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Modifying a P10 mask?
Hi all,

Has anyone here ever attempted to modify their P10 pillow mask? I'm having good luck with the mask so far, but I think it's mainly because I've been sleeping on my back. I'm not normally a back sleeper, so I think my behavior is modified because of the cpap. As I'm getting used to sleeping with this, I'm more often reverting to my normal side sleeping habits. The P10 nose part itself is fine, but the rigid plastic straps that are under the cloth headstrap are a problem. When laying on the side, those straps push the mask out of whack. Not enough to leak, but enough to cause moderate discomfort on the nasal septum. Not enough for serious pain, but enough to wake me up and make me move around.

My thought was to cut the straps down and just have a stub for the cloth strap to attach. I don't want to jack up a $100 mask though. Any thoughts?

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I had(have?) the same problem with my P10 when I use a normal foam pillow. I switched to a buckwheat/foam pillow and no longer experiencing this problem. The firmness of the buckwheat eliminates the compression only at the head area while the surrounding pillow wants to push up on the mask. Actually, I can use a FFM on my side without any problems with this pillow.

Concerning cutting the P10's support ribs; The plastic support ribs help in rotation positioning of the airways. Cutting them could invite more positional problems.

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You're still pretty new at this and I think you will find side-sleeping easier as time goes on. You might try changing the headset strap separation to find a position that moves the supports off the harder structures of the cheek bones. Cutting the supports would likely allow the pillows to rock downward and not seal as well.
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Thanks. I'll try moving the strap off my cheek bones. Then try a few pillows around the house as well. I appreciate the input.
Happy Wife and kids
Big Yellow Jeep
Homebuilt hardtail
A Dozen Guitars
Once I can sleep, life will be perfect
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That will help, I keep the straps just under my cheeks. The other thing that helps for me is:

On my back (I always start this way), my S-10 is on my left side on a table near the bed even with my head height. I take the hose and route it above the pillow between the pillow and head board.

I take the hose at the snorkel joint and "just" tuck it under the upper corner of the pillow which will be just above the right side of my head. This allows me to turn in either direction for side sleep or back to my starting position and seems to not move the mask out of position. Putting the "joint under the corner of the pillow leaves enough slack to turn and not pull.

One other suggestion, no matter what you try, make sure you give each adjustment 4-7 days to kind of find the "average". If you try something different every night then you tend to not really find a solution. I found for me, I would keep a log of some sort to see if each adjustment was better or worse. I found that I can't remember what I did 5 things ago, (or even yesterday)!LOL

The log thing was more when I was making adjustments to my therapy when I was looking for the most productive results.

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(05-03-2016, 01:41 PM)partsmutt Wrote: Thanks. I'll try moving the strap off my cheek bones. Then try a few pillows around the house as well. I appreciate the input.

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Good input on mask comfort by Ginzo. Adding to that, I have my entire hose, including most of the P10 hose encased in a fleece cover. If coming into contact with hard-ribbed plastic hose is disruptive. There are a lot of good ways to suspend the hose and cover it so it is no longer so medical looking, or feeling. It also can make it much easier to move at night without dislodging the pillows.
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Thanks Sleeprider!

Hey partsmutt, any progress?
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I bought one of the special pillows and a chin strap. I put the chin strap over my head first and around my neck. Then put on the mask, then pull the strap up on top of my head. This helps keep the straps in place better. Now I only sleep on my side and some on my stomach. The pillow is oddly shaped and firm around the edges. Helps keep your head up off the soft pillow.
Dont-know  I am an accountant so any advice given here is not medical. If I give any financial advice, you can take it to the bank. However, you will have a hard time cashing it in. Okay
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