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Mask leaking advise
Hello everyone, I've been scouring these boards for weeks now and getting a lot of good information!

So my husband is the one I am seeking answers for (he's not a big internet user) He was Dx with severe sleep apnea.(AHI 38) He's been on autopap 6-18 now for 3 weeks. Usually ending up around cpap of 11. He's has the Airsense 10 with the Airfit F10 FFM. He found that mask to leak too much and he was switched to the Simplus FFM. That one feels better but he biggest issue is leaking! He is primarily a back sleeper and once he gets into a deep sleep his mouth opens, his jaw drops and he leaks. The leaks wake him up more than the sleep apnea! The most he has ever worn it is 4 hours. He tries to readjust the mask, but it still will leak, and he's very frustrated with it all. He really wants this to work and be able to sleep!!

Last night, I had bought him a head band to make a makeshift chin strap to help keep his mouth closed, and he threw everything off after half hour.

We are going for another mask fitting on Monday, but what else can he do in the meantime? Monday feels like an eternity away when you are faced with another bad nights sleep ( me included)

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A chin strap is a good option, although there are many different ones out there, so it's trial and error.
In the meantime, go buy gauze and wrap it a couple times around head and tie at top.

As far as the mask leaking, you could try mask liners.
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The chin strap is definitely one way to fix that problem. If you can find out from your husband, why he could not stand the headband as a chin strap, that would be helpful. There are a number of different types of chin straps and there may be a type that will solve the problem that he had with the headband. I suspect that the headband would not stay in place but that is just my guess. I had that problem with chin straps and finally found one that would stay in place for the whole night.

Another thing he could try would be the Airfit P10 nasal pillows mask. A number of people who have thought they were mouth breathers have tried the P10 and been successful with it. It might require a chin strap but might be more bearable with less stuff on his face.

Best Regards,

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Welcome to ApneaBoard Nancy769! Hope you find the answers you are looking for to help your hubby!
APNEABOARD - A great place to be if you're a hosehead!! Rolleyes

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(11-26-2015, 09:35 AM)nancy679 Wrote: He's been on autopap 6-18 now for 3 weeks. Usually ending up around cpap of 11. He's has the Airsense 10 with the Airfit F10 FFM. He found that mask to leak too much and he was switched to the Simplus FFM.

Hi Nancy769
Full face masks are the leakiest and can be a big task for a newbie to make them work. Full face masks shouldn't be the first choice but rather the last choice after nasal pillows or/and nasal masks have been tried and proved unsuccessful due to some actual nasal obstructions (not just saying, I'm mouth breather, which is the issue with most apnecis), in that case, good idea to see ENT
If your husband had a titration study, I would set the machine in CPAP mode at the recommended pressure, might control leak better as pressure stay constant all night except Ramp period. Ask him to use mask fit feature at the beginning of the treatment

As for " (he's not a big internet user)" ... I'm not either, my son set it up for me when been diagnosed 5 years ago, never used computer or internet prior to that. Who said, you cannot teach an old dog new tricks Smile

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Hi nancy679,
WELCOME! to the forum.!
Hang in there for more responses to your post and much success to your husband with his CPAP therapy and finding a mask that works well for him, this is the hardest part of this whole thing.
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(11-26-2015, 06:58 PM)zonk Wrote: .....Who said, you cannot teach an old dog new tricks Smile

I think that you said that, Zonk Big Grin Coffee
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I used a FFM for years. Lately I've had more trouble with it leaking. Got the RespCare HYBRID FFM. It's a combination pillows & a much smaller around the mouth seal area. Also has a sort of shelf that holds the mouth shut without needing a chin strap. Search for RespCare HYBRID and see what he thinks.
Love your family, treat your friend(s) well, and don't waste your time. Everything else is just so much BS. Sleep-well
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Thank you everyone for your responses. I ordered the Remzzz liners in hopes that will help the leaks, I found a coupon code for 20% off and free shipping. So we'll give that a try. We keep getting automated voice messages from the DME stating hubby is not meeting his goals! Tongue
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