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Mouth Breathing
RE: Mouth Breathing
Alot of good stuff on mouth breathing, more things are related to breathing while not sleeping, and not in the Apnea lane.  If you do scan for info, try using NIH as one of the terms you seek, because this will bring to light the actual studies are, and can clarify actual results of blind and double-blind trials.  I did not find anything that would make me scared of mouth breathing enough to actually try to  fix or retrain myself.

Certainly, nothing related to breathing while sleeping when being actively treated for Apnea.

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RE: Mouth Breathing
I wouldn't worry too much about the mouth breathing specially while sleeping I mean yeah sure technically since your nose has hair to trap things like dust and pollen sure it is technically better, but just because something is technically better doesn't mean the alternative is bad. As a kid I had taken so many hockey pucks and sticks to the face that while I am awake I can only breath through the right side of my nose and the left side is entirely blocked and at night I breath through my mouth and that has been the case for about 30 years at this point. I would consider trying to "correct" that "issue" similar to someone who is fit enough to come in top 3 in a triatholon trying to get more fit, like technically speaking it wouldn't hurt, but at the same time it isn't necessary because they are already more fit than the average person.

At the end of the day everything is bad for you and everything is good for you it just depends on how you word your question because you will get people who believe both sides regardless of what it is from how you breath to wither or not smoking half a pack of cigs and half a 6 pack of beer a day is healthy or not. So unless your doctor is finding it as a health concern I wouldn't fret over it because you can find "proof" that cafine is the worst possible drug while at the same time finding evidence of how great it is for you all depending on if you worded your question in google "Why is caffeine so bad for you?" or "What health benefits does caffeine have?" Google will give you results similar to that of an echo chamber, if it thinks you want to prove how bad something is it will give you all the bad results if it thinks you want to prove how good something is it will give you all good results. You should try it some time, ask the exact same question but with a bias in the question and see how you get different results based on your wording. Anything you get as results in google will be based on how you worded the question, if you are looking for negatives it will give you negatives if you are looking for positives it will give you that.
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RE: Mouth Breathing
Hi Fried Rice,

Having been in the same shoes as you a couple of years ago, I think you may find it helpful to read an older thread I started on the subject last year (almost exactly a year ago in fact.)  I had previously tried everything (and I do mean everything) to remedy my mouth breathing, but I am still happily using the solution that I describe in the thread. 

All the best to you and good luck!

One mans quest to get mouth leaks under control
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RE: Mouth Breathing
Hi Marillion,

Thanks for sharing and your link, and happy to hear of your success with the mouth guard. My P30i leaks are highly variable, exactly as you say dry mouth not good for teeth, taping is a pain, so I am looking to take your advice further, and quite excited about where this will take me.

When I approach my dentist next month what exactly should I ask him for? Is there a brand name or generic description or should I approach a sports academy for recommendations for the sort of mouth guard we see rugby and football players using?
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RE: Mouth Breathing
Just an update (good one).

So I tried a chin strap and my numbers went from 30's/upper 40's (L/min) to 0-4L/min. Extremely happy with this. I didn't want to have to buy another full face mask. Chin strap is a game changer.

My numbers are extremely good now. AHI is 0-2 and my leak rate as stated above is 0 to at most 4L/min.
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