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My blood pressure seems HIGHER when sleeping on CPAP?
My blood pressure seems HIGHER when sleeping on CPAP?
Title says most of it...

I am at wits' ends here...

My blood pressure is getting sky high (175/125) and I don't know what to do... The doc's meds aren't helping much at all!!!!

Do you know of other cases? What kinds of strategies were used for resolving them?

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RE: My blood pressure seems HIGHER when sleeping on CPAP?
That’s a high pressure reading!  It’s not likely caused by Cpap use, but by an underlying medical issue that you may not be aware of.

That are other things that can cause your BP to raise to an unacceptable level even if you’ve been on BP meds for awhile.  Have you had a complete physical to rule out heart disease, kidney disease, diabetes, etc.?  

Call your doctor today.  A pressure that high is telling you something else is wrong. If your doctor is unable to see you, go the the hospital emergency room.
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RE: My blood pressure seems HIGHER when sleeping on CPAP?
You are on blood pressure medication that is ineffective. You need to call your doctor. One of the side-effects of CPAP use is usually a lower blood pressure. Ineffective treatment or untreated obstructive sleep apnea are known to increase blood pressure. The first step may be to evaluate the effectiveness of your current CPAP treatment. We will work with you on that, but you need to let your doctor know the current medication is not effective.

You are using a Resmed S9 machine, but we don't know the model. As long as it is not the Escape or basic model, your CPAP will work with SleepyHead software. We need to determine what model of S9 you are using. Here is a key below. Please determine what model you are using and reply.

Here is the current CPAP, APAP and VPAP that I am aware of:
36001 S9 CPAP Escape (CPAP Only)
36002 S9 APAP/CPAP Escape Auto (No data)
36003 S9 CPAP Elite
36004 S9 VPAP S
36005 S9 APAP/CPAP AutoSet
36006 S9 VPAP Auto
36009 S9 VPAP ST-A
36037 S9 VPAP Adapt
36038 S9 VPAP ST
36039 S9 VPAP ST-A
36065 S9 APAP/CPAP AutoSet, Pink

The serial number tells place and year of manufacture:

i.e. 2211xxxxxxx

22 = Australia
23 = Singapore
11 = 2011
xxxxxxx = Serial number
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RE: My blood pressure seems HIGHER when sleeping on CPAP?
This is a serious medical condition and I suggest seeing a different Doctor if yours is unwilling to make any changes.

You need to take a close look at your life and your habits. Almost any bad habit can make things worse. Alcohol, excess caffeine, being overweight, diabetes, poorly treated OSA. Anyway...you get my point.

Since you're here...I assume you have OSA. How bad is your apnea and is your treatment working?

Often a second medication may be needed. I'm 69 years old and have had hypertension since I was around 40. Same as my Dad. I was started on Lisinopril which worked pretty good...but my diastolic was always high. Not as high as you, but it once got up to 110. A second medication was added. A vasodillator that acted differently then Lisinopril. I also lost 50 pounds though still a bit overweight. Made some other positive changes in my life and now I consistently run 140/90 or thereabouts. Not too bad for my age.

You haven't given us much info to work with so I've used myself as an example. So how about a little more info?
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RE: My blood pressure seems HIGHER when sleeping on CPAP?
Definitely go to a doctor TOMORROW. Ask for a RFP (Renal Function Panel) to make sure your kidneys haven't been damaged, get a referral to a cardiologist, or get an echo cardiogram and a stress test. (I had one in the hospital, chemical, in nuclear medicine).

At the Dr office, get a three stage BP test: laying down, sitting up, and standing.
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RE: My blood pressure seems HIGHER when sleeping on CPAP?
OK some info:

I am 50 years old, and had been a high level athlete for about 20 years when I got sick, that's 10 years ago now. It came on gradually, and some undiagnosed pathogen is suspected by myself, while doctors focus on the symptoms. Before the legion of "but you aren't a doctor, your opinion is worthless" comments, I must point out that I am a biologist however, and biologists often know more about how the body works than doctors. That being said, only an MD can prescribe meds and I'm not trying to say I'm better than them. They are vastly different fields that don't really intersect much, other than being about biological functions.

Anyway, it's not the first time that I feel that wearing the CPAP "gives me morning headaches" which I have come to associate with HBP. I have a quality monitor at home, but forget more often than I should to measure it. Actually, I think about it very often, usually just AFTER I get up and move around... Which isn't going to give me my RESTING readings, which are important.

I am 5'9" and currently 270 lbs. My diet is magnificent, splendid and fantastic. I suffer from a number of conditions including an extreme form of chronic exhaustion. This means that exercising is completely out of the question. Exercising even very slightly puts me into overtraining syndrome, which is characterized by very high blood pressure, especially in the morning. This might be what I am experiencing at the moment, although I do not remember doing anything that resembles "exercising" lately, other than a 20 minute walk at a slow pace in the morning. This might yet be too much for my body however, so I can't rule it out entirely.

I have had type 2 diabetes, of which I have cured myself. I am now barely pre-diabetic as per medical estimates. My kidneys have been impacted by my hypertension, as is inevitable. I also have 3 types of skin cancers, which I am treating on my own, as I am wont to do.

My machine is a Resmed with these identifiers:
S/N: 23132418281
Ref: 36005A
Lot: 805732

Your help sorting through this is very appreciated. Thank you.
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RE: My blood pressure seems HIGHER when sleeping on CPAP?
Horrux, you have uncontrolled hypertension. Whether it is from kidney damage, cardiovascular damage or even cpap, does not in the immediate moment matter. If you are currently running such figures, you should go to the ER. If you are spiking, I would say ER anyway, but my impression from reading your desire to manage your own care makes me think that you will not go to the ER electively. Call your doctor's service now (which will probably tell you to go to the ER). At least see your doctor tomorrow. As you know, you are at high risk for stroke. The 3 stage BP test suggested by mdhampton is a step in ruling out aortic dissection for which you are also at high risk. To that I would add checking for unequal BP in right and left arms. (All really should be done by a medical professional because they will just redo anyway.) Do not increase your medication with the thought of lowering your BP yourself. A precipitous drop in BP can also cause stroke.

Once you are out of high risk I am sure you will get excellent direction here for cpap management and you can pursue self-managing your other conditions. You've done well with your Type II. The kidney function studies suggested by mdhampton also may give you new information that may pertain to self-management of kidney concerns. I don't think anything less than medical expertise can get the hypertension under control immediately but your self-management after that could be very effective.

I am very concerned that you are not concerned enough about the dangerous BP. Get help so you can come back and work on your cpap!
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RE: My blood pressure seems HIGHER when sleeping on CPAP?
I am very concerned. I am also wondering if there might be something about my CPAP settings or whatever that might not give me the high blood pressure relief that I experienced early on.

139/95 this morning. WORLDS better. Still high, but close to normal. I expect to be fully normal by tomorrow morning.

See, self-management does work. Of course, knowing your biology helps a LOT. The answer is not always to just pump more chemicals in the body, which is where I utterly disagree with so-called "medicine" and their toxic ways, thinking the liver is a garbage can. The liver has some very real limitations that are fully ignored, on purpose, by the pharmaceutical industry. This profoundly fact- and science-based dissention of mine is the reason for wanting to deal as little as possible with this disease industry. 

If it works for someone, they'll get no flak from me. More power to them. Hopefully my ways do not come across as simply "wrong"...   Shy
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RE: My blood pressure seems HIGHER when sleeping on CPAP?
Horrux, your machine is a Resmed S9 Autoset. This is the first good news in the thread. You can download the free SleepyHead software and we can help you to at least ascertain if there is something we can do to improve your CPAP therapy. Please downlowd SleepyHead (the name is the link). Install it, and upload the SD card in your machine into a PC or Mac. Please be sure to lock the SD card before upload to prevent system files from being written, then remember to unlock the card before putting it back in your machine.

There are many pathogens that can cause problems like you describe, one of the more common being Lyme's. I'm not sure your ideas for self-diagnosis and treatment of your BP, kidney function, and diabetes are well-advised, but in the case of CPAP, with the data you can succeed. Please download and install SleepyHead, or we will be unable to help you. We simply need more to work with than what has been provided so far.
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RE: My blood pressure seems HIGHER when sleeping on CPAP?
That blood pressure is a bit high, why can't the doctor put you onto something that will work.
I doubt if the CPAP will be causing it, but if you are having trouble breathing out or are fighting the machine it will not help while you are on it, however, the effects would not last after you came off it.
The doctor should be able to get your blood pressure down lower than that!

Download [url=https://To download ----> CLICK HERE ./]SleepyHead[/url]
I am NOT a doctor.  I try to help, but do not take what I say as medical advice.

Every journey, however large or small starts with the first step.

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