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Mask seal improved but events per hour increased dramatically

I acquired a new Resmed Airsense 10 autoset about 3 months ago after using an Elite S8 for about 7 years. I am using a full mask Resmed AirfitF10 and I am very comfortable with the machine and the mask. I am currently set at 11.0 constant pressure and I use the humidified air option.

About 2 months ago I started having nightly problems with the mask seal but my events were low and averaging 1 to 2 events per hour. Last week, I saw my sleep doctor and learned how to properly seal the mask. I am now achieving 100% maskseal numbers throughout the night but my events per hour have shot up to 15 or so per hour. I am definitely not feeling as well as after a night's sleep. I have changed the setting on the machine from continuous pressure to autoset. I will see how that goes tonight. My logic for this approach is that I was getting functionality more like autoset when I had a very poor mask seal and constant pressure because of the leakage.

Does my approach seem reasonable? Is there anything else I should consider? I am scheduled for a sleep test in late July. Also, I get my numbers through my account at myair.resmed.com

Thanks in advance for any insights you can offer,
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large leaks do interfere with the machine's ability to characterize the flow, and is responsible for not counting apneas that are occurring.

I would have expected you not to have much change in how well you feel, if the same issues were happening with or without leaks. That leave the potential that, since you have good seal, you are getting solid pressure and with that some pressure induced apneas.

Please attempt to find out what type of apneas you have, and whether there are significant numbers of hypopneas.

Past posters that were getting worse feeling once treated were suffering from high hypopneas and clear airway events. That would suggest a different solution than if you were still getting obstructive apneas. One might lower the pressure in the first case, but raise in the second.

Dedicated to QALity sleep.
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(05-28-2015, 01:17 PM)johnwrightmichigan Wrote: I have changed the setting on the machine from continuous pressure to autoset.

Howdy John and welcome

I assume you mean changed the settings from CPAP to AutoSet, did you set the "AutoSet" minimum and maximum pressures or left them in default setting 4 - 20

One thing to note, the machine is dumb and can flag events while you're asleep or awake, awake events are pretty meaningless
During large leak, the machine cannot tell accurately whether apnea is closed or open apnea
so the detected apnea scored as "unknown" apnea, colored yellow on ResScan

For better understanding of whats going on, you better off downloading the free software for more detailed data, my Air only report limited data and not much more than what you get from your machine "sleep report" providing "Essentials" set to "Plus" from the clinical menu

Here is the download links to ResScan and SleepyHead software, both supports AirSense 10
ResScan windows only and SleepyHead windows and Mac

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Hi johnwrightmichigan,
WELCOME! to the forum.!
Hang in there for more answers to your question and much success to you with your CPAp Therapy.
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I have now slept two nights with my Airsense 10 using the Autoset (min 4.0, max 20.0) setting vs. my prior setting of constant pressure at 11.0. As I mentioned in my original post, I had slept with a significant full mask leak for 6 weeks or so. I corrected the leak and my events per hr (per myair.resmed.com) shot up to 15 from 2 events per hour.

My two nights using the new Autoset have produced 4.4 and 3.4 events per hour. A great improvement and I definitely feel more rested. Next, I will download software to help me dig further on my sleep data. I'll report back with results and I'm sure I'll be reaching out with more questions.

Thanks so much,
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When you have the software downloaded, check the pressure graphs to see where your pressure is for 90% of the time. I would assume you would be more comfortable with a higher starting pressure. A starting setting of 4 is too low for most folk. Let us know what your numbers are.
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