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My experiences with a custom-made full face mask
P.S. The main thing that is concerning me with your saga Terp, is all the extraneous stuff you're using to try to get a seal. I'm not sure gluing the thing down is a good idea. You mentioned the email to the company came back. I think it's time to call them up and discuss a return settlement. If they don't respond, I'd call the insurance company. If the insurance company calls them, they'll respond.

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Sweet Dreams,

Sleep study AHI: 49 RDI: 60 -- APAP 10-11 w/AHI: 1.5 avg for 7-days (up due likely to hip replacement recovery)

"We can all breathe together or we will all suffocate alone."
I'd like to point out too, that phrase I hear a lot, "Lucky I didn't have to pay for it, the Insurance Company did!"

Well, sorry. There is no such thing as a free lunch.
YOU paid for it. The reason insurance companies make money is by pulling in more premiums than they pay out in claims.
What is really happening is you are lending THEM YOUR money (at zero interest) so they can pocket some of it, invest the rest (at very high return rates!) and buy a few things for you now and then so you don't FEEL like you're paying for things.
Do not be deluded by what the insurance company would like you to think.
They are actually your financial adversary (just like Banks & Loan companies)

"With ordinary talent and extraordinary perseverance, all things are attainable." - Thomas Foxwell Buxton

Terp, sorry you had to go through all that to end up back where you started. That can be very frustrating! I'm sure you had high hopes, I mean it sounds like with all that goes into this product it should work. Well I hope you find what you are looking for down the road.
As always, YMMV! You do not have to agree or disagree, I am not a professional so my mental meanderings are simply recollections of things from my own life.

PRS1 - Auto - A-Flex x2 - 12.50 - 20 - Humid x2 - Swift FX
I am grateful for the posts with empathy and encouragement. It’s nice to read those once in a while. Please do not infer that to mean I do not appreciate ALL posts. Quite the contrary, anyone who takes time to post to a thread has given some of his/her time to someone else and that should always be appreciated.

I highly doubt this mask assembly is returnable, but I don’t want to return it anyway. Even if I never use the mask again, the oral appliance combined with my old mask gives me a better night’s sleep than I had before. It was all billed, processed and paid for as a single medical code (which is odd considering when I buy a traditional mask, my DME bills the insurance company separately for the mask and headgear even though it is shipped as one package). Besides, I may eventually figure out a way to make this mask work.

I had to chuckle when I read the warnings about making my own modifications to this mask. I am a tinkerer. That is what I do. I’ve been that way my entire life. If I have something that does not function well, I attempt to improve it. Sometimes that “gets me into trouble” but most of the time it works out better.

As a courtesy, I would like to state that I plan no further posts to this thread. If anyone wants more information, you are welcome to contact me directly. Although I do enjoy my share of bantering, I much prefer doing so when the topic involves sports.

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terp1984 - I am one of many that has read this thread with great interest, or at least, your posts here and other places. As I dislike flame-wars and anything remotely close to them, I tend not to post in many threads. Please know that I both understand and wish it had worked better for you.

I am one of those guys that just got the crutches and said to hell with it. Not because of any lack of perceived value, but rather to lack of vision. I've been on CPAP all these years and only just found this resource some short months ago.
*I* am not a DOCTOR or any type of Health Care Professional.  My thoughts/suggestions/ideas are strictly only my opinions.

"Only two defining forces have ever offered to die for you. Jesus Christ and the American Soldier. One died for your Soul, the other for your Freedom."
Yikes do I feel sorry for you. I could not imagine going though all of that and would have given up although like you I apparently have Severe Sleep Apnea, although I am temporarily heavier than I have been all of my life in anticipation of a horrible med regime I was going to need for 6 months ( similar to chemo) and allowed myself to do all the things I never allow, sugar, fattening foods, etc as i was expecting to lose a lot of weight in the 6 month regime I had to go under---a break though drug has just hit the market and i will only now need 2 months and won't get ill daily like before so i can now drop the weight and get back down to my regular 115 pounds + was told as soon as i do this I won't have SA any longer.

In any event, I have been really frustrated the last 3 months trying to work with a FF face mask since I can't breathe for long through my nose once i open my mouth to breathe and kept opening up my mouth with the FF and would wake up feeling terrible.

I used a nasal mask designed for men although i a female with an angular face high cheekbones etc and not one bit of leakage and for some reason, i DONT open my mouth at all and only end up breathing through my nose as it doesn't stuff me up.

When I had my second sleep study as a mouth breather they would only use FF masks on me and by about 1am I was ready to punch the nurse if she came in even one more time to change masks for every FF mask had leakage and some would just hit my eyes so my experience as a mouth breather or someone that becomes congested in the nose once i open my mouth and t hen can't breathe through my nose at all is that every FF mask but the one I was given in the end had major leakage.

I am guessing you have already tried the nasal mask and found it did not work for you...I lost track of which masks you did try but i might not be so willing to give up trying more nasa masks until u potentially find the right one.
There MUST be a mask out there for you.

Good Luck, I hope you soon find some peace at this game!!!


I see i should have read his last post first and i wouldn't have bothered
Given the fact that the OP has stated he will not return to this thread, I have closed the thread for the time being.



~ THREAD CLOSED to new replies ~
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