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Mask recommendations
I got a Quattro full face mask and used it last night, then realized that in fact I am not a mouth breather as had wanted to use the less intrusive nasal pillows or something like that, but was warned against them if I was a mouth sleeper. Fortunately I purchased the mask with insurance so can send it back. Please indicate your recommendations for a nasal or even hybrid mask. How are nasal pillow sizes calculated? My weight? Heritage?
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I had the same questions and settled on the AirFit P10. As for sizes, insist on getting all three sizes. The DME I went to said I should use the small. I wore it one night before I switched to the medium. After a couple months I tried the large and it is far more comfortable. I think I will stay with the large.

Pillows probably will leak more (mouth leaks) when sleeping soundly but but it can be done with practice.

Get a chin strap too. In time you may but able to get rid of it but it is good in the beginning.

It is the only mask I have tried so I can't speak from experience but I cannot imagine anything else.

Good luck!

BTW don't let the DME talk you into anything you don't want. This is a long journey and only you will know what is best for you.
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Nasal pillows and nasal masks are chosen based on nose and face size.

If you want something minimalistic, go with a nasal pillow. There's a lot to choose from. They are lightweight which is both the best thing and the worst thing. The lightweight means they are easily dislodged but the weight of the hose. But that can be fixed by attaching the hose to the headgear (some already do this) or by sticking the hose on the headboard or under the pillow.

Nasal masks can be lightweight too but aren't as easily dislodged. Because they cover a larger area, they don't leak as easily but they do leak. The hardest part is finding one that fits you at the top of your nose and doesn't leak into your eyes.

The P10 nasal pillows is the quietest out there. But it has problems. The headgear is not adjustable. The hose comes straight out of the mask and has no swivel. The only thing going for it is the lack of noise. I tried it and it is the only mask I have ever tried (and I have gone through a lot) that has left a sore. Unless your headsize fits the headgear or you are willing to stretch the headgear or willing to modify the headgear, I don't recommend it to anyone. Stupid, archaic, backward design flaw. I use the Nuance nasal pillows. The Nuance pillows do not go into the nostrils but rest on the outside. The problem with the Nuance (they all have problems) is the back strap. The designers wanted to make this strap "tacky" so it wouldn't slide on hair. The problem is it becomes gross over time. They have improved this in later designs and it isn't as bad. I also use the Simplus full face mask. I began lip leaking a while back and switched to a FFM after trying a bunch of other stuff. I switch between the Simplus and the Nuance.
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I tried the p-10 pillows at a fixed 18 cmH20 and for me it worked out to be just to much pressure for the large pillows as they always leaked. A buddy of mine suggested I use a product called "AYR". It's a saline nasal gel and id put a very thin film on the P-10's before use. That helped but when the gel dried out, they leaked badly.

When my Sleep Dr. saw what I was using he switched me to Phillips Respironiscs DreamWear under the nose nasal mask.

The Dreamwear handled the fixed 18 cmH20 much better than the P-10's and now that I've been switched from a fixed fixed 18 cmH20 to a BiLevel the Dreamwear stll outperforms the P-10's for me.

Of course, it's what works for me and I wouldn't dare suggest how it might work for you!

Happy Mask Hunting..
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I started out using full face masks and then switched to the Nuance Pro nasal pillows and really liked them. After using the Nuance a while I tried the P10 nasal pillows, which is my current mask. I really like both the Nuance and the P10 and sometimes switch between them. I lean more toward the P10 because it fits my big schnoz better. Now if they would just put a head gear like the Nuance's on the P10...

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I started with the Arama view mask but after 6 months I was convinced that I wasn't a mouth breather so I decided to give the Dreamwear nasal mask a try. I chose it partly because the nose seal is similar to that on the Arama view. The Respiratory Therapist at the DME said I could exchange it if it didn't work for me. It worked great and I couldn't be more pleased with it. It comes with 4 different nose pieces so you should find one that works. The best feature by far is that the hose attaches to a swivel on top of the head. I'm surprised more masks aren't designed this way. One unexpected result was my AHI dropped from an average of about 3 to an average of 1. The only explanation I can come up with is that the Dreamwear is more amenable to sleeping on my side so I'm sleeping more of the time on my side.
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I find the Fisher & Paykel Eson nose mask works very well.

I tried the Resmed nose pillow, but it irritated my nasal passages very badly.
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I notice that the Phillips Dreamweaver has not been mentioned. I have ordered this one and see how I will get on with it. Any experiences with it? Thanks again...
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(08-10-2016, 08:50 AM)somnia16 Wrote: I notice that the Phillips Dreamweaver has not been mentioned. I have ordered this one and see how I will get on with it. Any experiences with it? Thanks again...

There are several mask reviews you can look at. Here is one for the DreamWear mask.

These reviews are somewhat helpful, but remember that everyone is different.
You may love one type mask, and someone else will hate it. There are so many different face shapes, and that is why it's so hard so choose. All you can do is try a few different ones and remember if you can't control leaks, your therapy will be compromised.

Also, if you know for sure you are not a mouth breather, there is no reason to start out with a full face mask. A nasal pillow or nasal mask would be a better choice.

Many online suppliers will allow a 30 day trial, but you still have to pay for return shipping.

Good luck!
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