge the insurance companies. I was looking over my order form. They were charging for a humidifier even though the Air Sense 10 isn't available with out it. They were charging the insurance $430 for it, they also charged $19 for a non-disposable filter again Air Sense doesn't have one. I had em remove the the "mask and headgear" from the order since I am not sure which way I will go but, they had $147 charged for the mask and another $47 for the headgear. I asked about that and they said those are 2 separate things. I was like OK if you say so. And people wonder why insurance rates are so high.
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Rick, the DME will invoice ridiculous amounts, but when you see the final settlement, you will see the term "Insurance Discount", which represents the difference between the invoice and the maximum allowed cost for the item by your insurance company. The final price ends up pretty close to what you see online. The only person who pays full price are the uninsured, and they usually either do not get treated, or seek lower costs online and by self-treatment.
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I dont know about all DME but mine if there is no insurance involved will sell supplies ,even a machine, within a few bucks of online.
With shipping for online theres no difference.
Now walk in there using insurance and prices go WAY up.
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About 3 years after starting CPAP therapy in 2006 my machine a fixed pressure Respironics starting getting really noisy but the pressure was still accurate. The Insurance Co. I had back then would not replace it. The DME loaned me a Auto Machine for a few weeks and the difference in sleep quality went through the roof. So I got my family doctor to fax a prescription to Supplier #1 and I bought a ResMed S8 auto machine out of my own pocket and just used the DME for supplies because my co-pay was zero. I retired about 4 years ago and went on my Wife's insurance which has a $500 personal annual deduction before they pay for anything and then there are co-pays. I had to wait a year because of pre-existing conditions and they made me get a new sleep study but, I was able to get a Auto Machine a Respironics System One Series 60. After the first year I found it was cheaper for me to just buy my supplies from Supplier #1 because of the $500 personal annual deduction. In December I went for my annual physical and told my doctor I wanted a referral to see a sleep doctor only to ask some questions about the fact that I start dreaming as soon as I fall asleep and was that normal. Next thing I know I get a call from the sleep study center wanting to schedule a sleep study. I was like "Whoa no way" I don't need a sleep study I just want to talk to a sleep doctor. So I finally talk to the sleep doctor and he says that my problem is normal and to not worry about it. A week later I get a call from the DME wanting to schedule me for a new machine and supplies. I thought about it and scheduled it for after the first of the year so I can meet my $500 deductible right off the bat and only have to pay co-pays for the rest of the year on supplies and have the latest and greatest machine. So if I can find a local DME that will be able to supply me with the Breeze I should be good for the rest of the year. Right now I have have the S8 in our 5th Wheel RV but, will probably put the Respironics System one in there and see if I can sell the S8.
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