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Mask after Mask after Mask!!
Yes, the liners Definitely work on the nose mask; my hubby used them for about a year before he switched to nasal pillows, the ResMed Swift LT, pressure settings 12-18.

I am also using the Swift LT (pressures 7-15) but plan on trying the P10 when insurance or budget allows, whichever comes first.
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Treated since 20 Sept 2014:: 0.7 AHI, Settings 7-15, EPR on Full Time at Level 3
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Yes, the liners do work. I've not used them but folks here love 'em. There's several different kinds I think. Padacheek and Remzzz.

Over-tightening will just make it worse rather than better. The mask is designed to float on your face. There's a baffle thingy on the inside that the air pushes down and holds the mask in place. If it is lifting up, it is possible you have the wrong size mask or the wrong mask for you.
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My pressure is 20 cm/H2O and the mirage Quattro works great for me. I tried several before that with bad results. I am very happy with my mask even though it is NOT a P10. Big Grin I also do not get marks on my face. I did get strap marks on earlier masks that took some time to fade.

Best Regards,

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I'm way good with you working to make your ffm work for you. There are a couple of things I'd like to clarify though:

1. When using a chinstrap? (which, ok you aren't, but the next guy reading this might be) "teeth clinched" is a really bad idea. It is not supposed to force your mouth to stay shut. It just applies a little extra pressure to encourage the jaw to stay forward when you fall asleep. You can open your mouth and breath through it even with the chinstrap on, if you choose to do so.

The blocking of the airway occurs because with the jaw forward, you can use your tongue against the roof of your mouth to secure the airway.

Last night, because I don't have much of a life, I got to playing around with the airway thing. I had a good seal going with my tongue, and to test it I opened my mouth and left it open for awhile to see what would happen. Nothing much did. The airway stayed perfectly blocked. Sleep reports agreed with my scientific test.

So..... "Mr. Ed?" oh well. "Teeth clinched?" Don't be doing that.

2. Do use the mask liners for your ffm. Do not crank it down so much it is uncomfortable. What are your results looking like? Your sidebar indicates you're running straight cpap of 15. Is that right?
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Today before bed, turn the ramp off, put the mask on, adjust the straps so it's not over tight when the pressure is up, then try to sleep with it and see how that works.

In regards to Mr Ed and the pillow mask how long did you give it? It may take a few days to get acclimated, and it is well worth it for the benefits.
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Jolan tru (right series, wrong species...sorry)

The mask is easily the hardest part of adjusting to life on therapy. I've tried pillows, nasal masks, full face masks (ffms) and even a total face mask (tfm). Pillows can be the most versatile, but I wish the Frell (oops...sorry, wrong Sci-Fi series) they'd stay in place better...as an active sleeper, I like the small footprint, but I find they are harder to keep in place due to the minimalist headgear.

A lot of folks have given some great advise....if leaks are the problem, you can try a liner, or you can try adjusting the mask. Most have seals that "puff up" when the pressure is on....it's intentional and how they get a good seal. If you are too loose or too tight, you get leaks. It's sometimes a matter of finding the "Goldilocks zone" of just right.

Good luck and keep trying....and don't be afraid to try other masks. I can use pillows without mouth leaks, but I found my preference is for a TFM...what works for you will be unique to you.
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(10-06-2014, 02:23 PM)Homertwin Wrote: Any suggestions would be appreciated,
I have tried several different Full Face masks and can't get any sleep.
Pressure of 15 and being a side sleeper is causing the problem.
Leaks, leaks more leaks.

Did you considered use a CPAP pillow ? I have good experience with the 'Contour CPAPmax' pillow. The mask cutouts go completely through, that while sleeping on the side even a full face mask does not have to slip. The pillow is quite hard, more of a cushion. In side position it supports the cervical spine perfectly.

Fat Rat

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I spent fully two years trying different masks winding up with a full face mask as my only solution. Ultimately I settled on the Mirage Quattro in medium (I have been using a large for about 4 years now). It is a matter of fit very much... so whatever is comfy and works is going to work best if it fits properly. Ordered the medium for my wife who just got her first CPAP with AHI of 85+ and tossed her S9 Elite into the closet for standby... going to an S9 Auto. Discovered she was NOT a medium but rather a SMALL in the Quattro FFM and bingo. She is down under AHI of 5 now with very few undesired leaks. I still hover around AHI=1 or less but have less face farts than ever before and much greater comfort due to the fit and the seal. The forehead brace, for us anyway, makes a huge difference. I am getting ready to make the rounds again of FFM's with some sort of brace to prevent purple nose in the mornings as I am sure there must be lots of new ones out there today. FIT, FIT, FIT.
Educate, Advocate, Contemplate.
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(10-06-2014, 02:23 PM)Homertwin Wrote: Any suggestions would be appreciated,

I am 3 months into my therapy and I am going to need a different type of therapy soon.

I have tried several different Full Face masks and can't get any sleep.
Pressure of 15 and being a side sleeper is causing the problem.
Leaks, leaks more leaks.

The only solution that has come close to working was a nasal mask and taping my mouth. I don't care to do that for an extended period.

Any miracle Mask Sealing tips?

Any Mask Suggestions?


Hi Homertwin,
Welcome to the forum. This is a great place to find answers, sometimes to questions you didn't even know you had!

You can help us help you better if you provide more information.

1) Which ResMed S9 do you have? It is marked on top near the Power button, and should say something like "Autoset", or "Elite", or "Escape". Alternatively locate the model number on the back (something like 36006). If you find this and update your profile, it will be easier to target any advice.

2) Which masks have you tried? If someone can see a mask that they have experience with (especially someone who has needed to work at getting that mask under control), they may be able to offer some useful tips.

3) What type of apnea were you diagnosed with? If you had a sleep study, did they mention Central apneas vs Obstructive apneas?

4) If you had a sleep study, did they mention any statistics relating to position? Most folk (including me) find that Obstructive SA is worse when sleeping on your back. I know you said you are a side sleeper, but most people are unaware of what is happening while they are asleep. In a sleep study, normally they use a video camera, and record position on a minute by minute basis.

Any other information that seems relevant could be useful.

In my own case, I found that when I took steps to avoid backsleeping, my pressure needs decreased dramatically, my leaks dropped, and my comfort increased.

Since you are using the ResScan software, you are running a Windows environment of some sort, and Sleepyhead is also available to you. I would recommend you give it a try, as many prefer it for examining the detailed graphs, assuming your machine provides that data.

Good luck on your journey.
PAPing in NE Ohio, with a pack of Cairn terriers
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Just going in sorta blind here, please remember what may work for 99 people, you might hate. With that said, all of the Resmed Quattro XXX masks seem to do rather well for higher pressures. And, if you are like me, and find you simply cannot stop leaks without really cinching down the mask, finding one that doesn't hurt when cinched down is important. For me, that currently is the Quattro Air. I like the 'Simplus' but found that it farts at higher pressure, regardless of what I do to it.

Some of us have had luck training ourselves to keep our lips closed and only breathe through our nose. I am much better than I was, but am only successful around 55% of the time, and the rest I am hissing out my closed mouth through my lips.

I have been told that therapy with high leaks is better than none at all. Of course low leaks is the best option, but every so often when I want to sleep really well, I switch to my nasal mask that I love and just live with Mr Frowny in the morning.
*I* am not a DOCTOR or any type of Health Care Professional. My thoughts/suggestions/ideas are strictly only my opinions.

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