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Moving on from S&P Simplus. Need suggestions
Hi. Haven't been back in a while, but my therapy is much better than it used to be (thanks to this site). I've tried many new masks, and I seem to be getting better and better. Now it's time to order a replacement mask and while the Simplus is the best I've had so far, I still think I can find a better fit for me. I tend to be a side sleeper (roll over a lot during the night) and this is better at that than my previous masks. But I still leak from 10-20%. It doesn't wake me like the previous masks did. And I hate the headgear. Its probably just me, but I've had it get out of place at night and while sleepy and disoriented I have hell trying to get it back. And the mask separates from the bracket that holds it too easy. So while I definitely want another that is good for side sleeping/ rolling around, I'd also like one with maybe a nicer headgear (subjective, I know). Maybe that's a sign I'm maturing a bit in this journey and looking at smaller details. Any suggestions before I go do a fitting? It's hard to determine from a fitting what will work well for side sleeping without actually trying it. And I have 30 days to change, but still. I would rather avoid that! Thanks so much! 
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Without looking at your face i'll make a suggestion.

I have had good luck with the simplus mask as it was my "go to mask" for a while. I am now finding myself using the airfit F20 first. It is much easier to explain/use the headgear and magnetic clips and also seems to be sealing well. You could also try the Amara View (does not fit over the bridge of your nose), but fit is a little finicky.

Those are my 2 suggestions to try. Everybody is different though.
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is there a good reason why you use a FFM?
I am a mouth breather and I use a nasal mask.
Both the Brevida and Dreamwear are great for side sleeping. With the new Dreamwear gel pillows I can even sleep on my stomach.
humidifier was increased from 4 to 5 to use the pillows, and I use a chinstrap.

Just saying.
I thought that I couldn't use a nasal because of my mouth breathing. I had 2 FFM, the F10 and Simplus. both leaked like a sieve unless I ratchet-strapped them on so tight it was very uncomfortable. Took a gamble on the 30 day exchange/refund on the Brevida and was surprised. had the DME order the Dreamwear and I now have 2 great masks.
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Is there a general guide for face shape and what masks work best on what face shapes? For example I am round and somewhat flabby, and 60 y/o. So what kind of full face works best on a Charlie Brown face?
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Many of us here are a fan of the P10 pillow mask.
That said
Each of us is unique, what works for me may not work for you.
Read the Mask Primer (see my signature). Fit templates are near the bottom.
Call your DME and tell them that you want to come in for a mask fitting prior to purchase.  It may eliminate the need to return a mask within 30 days.
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(05-31-2017, 11:18 AM)TASmart Wrote: Is there a general guide for face shape and what masks work best on what face shapes? For example I am round and somewhat flabby, and 60 y/o. So what kind of full face works best on a Charlie Brown face?

No guide that i'm aware of.  I go by experience.  shape of the nose bridge is a key factor...
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Which is why masks must be tried on. There is no substitute.
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I am a side sleeper. I have 3 FFM masks that I use; Mirage Quattro, Simplus, and F20. The Mirage Quattro has been my goto mask for several years. I tried the Simplus and it was OK but much more leak prone that the MQ. The main leakage problem for me with the Simplus is leakage into my eyes which wakes me up. I am currently switching off between the Mirage Quattro and the F20. The more I use the F20 the better I like it and the better it performs. I don't know if it is me that is adapting or the mask that is adapting. I do use Padacheek strap sleeves on the lower straps which reduced my neck soreness. I use a fairly high pressure and as a consequence the lower straps are fairly tight. With the narrower straps they were biting into the muscles on the back of my neck and creating a little pain. The Padacheek sleeves fixed that. I would definitely recommend a trial of the F20 mask.

Best Regards,


Admin Note:
PaytonA passed away in September 2017
Click HERE to read his Memorial Thread

~ Rest in Peace ~
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Been there done that with most of them. The first best one (after leaving pillows) was the Quattro, then went to the F10, and now am using the F20 which is a big improvement over the F10. I would suggest the F20, and I have the Charlie Brown face with 8 more years on the on the planet than you and a side sleeper with higher pressures. All you can do is try, as you know what works for one doesn't for another. Also, using the same headgear and frame ResMed has just come out with a memory foam cushion that is supposed to conform even better. I had just gotten my 3 month re-supply, or I would be trying it out right now.
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Thanks everyone. I think I'll try the F20. I actually used the F10 before the Simplus and felt the Simplus was better for me. But it looks like the F20 is a different beast so I will look at that one. Hopefully they have one I can try. As for the pillow mask suggestions I have tried them, but I have a sorta deviated septum which makes those styles almost impossible for me. Although the hybrids like a Mirage Liberty look interesting. It looks like maybe leaks would be limited. I guess I'll just have to make an apt and see what I can try!

Thanks again.
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