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Hi folks, I was wondering what would be going on when I noticed on Sleepy Head the graph that shows leak and snore both indicate a massively loud snore the same time there is a massive leak. What would cause that. The leak was so big that the mask had to have been pulled away from my face so how did it measure a load snore? Needless to say I was only on the machine for 43 minutes last night. I have tough nights like this from time to time. Nights that I find it impossible to stay on the machine for very long. Any ideas ?
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Since you use the P10, I'd wager you are snoring with your mouth open.
Recommend a chin strap. Else try a full face mask.
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Yea, I thought about that but I am not a mouth breather. I could have opened my mouth if my nose was plugged. That may have been the case because my allergies have been bad lately so it is possible. When I went to bed my nose wasn't stuffed up but you never know after you fall a sleep. I am needing to get a new mask so I may get a hybrid mask. The type that has nasal pillows with full mouth coverage.
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An air leak can cause vibrations that the machine may interpret as a snore. Since none of us were there it's purely conjecture, but unless it is a frequent occurrence, I wouldn't worry about it.
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+1 to what Sleeprider said. or maybe 2!
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(08-16-2015, 11:59 AM)Adoniscmj Wrote: Needless to say I was only on the machine for 43 minutes last night. I have tough nights like this from time to time. Nights that I find it impossible to stay on the machine for very long. Any ideas ?
Whats tough about it, your pressure is nice and low 6 to 9, try harder Smile
Find yourself another mask, mask choice is #1 for effective treatment
The right size and fitting correctly is important too

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I was told from the outset that a full face mask would not give treatment as effectively as a nasal mask or pillows. It may be very true. I do use a FFM and do not have air escaping out of my mouth so did not have to develop the tongue press method or a chin strap. I was always a mouth breather, so could not envision using the nasal only.

I do nearly always now breathe thru my nose while sleeping. and sometimes even when awake. There are times when I go to bed breathing quite comfortably through my nose, but I wake in a few hours and I have extra dry mouth and stuffy nose. I am breathing the treatment level pressurized air, and it is still somewhat effective. Monkeying with the humidity sometimes helps to reduce this dry mouth.

If you are using pillows, and revert to opening the mouth, the effect is quite different. Then, the mouth is an exit path, and very much becomes a leak path. This increases the blower rate to make up for the air escaping out of the mouth into your bedroom. It is totally different than with a FFM which still retains the air in a closed (but intentionally leaking) container.

Hope that is crystal clear. Some nasal pillows users do purchase a FFM for use when they have a cold or some sort of multiple hour or multiple night stuffiness.

Dedicated to QALity sleep.
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