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My hose management creation
I went back to using my P10 pillow after a sore on my septum healed and I've had some issues with the hose getting tangled up and, when I have the pillow looser, it would get pulled around some and cause leaks.  So I saw "Rectracting Reel CPAP Tube Hanger Cozy Hoze Boss" on Amazon and decided to give it a try after making some adjustments....

First of all, it seems that the recoil spring is a bit too tight for a loosely applied pillow so I decided I wanted it mounted on a swinging arm.  The instructions say to just hang the reel on the wall but I wanted it out in front of me more.  I saw some hose buddy options that slide under the mattress but decided I wanted to try something different.  I had bought some strong earth magnets for some other project and had some extra so figured I could use this as a low impact way to install it without damaging my headboard.  I installed two of the magnets spaced 8" apart (one above the other) to the back of the headboard with some short wood screws (I thought they were brass but the magnets provided otherwise, that was a nuisance).  I cut a piece of 1/4" thick plywood and installed two more magnets to one side of that.  I wished I had checked the polarity of the magnets before starting as I had to change one after I discovered a problem between one set fighting one another.  I attached a piece of 3/4" PVC to the plywood (not very fancy at top but it works.  They I took a 2' long piece of 1/2" copper pipe I bought at the hardware store, cutting it into 9" and 15" lengths and soldering an elbow to connect them.  The 9" copper pipe serves as the base and slides into the PVC and pivots easily.  I drilled a small hole at the bottom of the 15" arm and attached the Cozy Hoze Boss with a large paper clip.

the instructions for the Hoze Boss say to attach it closer to the mask on one side and further away with the other cord/loop but I like the modestly firm tension of the reel so gave my some more slack. I used it last night but still had my nasal pillow pull to the side some so will give myself more slack tonight.  There was no getting tangled up with the hose so that seemed fine.  I think if I was wearing my nasal mask or a full face mask, the reel tension would not be much of an issue.

It's nice that I can just pivot the arm out of the way when I get in and out of bed.  Also, it's very quick to remove the copper pipe from the PVC if I want to put everything away in a drawer.  Please let me know if you have any tips that might make this better.

Here are a couple of photos to show what the heck I'm talking about.

[Image: FF60hIml.jpg]

[Image: alG8sqhl.jpg]
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So you are a plumber by trade...  Laugh-a-lot

Good idea..  Sleep-well

For those who can't solder using the orange electrical conduit and pvc glue that electricians use might be another way to replicate your idea.  Thinking-about


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I like your idea. I use a HoseBuddy currently, which works on the principle same principle as the copper portion of your device. It's range is more limited than I would like. I think your creation would solve that.
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I'm a farmer by trade, have learned to do most things I need done. I used copper mostly because I thought it would be more rigid and would look nicer but maybe cost me $8.

After a second night of sleeping with it I think my hose needs to be attached to the elbow (with some excess between elbow and Hoze Boss) and down the back of the headboard so that it can swing more freely. Still worked fine last night but I discovered I swing my arms around quite a bit when turning.
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You did a great job. I too use the Hose Buddy.
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It I had a CozyHose Boss I have never got around to trying. I attached it to my HoseBudd with hook and loop wire ties and adjusted it according to the instructions. I'll see how it goes tonight. Maybe this will give me the extra slack I have been wanting while keeping the hose out of my way.
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(05-21-2017, 11:25 AM)CrazyDreamer Wrote: I'm a farmer by trade, have learned to do most things I need done.  

I grew up for the first ten years of my life on my late Grandfather's farm.. and am an ex farmhand.

Farmers and farm workers are better skilled and more resourceful than a combination of all the tradies you can name.

Electrician/plumber/welder/builder/designer/fabricator/inventor/mechanic/veterinarian/painter/panel beater... etc. etc., we can do it all.  Bigwink

[hell, I even did my wife's nursing care and gave her the injections she needed after her single mastectomy and 18 months of three rounds of chemo.. the hospital staff thought it was funny when the reason I gave for asking them could I be allowed to do it was that I used to work on farms with animals and used to inject the cows... and other animals.  Laugh-a-lot Dielaughing ]


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Version 2 Smile

Only one reel being used, used hook and loop tie from the extra reel to attach hose to elbow location, inserted a higher screw into the PVC pipe so that the copper pipe doesn't drop down so far, giving me more clearance.  Swivels more freely now and resistance from one reel allows me to have more hose more easily.

[Image: uvwVHXlm.jpg]
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I also found two reels put too much tension on the hose make it easier for the hose to dislodge my mask. I've disconnected one of the reels and will see how it works tonight.
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This is impressive!

And I'm loving the skills, too. Injections can't be too hard, if my only guidance was "practice on an orange"... um, ok. Haha! But hey, if your wife was cool with it, why not?
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