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My first week on CPAP
Great post. I have the Bella loops, but most nights I still use the regular headgear.

I think I've been using pillows that are too small. I've used xs, but after reading some info online about leaks I'm going to s. I tried the medium,but they were irritating.

I am going to give the loops another try. I got new glasses a week ago and they were rubbing behind my ears. I got them adjusted so the loops should be more comfortable.
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(11-17-2012, 01:44 AM)renatae Wrote: Thanks, Paula, for letting me know the Breeze can be put on one-handed! And congrats on your new AutoSet! i find it sort of amazing when a DME will swap out a machine like that. Of course, IMO, there shouldn't be bricks in the first place. Even if the user is indifferent, one would think the doctor would care to keep as close tabs on efficacy as possible.

They didn't swap it out. I bought it out of pocket from SecondWind. It would be cool if they would just not give out the bricks or, like you said, not even make them.
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Utsarah, switching sizes again may really help you. I started out with the small, and they seemed to work well, then suddenly there were leaks after a couple of days. So I tried the medium, and they felt a little weird at first, but the leaks were gone. My irritation was also behind the ears where glasses rest, and that's why I got the SnuggleCovers - they really helped with that.

Paula, I did see that after I made that post. What a shame. Sad But I hope you're happy with your new machine!
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I have now completed my first week. I feel GREAT! I was not crazy about using a CPAP machine (my Dad had to use one for years). I put off going to the doctor and just accepted falling asleep watching TV as "normal". The family's comments about the snoring volume was laughed off. However, the increased weight gain and lack of energy to do anything about it, started the struggle about visiting the doctor or not. In October, I finally caved in and went to the doctor, who referred me to another, who referred me to a sleep study (split study, half normal sleep, half with mask). I fully expected to get a mask on sometime during the night but woke up in the morning without anything. Was a bit disappointed as that meant (I thought) that I didn't have apnea but had other issues. 2 weeks later, the doctor got the results and reviewed them and said I had severe apnea (AHI of 34) and they wanted me in for a second night to set up the CPAP. I went, got my mask and tried to settle in for the night. As a side/stomach sleeper, I really dislike the nasal mask. However, I needed it and wanted it to work, so I persisted, and throughout the night, they increased the pressure, finally settling on 10. Another week or so went by to get the results published and sent over. Got the call from the office that they were sending my prescription over to the DME provider. I called the DME to push things along. The next day they responded they had received the prescription but no pressure reading. Called the doctor, called the DME. When that was straighten out, talked to the DME. I wanted a fully auto machine with the ability to read the data card. The prescription was for a fixed pressure, so back to the doctor's who called me directly and wanted to know why I wanted an auto machine. I explained that I wanted the capability for future use if needed and as a computer engineer, I wanted the data capability. I promised that I'd stay with the fixed setting for at least the first month until we had some data to work from. He agreed and sent yet another prescription to the DME. Finally got the DME to give me a ResMed S9 Auto with Humidifier. Have had the unit for 8 days. It made such a huge difference, that I even brought it with me while travelling for the holidays for a few days. It is extremely quiet. There are the usual issues with the mask but overall I feel so much better that I am committed to staying with the treatment. I also took the SD card today and extracted the data and looked at it with both the ResScan software (thanks for posting how to get it on this site) as well as the SleepyHead software (another big thanks). Both were informative. My AHI is now between 3-5. SleepyHead had much more detail which I am now trying to figure out and understand. It is a bit scary how much privacy information is in the raw data (what time you go to bed, what time you wake up, if you wake up during the night, ...) but they said they needed the data for insurance to help pay. Also received the bill for the sleep study (hopefully both nights and not just the first might). Insurance paid for 80%, but that still left me with a $600+ bill to pay. However, seriously, it is worth it to be awake, well rested and alert all day long. I feel good, so it's time to leave this post and go to the gym!
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(11-27-2012, 01:44 PM)HoseHead58 Wrote: Finally got the DME to give me a ResMed S9 Auto with Humidifier.
welcome to the forum. there are two S9 Auto
1- S9 AutoSet: full data capable machine including central apnea detection, leak and detailed data options
2- S9 Escape Auto: limited data ... just AHI (No breakdown or central apnea detection) and how many hours using the machine each night

[Image: img_usage.jpg]
here AutoSet shown next to power button

not sure if there is SH guide ... here is ResScan guide
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I got the Snugglecover...huge difference when using the Bella loops!! I had a time getting the long ones on, so I used the short ones at first. Then I finally got the long ones on when I taped the silicon loop part to a chopstick to get it through.
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Sounds like you will definitely make a go of this, Hosehead58! You might want to try the Swift FX since you are a side sleeper, because it barely interferes with sleeping on your side. It has very minimal headgear that lies flat on the face, and doesn't have the larger profile of a nasal mask.

Glad you found the SnuggleCovers helpful with the Bella Loops, UtSarah! They sure made a difference for me!
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