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Meaning of EPR and Essentials for Airsense 10
Can someone kindly tell me, or point me in the right direction as to what the EPR settings should be, and what is meant by "essentials" for the Airsense 10??

My current EPR (expiratory pressure relief) is ON and at 2, and essentials is ON but don't know what that means?? I think an EPR of 1 means a drop of 1, 2 means a drop of 2, and 3 a drop of 3 from the lower range value upon exhaling. why would anyone want to have a minium pressure relief upon exhaiing??

What happens if I totally turn the EPR OFF, what does that do? Also, the essentials are ON. What happens if I turn the essentials OFF??
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some people, like me, have trouble exhaling into pressure. You have the EPR settings correct, with EPR just try different settings and see if you like one best

essentials is just setting how much you have access to, the plus give you the most access
Essentials Plus you can allow highly engaged patients to access additional
features for control over more of their therapy settings, including changing their mask type, EPR (if
available), SmartStart and Run Warmup
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EPR drops from whatever the current pressure is. For example, if the machine is blowing pressure at 8.4 then EPR of 1 drops it to 7.4 on exhale, 6.4 if set to 2, and 5.4 if set to 3. Machine will not go below 4.
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(12-03-2015, 09:20 PM)ckingzzzs Wrote: My current EPR (expiratory pressure relief) is ON and at 2, and essentials is ON but don't know what that means??
EPR drop pressure at exhale, not everyone use it but some find helpful especially if having problem exhaling against pressure or on higher pressure. I don't use it when the machine on auto, but have it at 2 since switching to fixed pressure
I can live with it or without, just like humidity settings, need some experimentation

Essentials On: turn the machine into a brick as far as data display on the screen sleep report goes, only shows usage hours
(I don't think affect data on the SD card)
Essential Plus: display efficacy data on the screen sleep report
The top part of the screen report shows events per hours and usage, the bottom part shows AHI, pressure, leak, etc ... you'll need to set "period" to 1 Day, (default 1 month)

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I changed my EPR setting from 3 to 2 and don't notice any difference.
APNEABOARD - A great place to be if you're a hosehead!! Rolleyes

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Everyone is different; I notice a good deal of difference between the EPR settings. What's nice is, the change is instantaneous when you change the setting, so if like me you notice the difference, it's easy to decide what you like best.
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Do you think it would be too much to set EPR to three? I am trying to train to breath through my nose with the pillows and its working except a feeling of difficulty breathing out at times. Would this undermine the therapeutic effects and make it difficult for the machine to reach optimal pressures? Thanks for your advice.
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it has nothing to do with therapy. Change it to 3 and lay down and rest, see if it's more comfortable. As long as it's not worse, give it a try for a while
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(12-06-2015, 11:26 PM)PoolQ Wrote: it has nothing to do with therapy. Change it to 3 and lay down and rest, see if it's more comfortable. As long as it's not worse, give it a try for a while

I changed my EPR setting from 2 to 3 and it made a difference for me, seems like less struggling when breathing out. I was curious what happens when you set the EPR to OFF. does this mean the machine remains at an EPR of 4 at all times?
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ckingzzzs, there is no EPR setting of 4. There is only 1,2 or 3. If the EPR is set to off, then there is no pressure relief when exhaling. You will exhale at whatever pressure your APAP is at the time.

I think you are confusing EPR with the lowest pressure that the Cpap can be set at which is 4.
These are two different things.
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