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My battery backup setup
(01-30-2016, 02:00 PM)bartbrn Wrote: 1. Anyone find any other good DIY battery back-up solutions for a ResMed AirSense 10 (I guess it's an Autoset) CPAP machine.
2. How do I run this WITHOUT the humidifier? Do I just put an empty tub in, or do I have to turn off "humidifier" on the ResMed AirSense 10?

1. You can now purchase as Airsense 10 - 12V - cigarette lighter plug pack, with female socket and aligator clips included in kit. This was not intially available for the AirSense10 when released (only S9).
From there, its your own choice of AGM\Deep cycle, or other battery equivalent.

2. Yes, just put in the empty water tub, or purchase the 'side panel' separately to close off the tub side (great if you plan to do a lot of use without humidifier \ camping etc on 12v) - in both cases yes, turn humidifer off in settings.
If this cabin stay although month long is not 'regular' event or\and packing space is not an issue, just use the empty water chamber and save yourself some $$$.

Google both items on the Resmed site, then contact your preferred local supplier or one of the supplier on the site list here for pricing and such.
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(01-30-2016, 06:50 PM)DruiD Wrote: ...or one of the supplier on the site list here for pricing and such.

Thanks, DruiD! Where will I find the site list?


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(01-31-2016, 10:00 AM)bartbrn Wrote:
(01-30-2016, 06:50 PM)DruiD Wrote: ...or one of the supplier on the site list here for pricing and such.

Thanks, DruiD! Where will I find the site list?


Suppliers list at top of page
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(01-31-2016, 10:46 AM)OpalRose Wrote: bartbrn,
Suppliers list at top of page

Opal Rose and everyone -- Thank you. I'm cursed, by having had my sleep study done at the Middlesex Hospital Sleep Disorder Clinic in Middletown, CT, into HAVING to use Apria Healthcare, which HAS to be one of the most incredibly inefficient retail organizations ever put on earth by a fevered mind. For an organization that would seem to exist for the purpose of making money, their arcane customer service, apparently headquartered in Timbuktu, and staffed by "English as a non-existent-language customer service reps" make it nearly impossible (and today, actually impossible, because of a bad headset mike in Timbuktu, apparently) to understand more than two words out of 20.


1. I was hoping to order a PILOT-24 CPAP BACKUP BATTERY POWER SUPPLY (S9 & AIRSENSE 10) at $339 (ouch!), and I'd asked the Middlesex Hospital Sleep Disorder Clinic to write me a prescription for one, in the probably wishful-thinking hope that either Medicare or my United Healthcare Medicare Buy Up Plan might partially cover the cost. I'm NOT optimistic. Anyone had any experience with medical insurance and battery back-ups?

That brings me to question 2:

2. Regarding GeoffD's battery back-up setup at the beginning of his thread:

"The power went out a week and a half ago. This finally prompted me to get myself a battery backup setup for my spare ResMed S9 AutoSet.

"ML35-12 Mighty Max 35 amp-hour AGM wheelchair/scooter battery ($63.99 on Amazon)

"ResMed 12v-24v DC-DC converter ($84.95 from an online DME)
0.75 amp Battery Tender Jr.($27.69 on Amazon)"

I need a battery back-up for a ResMed AirSense-10 Autoset with humidifier. I've ordered a NON-CLimateLine hose to use with the battery back-up, and now I know to turn the humidifier OFF when running on battery power, but -- please correct me if I'm wrong -- GeoffD was specifically talking about "a battery backup setup for my spare ResMed S9 AutoSet."

IIRC, the ResMed AutoSet runs on an input from the powerpack of 12VDC, while my ResMed AutoSense S10 Autoset requires -- I think -- 24VDC from the powerpack. Would the "ResMed 12v-24v DC-DC converter" that GeoffD uses be compatible with my AirSense 10?

I already have two 0.75 amp battery tenders (not to be confused with "Chicken Tenders) -- I have three motorcycles.

My situation:

I live on a part of the Connecticut coast that suffers power outages a LOT -- about 3 big storms ago, we lost power, and had no battery back up (and no place to charge it) for 11 (eleven) days. By the 10th day, my uvula had become so irritated and swollen, it lay on the back of my tongue and blocked my airway -- I had to sleep (when I COULD sleep) head-down, and it took me three weeks to recover. There's ONE good reason.

Next Spring, I'm going on a month-long retreat in a cabin in the Upstate New York woods -- no electricity, a privy, and a water pipe coming out of the ground from a freshwater spring; but I CAN recharge this backup battery every day, plus I'll have my car with me, so I can recharge from that, in a pinch.

Does anyone have anything to add to GeoffD's post of 03/27/15? Is there a better solution for my problem? GeoffD's setup for $150 sure beats $340 for ResMed's bespoke battery back-up for the Airsense 10, especially if my insurance won't help offset the cost.

Sorry for the long post, I just want to make sure I get something that's going to work. Even ONE night without my CPAP leaves me in bad shape the next day.

Thanks again to all!


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Sorry to hear of all your problems with Apria, but that seems to be the normal for them.

As far as battery backup system, I've never heard of any insurance policy or Medicare to cover that.

I can't offer help on a battery backup system...don't know enough about them, but there are plenty of folk here that do.
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For extended period without power you will need a solar panel charger.
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(02-03-2016, 03:21 PM)bartbrn Wrote: IIRC, the ResMed AutoSet runs on an input from the powerpack of 12VDC, while my ResMed AutoSense S10 Autoset requires -- I think -- 24VDC from the powerpack. Would the "ResMed 12v-24v DC-DC converter" that GeoffD uses be compatible with my AirSense 10?

Regarding the DC-DC converter, you'll need to use the Resmed dc-dc converter made for the A10 (sometimes referred to as the S10) the S9 converter won't work. You can use either 12vdc or 24vdc as your power source. The adapter works with either.

I bought mine from Supplier #26. It is product code 37297.
I also bought the side cover to delete the humidifier from the same place.

PDF on the converter

Using FlashAir W-03 SD card in machine. Access through wifi with FlashPAP or Sleep Master utilities.

I wanted to learn Binary so I enrolled in Binary 101. I seemed to have missed the first four courses. Big Grinnie

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bartbrn -

Both the S-9 and S-10 (screw all that Airsense 10 caca) are 24 V DC. The evil minds at ResMed, however, have made it impossible or damn near impossible in all material respects, to direct power their units off ob battery (bless the folks at PR as I can and do with PRS One - and the DeVillbiss folks too).

You have to buy the ResMed DC-DC power supply at a price approaching $100. It has a "secret handshake" traveling on a third conductor that the units want before they will turn on.

The ResMed DC-DC converters don't care if they are getting 12 or 24 volt DC power.

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Thanks to all for responding!

Is the "ResMed DC-DC power supply" you're talking about the same one GeoffD is using:

"ResMed 12v-24v DC-DC converter ($84.95 from an online DME)"

Unfortunately, I'm locked into the Middlesex Hospital System (Middletown, CT), so I'm also locked into the Middlesex Sleep Disorder Clinic, and apparently Apria has an exclusive contract with the Middlesex Hospital System, so anything I order that has even a remote hope of being partially or fully covered by Medicare or my United Health Care Medicare Buy-Up Plan has to be by prescription from the Middlesex Sleep Disorder Clinic, and that means Apria, which means ResMed.

"The evil minds at ResMed..." Truer words were never spoken. To add insult to injury, it took me FIVE DAYS of unreturned phone calls to Apria, but I insisted, during the FIVE HOUR call yesterday, being transferred from department to department to department , and then I finally get someone who told me "Oh, yes. I see you asked for a new ResMed S-10." meaning the whole $800 unit. I DID NOT ask for a new S-10 -- my S-10 is 2 years old; before that, I had an ancient Respironics Solo LX Deluxe (I didn't know I could get a new one every five years -- mine ran for 15, and still runs fine). The only reason I got the ResMed S-10 is that nobody makes (anymore), a humidifier for the Respironics, and I was waking up with a bloody nose most days in the winter.

Maybe I should get a battery back-up for the old Respironics unit for travel and my month-long sojourn in the backwoods this summer -- not likely I'll need the humidifier.. Anyone had any battery back-up experience with the Respironics Solo LX Deluxe?

Thanks to all again, the people on this forum are life (and mind) savers! Considering how difficult and time-consuming -- and almost always wrong -- it is getting info from Apria/ResMed, I'd probably be better off putting together my own battery back-up like GeoffD's for the Respironics Solo LX Deluxe

Thanks to all again!

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I was discussing this elsewhere. I am deeply involved with radio controlled airplanes and helicopters. No not drones. We use some pretty good size LiPo batteries. They are lighter than the AGM equivelent. There are also LiFe batteries but they tend to be more expensive. A 3S 5Ah (12V) LiPo is about $27 dollars on HobbyKing. I was trying to mimic the 15 Ah battery pack sold by PR for my machine. So that would take three in parallel.

You can also get 6S 5Ah (24 Volts) but they cost about $100 each.

You also need a special charger. But i already have several high power chargers. So I may put something like this together. I understand that using those types of batteries might be a little DIY for many here but for those comfortable with some electrical stuff, it is an option.
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