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Mask recommendation?
I have a question about masks.  I've been on CPAP for 15 years and am now using an Aircurve 10.  Can anyone suggest any that have a reputation for good leak control?  . I know that mask fit varies from one person to the next and our experiences might not be the same. I'm just looking for names of masks that have a reputation for low leaking.

I cannot get decent leak control with the ResMed Quattro Air, Activa Nasal leak since my last pressure change about 6 months ago. The mask, headgear and cushions are new.  I wipe my face nightly and regularly swish the cushions in warm soapy water. All the ResMed cushions I've used are pretty flimsy where they touch the face.  ResMed's are the only ones I've used and they're about the only ones available in the Seattle area.  DMEs here won't let you look at one without being a member of a particular insurance carrier.

The top of the bridge of my nose is narrow and my eyes are a bit deeper than many peoples are.  The large and medium sizes leak and the small sizes are too small. I can feel a slight, slight bit of air in my left eye close to my nose even before I turn the machine on.  

I also have a problem with headgear. I have a neurological disorder that renders my fingers too weak to unhook the clips.  I loosen the straps, pull the mask over my head, tighten the straps till I get the best seal.  My nightly Sleepyhead data shows the leak typically goes up to 30-ish a few minutes after I turn the AirCurve on.  The display on the machine when I get up shows the leak to be 40-ish, sometimes as high as 80.

Again, I'm just looking for some ideas.
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If you don't have a problem with nasal therapy, get the Resmed Airfit P10, and use a larger pillow size than you think you need. The headgear is the least complicated of anything out there, and the nasal pillows provide one of the most reliable leak-free interfaces available. Very comfortable, minimal and reliable.
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The Resmed Airfit P10 works better for me than any other mask I have tried, even though I have to go to great lengths to tame mouth breathing.
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Having heard from the P10 cult (Just kidding folks. The P10 has a lot of very ardent supporters on the forum) I will give a little info on other types of masks. As far as nasal masks are concerned, I do not have that much experience but have heard good things about the Eson mask.

If you end up going the full face mask route, I will recommend 3 masks. You say that you have deep set eyes. I am assuming that means a deep set nasal bridge also. for this type of situation the Amara View works well for some because it does not seal on the upper part of the nose at all but just around the mouth and the nasal openings. The other two that I would recommend for someone with a deep set nasal bridge are the Resmed F20 and Mirage Quattro with a possible nod to the Ultra Mirage.

I have a deep set nasal bridge and the Resmed F20 and the Mirage Quattro have worked well for me. Low leak rates on both with a pressure that ranges from 17 to 20.6 cm/H2O.

Good luck in your quest,


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Look at the Mask Primer. A lot of information in there, you do know some of it.

Try masks from smaller to larger. Generally the smaller the mask the better the leak management. See my sig for the wiki link.

I too am a P10 fan, it should work well for you, VERY easy to put on and take off without undoing any straps.

Look at Supplier#1 as they offer return insurance which is free for a number of models.
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This is probably starting to sound like a broken record but I don't have enough good things to say about the p10. I routinely wake up and forget I am wearing a mask!

Close second is the PR dreamwear for me and the F&P Brevia. Both are excellent masks but just not quite as good as the p10.
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Just for the sake of balanced reporting, there are some people who do not like or can not use the P10.

Admin Note:
PaytonA passed away in September 2017
Click HERE to read his Memorial Thread

~ Rest in Peace ~
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Hi Ephraimh,
WELCOME! to the forum.!
Masks are such an individual thing. The only thing I can say to you is to try different ones ‘till you find one that you can work with.
I hope you find a mask, good luck to you as you continue your CPAP therapy.
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I for one can't abide the P10. It is utterly useless for me and lies unloved at the back of the cupboard somewhere. Poor design, massive leaks, headgear that consists of an elastic band. Won't stay in place, noisy vent. Utter rubbish!

After much searching I found the F&P Simplus is the best for me. I have a fairly large nose but with a narrow bridge. Air blowing up the side of the nose into my eyes has been a constant problem with every mask I've tried (except the aforementioned P10). The simple solution is to take a strip of light flannelette and fold it to three layers thick, about 15 - 20mm wide and 80 - 100mm long. Drape this over the bridge of your nose and carefully place the mask so that the mask cushion is resting on the cloth and not on your skin (easier to do than describe). It's a very simple effective solution to common problem.
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Like others, I have a graveyard of masks that didn't work for me.  (P10, Dreamwear, Wisp and N20.) 

I am a non-mouth breather, side sleeper.   Big Grin    I  am also slightly claustrophobic.  I use the Eson 2 mask by F&P.   Given the claustrophobic part, I did give the DME the side-eye when he showed me the mask.  However, once you have it on, you can't see the plastic piece that goes down the middle--it's positioned so that it's out of your line of sight.  

What I like about the Eson 2 is that it has minimal leaks and when it does leak it's not around my eyes.  It's really quiet and the air from an exhale is not cold.  And as an added bonus, the straps don't slide around and the mask actually stays in place.  The side clips are somewhat hard to work and take some getting used to, but once you get it adjusted you can leave the clips fastened and take the mask on and off without loosening the clips.  The part that connects to the hose swivels so that you can run the hose over your head.  The only thing I don't like about the Eson2 is that you cannot wear glasses with it.

Here is what tripped me up with the other masks:

P10-wouldn't stay in place.  Tried bobby pins, head wraps, putting my pony tail through the back etc.  Nothing worked.  I also had difficulty exhaling with it and I found it loud.  I also didn't like having anything touching the inside of my nose (no matter how slightly.)  I tried to make this one work because I really liked how minimalist it was.

Dreamwear-stayed in place slightly better than the P10, but leaked a lot because I'm a side sleeper.  I did like the design of this mask and how the tube went over your head.  I think that this would have been a great mask if I was a back sleeper.

Wisp-never really fit right for me.

N20-I loved the magnet closures, how it fit and how it stayed in place.  However, it leaked around my eyes and I couldn't get it to stop.  I tried liners and wiping my face throughout the night, because I thought it was the oil on my face.  However, it kept leaking.  This was another mask that I really wanted to make work.

Good luck finding a mask that will work for you.  It takes a lot of trial and error to find one that works for most (if not all) of the things you want in a mask.  And everyone's different, so what works for me, may not work for someone else.
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