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Moisture in nasal mask
Fall has arrived, and with it lower temperatures in the bedroom ... finally. Big Grin

However, I am now getting some moisture collecting in the nasal mask.
The CPAP is a ResMed Elite with temperature controlled humidifier.
Temperature is set at 22C and humidity at 5

My question is this:

Should I increase/decrease the hose temperature or drop the humidity level.
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I would drop the humidity level.

Fat Rat

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I, too, would drop the humidity level. Now that our temperatures are turning cooler, I accidentally discovered (I think… still in the "testing stage") my AHIs go down a notch or two when I drop the humidity by a point. Also, check to see if your hose happens to fall below your PAP machine. If it does, that can cause "rain out" in the hose and mask. Also, just "fiddle" with one setting (humidity or temperature) at a time.

Good luck and let us know what you try and if it works.
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(09-13-2014, 01:13 AM)normhamilton Wrote: My question is this:

Should I increase/decrease the hose temperature or drop the humidity level.
Either turn up temp or turn down humidity setting
On auto mode, protect against rainout but not going to helps if the moisture collecting in the mask is from your own breath

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Zonk @4 is there anything you can do if you do have moisture inside your pillows from your own breath, do you just have to not worry about it?
Sometimes I feel moist inside my pillows, I think it perspiration and could maybe cause leaks.

I hope you don't mind me jumping in here normhamilton? I just thought it was a similar type question.
I also hope you get the help you require.
Sleep Tight...
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(09-13-2014, 05:40 AM)Gabby Wrote: Zonk @4 is there anything you can do if you do have moisture inside your pillows from your own breath, do you just have to not worry about it?
Warm the bedroom and try insulate the short hose (hose cosy)
I would not worry about it, no big deal, rather have couple drops inside the mask than waking up with congested nose
I like lots of moisture, some like less and some like none

normhamilton uses nasal mask, mask liner can helps absorb some of the moisture, if the moisture from his exhaled air

Okay, i,m going to top up the tank with distilled water and put the machine on warmup

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Thanks everyone. Your help is appreciated.

I raise the temperature one degree Celsius to 23 and lowered the humidity 1/2 a point to 4.5 and that worked well ... for last night.

Have a wonderful day.
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Cheers Zonk..
Good luck normhamilton!
Sleep Tight...
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If that doesn't work, meaning turning down the humidity, then the moisture (or enough of it) is coming from you and not the humidifier. You could try some sort of cover over the mask itself, with a cut out for the vent. Moisture on the inside is the same as rainout in the hose - the air inside the mask is warmer than the mask itself so it condenses.

Using a heated hose will help with the rainout in the main hose but won't help much with the mask part. You can get little covers for the mask's hose and even make a cover for the mask itself (again, remember to make a hole for the vent) to try to keep it warm. A bit of fleece or flannel would work best.

Nasal pillows are awful for collecting moisture then running back into the user's nostril. This burns like mad and isn't a pleasant way to wake up! I solved it (mostly) by sleeping under the covers. But now that I am sleeping on my back, we will have to look at making me some sort of cover.
Apnea Board Moderator

Breathe deeply and count to zen.


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Sorry OP, I am jumping in to with the same question so it will all help in answering yours as well........I believe?

That MUST be it. The weather just suddenly became a LOT cooler here in Toronto. Much cooler than average. In 10 days time, while riding a scooter, I have gone from t-shirts to hoodies + a leather jacket and gloves---from flip flops to motorcycle boots..
BUT I have been trying to figure out WHY my nose is not stuffed up.

The only change I have made is that I have turned off the AC and opened all the windows for fresh air, especially as I am having the whole place painted. I mention that only becAUse I was trying to figure out if I had thrown any rugs out before painting, etc and it must be the change in temperature.
But all of a sudden i don't need to use that salt stuff at night.

So what is causing the clear nasal passages then, if you happen to know???

Ive noticed drops of water as well, when I wake up.
But i use the grey coloured hose, the resumed special one........to be honest only because its longer than the cheaper white one by a couple of inches I think.
But I have my humidity turned off. I don't like it on...........so i can't go lower Smile


Quote:Also, check to see if your hose happens to fall below your PAP machine

Hmm, yes, mine does. It falls lower and then it comes back up again but higher than the machine........but why would that matter?
Yes i understand the lower part and how moisture/etc could go down but then the hose comes back up so i shouldn't be getting any rain out with that set up, no?

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