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Mouth taping - update
Mouth taping - update
Hello all,
I've been mouth taping (Using 3M Micropore paper tape) for about 2 years. The adhesive is strong, irritating to my skin and lips when I take it off, and lately I have noticed how much residue it leaves behind on my skin and stuck to the Burt's Bees lip balm I use before applying it.

Looked around and decided to try the 3M Microfoam tape to see if is was strong enough to keep my mouth closed all night yet not leave as much residue and hopefully not take off skin when removing like the Micropore paper tape did.

Happy to report it worked very well. No residue left behind and much gentler on my skin when taking it off.  A clear winner.

Something else I discovered that I wanted to pass along. When you take the tape off,  DON'T pull the tape up (at a 90 degree / perpendicular) angle to remove it. Instead, fold the end of the tape back and pull gently backwards with the tape being parallel  and as close to the adhered tape as possible. This reduces the stretch on the skin while removing the tape and make it much less irritating and painful regardless if you are using paper tape or foam tape.

Hope this helps.
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RE: Mouth taping - update
Many thanks for this review. Do you have any sense of how well this tape adheres in the presence of saliva? For reasons I don't understand, I've recently had a lot of tape failure due to saliva. I'm not sure quite how the drool sneaks out, but it does, no matter how carefully I curl my lips and place the tape.
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RE: Mouth taping - update
I use “Cover-Roll stretch” tape. It adheres well, is not brutally painful to remove, and is very economical (available online from you-know-who). Recommended by The Lanky Lefty on one of his many cpap videos.
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RE: Mouth taping - update
helps a lot. Thanks.
compliant for 35 years /// Still learning!

ResMed N20; ResMed P30i modified headgear; F&P Evora Full FFM

I'm just a cpap user like you. I don't give medical advice. Seek the advice of a physician before seeking treatment for medical conditions including sleep apnea. Sleep-well

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RE: Mouth taping - update
Dormeo, what are you using? 

There have been one or two times over four-plus years when my 3M NexCare 'Water-resistant' white tape has detached, and apparently due to moisture/saliva.  However, I make a point of cleaning my mouth area prior to affixing the tape, and this, ensuring adequate expanse of the tape to cover past my mouth corners, seems to be very reliable.  When I have not been paying attention, or forget to wipe my mouth prior to affixing the tape, I will get more failures.  

Wipe mouth

Measure out enough tape to 'do the job'

Apply properly into place (not askew or too far to one side so that one corner is not fully covered)

Press firmly several times all over, repeated strong dabs with finger tips, to ensure proper adhesion and coverage.
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RE: Mouth taping - update
Great question. I did notice with the 3M paper tape that saliva loosened the adhesion. My saliva amount was small enough so that my mouth remained taped shut throughout the night but the paper tape didn't stick much if at all where it had been exposed to saliva.

The Microfoam tape is a different material and does not seem to absorb liquid/saliva. I did not notice any saliva or wetness on it upon waking and no reduction of adhesion due to the saliva .... so I think it would be worth trying since you had trouble with saliva breaking the seal of the tape you used.

The Microfoam tape is a bit more expensive than the regular paper tape, but you can get a single roll for $5 from the well known online retailer. And if it works, you can then get a 12 pack for around $23 ... so pretty affordable when purchased in bulk if it works for you. For me not having a layer of skin come off when I take the tape off in the morning is well worth the price difference.
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RE: Mouth taping - update
Good advice. That is what I do too, making sure the tape extends just a tad beyond the edge of my mouth. And I put Burt's Bees lip balm on my lips right before the tape.
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RE: Mouth taping - update
Dormeo, I found that the 3M micropore tape is quite good at resisting saliva but tries to steal my skin every time I remove it. I also had to double up on the 3M tape because I found it too porous. The Cover-Roll stretch tape is even more porous, stretches easily, and also does not resist saliva as well, but it's not an awful experience to remove it.

Since I have both and neither work well by themselves (rip skin vs not hold), I put the 3M tape on top of the Cover-Roll tape. The 3M tape prevents the Cover-Roll tape from stretching too much and also prevents saliva from messing with it as much.

The Lanky Lefty on YouTube mentioned that he does not use humidification because he found that it caused his tapes to fail. Not an option for me I'm afraid as I have dry nasal passages.
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RE: Mouth taping - update
Thanks all! Yes, I wipe around my mouth using the same alcohol prep pad I use before I apply my Bleep ports. I'm going to try both the Microfoam tape and the tape Mesenteria recommends. I appreciate the information and suggestions!
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