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Mouth Breather
Had a sleep study a couple of weeks ago and discovered, I'm a mouth breather. I'm currently using a nasal mask, but for the time being have added tape over my lips to keep my mouth closed, my wife thinks it's funny as I do to, but it seems to be working. In 3 weeks I'll be in another study using an ASV, so I'll be getting a new machine and will get a new mask also. I'm looking at FFM as that was what worked at the study a couple of weeks ago, I'm not interested in using a chin strap. From what I've read here I know that a FFM can have more leaks due to the fact it covers more area.
I'm looking for suggestions with what has worked for other hoseheads? I'm also looking at the "Mirage Liberty" which has nose pillows and a mask that covers the mouth.... any thoughts on this?

Thanks, Apneaguy

P.S. I want more of that...... Ya that... SLEEP!!!
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It is my opinion that lip taping is dangerous. In order to tape it enough to keep the mouth enough to keep you from opening it in your sleep, it also keeps you from opening it in the event of an emergency such as belching up bile or vomiting.

You will find a chin strap to be more comfortable and safer. They are easier to take off and re-usable. There's several different types and brands.

FFMs can leak, but there's several types and sizes. I recently went through my own search for a FFM. One wasn't too bad for leaks but pressed against spots on my cheeks so was painful to wear. Another wasn't painful but leaked and farted like mad. The third seems to be working well although some nights it won't seal at all so I go back to the pillows and chin strap. I still had two more to try but am satisfied with the one I have so won't go further. I tried the Liberty a number of years ago and hated it. I think because the air is coming so hard onto the face, it was harder to handle. I don't have the same problems (chapped lips, wind-burned skin, etc) with the FFMs I have now and the pressure is higher.

If you like the pillow mask you have now, try the chin straps instead of the FFM. It is cheaper and all you have to get used to is the chin strap vs an entire new mask.
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Wife uses a chin strap and poligrip creme on her lips to seal them. If she needs to open her mouth she can but the poligrip does the trick used with the chinstrap.

I just use a chin strap but am at the point that its worn so loose its just more habit now than anything I think.

If you are set on a FFM the F&P Simplus is about as good as it gets or the Fitlife total face mask which is very simple to use, comfortable, extremely durable and seals very well. Alot of folks take one look at the Fitlife and go NOOOOO without ever trying it.

However it eliminates most FFM problems. No sore nose bridge. No leaking into the eyes. Or air leaking thru tear ducts.

Id probably still be using a Fitlife but for a personal reason and the fact my pressures and numbers are much lower with a nasal than with a FFM.

Sleep labs are notorious for declaring folks mouth breathers when actually the only reason they do is they have had untreated apnea.

Once treated your brain figures out its not going to be strangled and most folks can usually go to a nasal.
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In my opinion using tape is not a wise decision at all. Why don't you use some suitable chin strap which will help you to sleep comfortably? Try to find out which one would be suitable for you and start using.
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I'm totally in 110% with what Mr Ghost'58 has written...

Mizz Cracker is coming up on 4 months of therapy right now, has tried at least two different FFM's with SOME limited success, but after selecting and trying a nose pillow type, she's doing fantastic. Most mornings now show numbers of 2+ and 3+, with a few 1's and even one zero+ so far. I couldn't be happier!

We are both 'mouth breathers' when sleeping, and as such I had considered some kind of a chin strap system to go with the NP mask, but found out that in a short time, that the brain seems to rewire, and the mouth will stay closed mostly on it's own. Mouth breathing is unnecessary when air is forced into the nostrils, and having the mouth open to gain more air becomes unnecessary.

However, it happens now and then...I can always tell because I suddenly have Darth Vader laying over there! I have listened, and even though the noise is somewhat disconcerting, I know at least that she's BREATHING!! And that after all, IS what we're trying to accomplish here.

After a short time, the noise will arouse her, and in her 'sleep', she'll readjust, close her mouth and the noise is gone.

I fully realize that NP's are not for all, but they have sure made a significant difference for her. Sans any other added devises, or remedies.

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I tend to be a mouth breather and have been using chinstraps with my nasal pillow mask. I've found that some of the chinstraps want to push my lower jaw back into my throat. I have only one that if positioned correctly pulls my lower jaw up and out. The only problem for me is I don't like wearing any headgear. I never would wear a hat and having something on my head is quite annoying. After seeing something posted on this forum about a M.A.D., I decided to try some real cheapo MAD's I had picked up a while back. I found that a MAD kept my mouth closed better than the chinstrap. It not only kept my mouth shut but it formed a vacuum that eliminated me blowing through my lips. I think I am going to stick with the glorified mouth guard for awhile.
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I also use a chin strap with my nasal pillow mask. After awhile though, I find I can skip several nights wearing it...it does seem that you adjust and your brain tells you to keep your mouth closed, especially if you've experienced that horrid feeling of being woke up with that rush of air pouring out of your mouth and can't even talk due to the dryness. UGH
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Thanks for the feedback everyone, I appreciate it!!! I didn't even give any thought that using tape might be dangerous.
Thanks again apneaguy

P.S. I want some of that....... Ya that.. SLEEP!!!!
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As you move forward looking at FFM options, take a good look at the hybrid masks that use nasal pillows along with mouth coverage. These have worked well for some people, and eliminate the potential for leaks across the bridge of the nose into the eyes. Another option are the cloth masks. Also look at the Circadance Sleepweaver Anew cloth masks. These can be very comfortable for some that don't like the feel of silicone. I have no personal experience with FFM options, but these alternatives have gotten good reviews.
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for the first 3 months i used a chin strap or cheapo headband from walmart along with one denture strip on my lips, bent it into a crescent shape then wet it then place on your lips it will just barely give you enough to keep your mouth shut give a few minutes to get tacky. after you learn to sleep with your mouth shut you will not need to do this. tape didn't sound very safe to me, tried it but it would fall off or not allow me to open my mouth without ripping it off..
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