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Mask issues
Brand new user here. I am struggling with finding a good fit for a full face mask. My sleep specialist recommended the Mirage Quattro in size small and that is what I got. Based on high costs if using insurance, I have not used a DME and have purchased everything online myself. I have tried adjusting it every which way, adding a pad-a-cheek liner, and just trying to deal with constant tenderness on the bridge of my nose and cheekbones combined with red marks and beginning pressure sores. I was getting 100% mask seal but my AHI never got below 30 (without a cpap, it was 97?) and I would often have to take it off after 4 hours or so of sleep due to the sheer discomfort.  

After 2 months and reading a lot on this board, I have switched to trying a F&P Forma. It is much more comfortable. I got both a small and a medium face cushion since they are interchangeable on the Forma mask base. I don't have any of the discomfort and have settled on the medium. I can keep it on all night and am sleeping for 7-8 solid hours. The AHI is now in the low 20s but the mask seal is at 94%. 

My question is this. Is it better to stay with the Forma getting a full night's rest with lower AHIs if the mask seal isn't as good as the Quattro? Or should I go back to the hated Quattro and just deal with the pain and red marks?
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Feeling better is better.

Now I don't know if your machine is fully data capable or not so can you please post the model number from underneath.

We would really like to your data, that will help us help you get tuned in.
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Duelfamily4, Welcome to the forum. Empty the water from the humidifier BEFORE you turn the machine over to get the the model number. Also if you look in bonjour's signature, he has links for downloading SleepyHead, and how to post your data here so others see what is going on and help get you settle to a point that this will work for you.
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Thank you for your response. I think the model # is DSX600H11
DreamStation Auto Cpap Him DOM
IP 22

I haven't downloaded Sleepyhead yet. I was under the impression it didn't work with Dreamstations. I have been using the Phillips app Dreammapper.
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(04-02-2017, 08:42 PM)duelfamily4 Wrote: Thank you for your response. I think the model # is DSX600H11
DreamStation Auto Cpap Him DOM
IP 22

I haven't downloaded Sleepyhead yet. I was under the impression it didn't work with Dreamstations. I have been using the Phillips app Dreammapper.

If the model is 600, that is a Dreamstation BiPAP Pro, a fixed bilevel positive pressure device.  The Dreamstation Auto is model DSX500x11.  Both are compatible with Sleepyhead, and if you were to post data (see instructions in the links in my signature), we can tell you a lot more about it.
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I mistyped. It is a Dreamstation Auto Cpap model#DSX500H11. Can you download Sleepyhead on a mobile device? I don't have a computer at home, just at work. My Dreamstation has bluetooth but no modem hooked up. If I did have a computer at home, how would I link the CPAP to the computer to have Sleepyhead download data?
Sorry for all the questions! I really do appreciate the help!
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Your CPAP as a SD card that can be read by an internal or USB connected SD drive. Unfortunately, none of the software that provide detailed data can run on mobile devices. It takes a PC or Mac.

You have a good machine, and if you can't pull data from the SD card, there is information available on-screen that can give us a pretty good idea of your AHI events, and the average and 90% pressure your machine is delivering on a 1, 7 and 30 day average. You might want to ask for the CPAP Setup Manual for your Dreamstation Auto CPAP. Link is at the top of the page and here. http://www.apneaboard.com/adjust-cpap-pr...tup-manual
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Hi duelfamily4,
WELCOME! to the forum.!
Good luck to you with your CPAP therapy, you came to the right place for help.
Hang in there for more responses to your post.
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1-Day 20.7
7-Day 35.0
30-Day 36.5

Periodic Breathing
1-Day 4%
7-Day 6%
30-Day 5%

1-Day 20.0
7-Day 20.0
30-Day 19.0
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Dualfamily4, that is some impressive AHI and pressure! Is there any breakdown of the AHI in terms of CA or CAI? There are two possibilities. If the AHI consists of predominately OA and H, then we seriously need to look at positional therapy by perhaps getting you off your back and aligning your head and neck using a soft cervical collar or special pillow. Also the pressures are very high, and if you are uncomfortable with the therapy, we would want you to discuss moving to bilevel with your doctor. This would give you a higher pressure range, more comfort and better ventilation.

If the events include a lot of CA, then we need to reduce your pressures and fluctuations, and consider getting you referred for ASV therapy. If you want to contact me by PM with an email address, I can give you either a dropbox or email address to submit a copy of your SD card. You would need to be able to read and copy the card contents at a friend's or find some other way to email or upload the less than 2-GB of folders and files.

If none of these options can be worked through, you should know you are continuing to have severe sleep apnea even while treated. Without a plan to address that, you should contact your doctor or respiratory therapist and seek an answer there. They may read the data, but would more likely schedule you for further clinical study. Either way, you will get better treatment from this serious situation you are currently in. Since you have self-treated up to now, I suspect you would prefer to continue to pursue that avenue. Find a friend or sibling that can read and copy the SD card, and we can go from there.

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