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My data is... boring?
So, I suppose I should just be thankful for this, but I have been analyzing my own data in ResScan during most of my therapy, and it is actually pretty boring. My AHI's rarely exceed 0.5, and my events are usually at the lower limit of being classified as an "event" - 10-11 secs at the most, with the vast majority being hypopneas rather than apneas. I rarely even have a snore.

Is anyone else "suspicious" of their data and how flat it looks? As in, you're not even sure you really have sleep apnea? My study somehow found an AHI of 32, but I wonder if that's because they forced me to be on my back most of the time, a position in which I very rarely sleep.

As I said, I know I should just be happy, but my skeptical, scientific mind says something is fishy. Is it really possible that I am responding so ideally to therapy?
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Do you notice a difference in how you feel since beginning therapy? Feeling tired still, or feeling less tired, or feeling great etc... What about other problems you may have had like brain fog or morning headaches or other things prior to starting therapy...any improvement in those?
APNEABOARD - A great place to be if you're a hosehead!! Rolleyes

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(11-16-2015, 07:30 PM)cate1898 Wrote: Do you notice a difference in how you feel since beginning therapy? Feeling tired still, or feeling less tired, or feeling great etc... What about other problems you may have had like brain fog or morning headaches or other things prior to starting therapy...any improvement in those?

It's difficult to say - I have good days and bad days, pretty much like I always have. Some days I wake up ready to tackle the world at 6 AM, some days I want to stay in bed as long as our little girl will let me, which isn't long. Smile My wife says I'm generally in a better mood, so maybe I just don't remember what I was like before.
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I have very low AHI's too, and have had since I started APAP. Nevertheless I was still going downhill. An overnight oxymetry showed that my O2 levels were still going very low even though the apneas were treated. They added in extra oxygen at night and that's when I started to get better.

So keep track of how you feel and make sure your doctor knows. If you don't like what's happening to you ask for more tests so you can get better treatment.
Ed Seedhouse

The above is my opinion.  It is just possible that I may, occasionally, be mistaken.

I am neither a Doctor, nor any other kind of medical professional.

Everything put together sooner or later falls apart.
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If your data is all that boring you might want to try reducing all of the hypopneas you are claiming! Big Grin Big Grin
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Is your leak rate good? If you experience a lot of leaks, then your numbers may not be accurate.

Other than that, if you feel good and your AHI is down and you are sleeping well, it sounds as if your doing pretty good.

But Payton makes a good point on tackling hypopneas.
You could move you start pressure up to 7.5 and see if you can eliminate them.
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I don't feel my data is exactly boring but I'm still wondering about the whole situation. When I was able to get some information on the study it said my AHI was 2.5 with a couple of SP02 spikes down into the middle 80's I don't seem to feel any different after about 4 months on the tether. My AHI is still around 2.5-3 [average], still have occasional SP02 spikes into the middle 80's when I check with my personal recording oximeter with the 95th % about 92-94, leak rate is in the teens mostly [I have a full beard] and still sleep about 8 hours + every night. I also don't have any of the other common symptoms, headaches, getting up during the night, falling asleep during the day, or while reading for example, [I do take a nap occasionally but I'm also well into my 7th decade Smile], etc [never have]. Its been interesting learning about sleep apnea, but.....

Maybe I'm missing something?
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Are you sure that your AHI was only 2.5 from your sleep study? They usually don't treat Sleep Apnea unless it's over 5. The only other reason I could see is that your oxygen levels were low.

You should ask for a copy of the sleep study.
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2.5 was what was in the report [unless it is a typo] and makes me wonder about even having sleep apnea. I may try but it's the VA so it may not be possible although the folks there have been very helpful during this whole adventure. They also had me take the 6 min walk test to check my 02 level, which I had no trouble with, no 02 needed. I'll be sticking with the program until I get with them again and get more information, after all it's my life that could be negatively affected by an uninformed action. I'm not particularly unhappy or bored, just curious.
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AHI during treatment matter the most
AHI 0.5 considered good results
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