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Mask change
Mask change
How often should you get a new mask?
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RE: Mask change
If you mean a replacement of the same make & model, it depends on whether insurance is paying for it. The replacement schedule that's usually used in the USA says every 3 months. But that's ridiculous if you're buying it yourself. Save your money. I get the impression from discussions here that most people settle for once per year in that case, and sometimes that's only because of a feeling that "I ought to replace it because it must be getting worn out" whether it actually is or not.

The nosepiece or cushion wears out much quicker than the rest of the mask does. For that part, the replacement schedule says every month or even twice a month, and again that's overstated by at least a factor of 2, probably more. How fast the headgear wears out depends mostly on the make & model. Some last a very long time, others only a few months because of stretching with no slack take-up possible (built-in obsolescence, or maybe just a careless design).

But if you mean a replacement with a different make or model, the answer is "Whenever you don't like the one you're using."

Also see: http://www.apneaboard.com/wiki/index.php...t_Schedule

Any replacement schedule suggested by a manufacturer or DME or retailer should be ignored. Cui bono?
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RE: Mask change
I mean same model. I have changed DR's and she seemed appalled that my supply place and or my old DR hasn't mentioned anything about a new mask. I've had the same one for 2-1/2 years.  I just finished a new sleep study so maybe some new equipment will be in order.
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RE: Mask change
I'm new to all this sleep apnea stuff, but I use an AirFit F20. I'm shooting for 6 months of use from the pillow part of it. My DME supplier sends me new replacements on schedule. 

2.5 yrs. on the same mask? I'd say you're definitely due for a new one.
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RE: Mask change
I would say if the mask is still in good shape and doesn't leak there's no reason why you can't keep using it. As long as you keep them clean a lot of the full face masks can last quite awhile. That said you really should have a 2nd mask for backup. You might also want to review mask primer on the link below.
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RE: Mask change
Masks are like the shock absorbers on your car; you don't notice they are worn out until they really fail and you have go bouncing dangerously down the road. Change the mask, and it's like driving a new car. You won't believe the improvement and will wonder why you waited. One-year replacement interval tops, and if you have insurance coverage, 6 months is ideal. Get replacement supplies on the insurance schedule until you have backups for your humidifier chamber, filters and masks.

I'm guessing you're due for a new machine. Rather than wait for the question, I'll just say, ask your doctor about a prescription for the "Resmed Airsense 10 Autoset" auto CPAP. Retire your old machine as a backup.
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RE: Mask change
I can only speak to my own experience, short as it is: I began to use my N20 nasal cushion during the trial to determine my CPAP requirement, and continued to use it once I was titrated and when I purchased my own machine.  I started in mid-December of 2017, and am still using the same cushion.  I feel that I probably should replace it, and have a spare handy for that purpose.  As for the headgear, to which the cushion affixes and also the hose, I don't foresee having to replace it any time soon.  I keep it clean, and it has its integrity apparently.  The magnets still work, natch, and there is no untoward 'give' in the straps that makes keeping everything in place problematic.

I wonder if it would help if the cushion were to turn green, or yellow, or pink, when it had served its purpose.  Many toothbrush bristles are designed to indicate when they are to be replaced, so why not our masks?  Of course, it wouldn't surprise me to learn that they turn colour an average of once every three months instead of the year-plus that I seem to have gotten out of mine.  Gotta keep them sales up ya know...
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