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My SH CPAP Data/Results. Any Advise/tips?
After following the advise given to me here and in another forum, I've managed to lower my AHI to sub-5. During those days, I felt great! Almost no sleepiness during the day! No brain fog and etc.

[Image: 12%20July%202016_zpsxdsbkvdb.png]
[Image: 13%20July%202016_zpsfsnqoogv.png]
[Image: 14%20July%202016_zpsqyzew8dl.png]
[Image: 15%20July%202016_zps5qsmhbht.png]
[Image: 21%20July%202016_zpsf1njuxqp.png]

However, for the last few days, my AHI went up again. This started last weekend when I started having bouts of/with flu and vertigo. I reckon these had an effect to my AHI. Do you guys recommend I raise my pressures or do I just wait it out till I've beaten the flu and vertigo bug? I am currently on Serc and Vitamin B-complex per my ENT for the viral vertigo (Labyrythitis) and paracetamol and mefenamic acid for flu and body pain.

[Image: 23%20July%202016_zpsmz5q4gl1.png]
[Image: 25%20July%202016_zps89e0bn2y.png]
[Image: 26%20July%202016_zpsauhxs7qq.png]
Personally I would let the health issues settle out and get the best sleep under these conditions possible. Colds/flu always upset sleeping/breathing.

If you are congested, some people say that CPAP has actually helped, but you don't really want to add pressure changes to what you are already dealing with. Your AHI is still in the "reasonable" area considering the situation
I would raise my pressure by 0.5 to see if the pressure spikes reduced any.
Just my personal opinion. My posts are not medical advice or a statement of fact. Please consult a qualified physician or other qualified medical personnel. Please comply with all applicable laws, codes, regulations, and protocols.

I also would wait for the flu bug to settle down. Also when you are taking medications, they do have a way of messing with your AHI.
During clusters of obstructive events, you are at the maximum pressure setting, and it is not resolving your events. I would change max pressure to 12.0 to deal with these episodes. For the most part, your machine stays near the minimum pressure setting of 8.0, so I don't this this suggestion is out of line with your apparent need for additional pressure at times.

Your inhale/exhale ratio is unusual in that your inhale is about 3x exhale time. I don't know that it means anything other than it is normal for you, but it is reverse of what is normal for most of us.
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