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My story, NOTE, a VERY VERY long story

My name is Peter, and I want to first begin by saying that I love life to the fullest, and am always thankful for what I have. I am a former user of VPAP from a ResMed S9 VPAP and since the end of the year 2015 because of deteriorating health, now have a tracheostomy, and a ventilator and since the tracheostomy, and the ventilator have gone from being near death, to being like a human motorcycle. I use to post a lot on the Apnea Board, however, since the trach, I haven't done that, because I'm no longer a Mask Delivered PAP Therapy patient, and use a ventilator. I do look on the Apnea Board sometimes, and just recently considered posting once again. The reason I'm considering posting once again, is because, even though, I no longer use VPAP, and use much higher means of support, I figured, with my info in the medical field, and with  the ability to study, and the way I have always known this stuff, maybe I could still be of some help! In the year of 2015 when I was so sick, and was at first using the VPAP only at night, my health became so bad, that do really be able to function, I was using the VPAP during the daytime, and got off to go places, however, noticed that I did much better if I was on the VPAP. The day before I went into the hospital for my 28 day Stay, on that day before, even though I couldn't eat by mouth, I took one of my friends out, and decided I was  paying for her lunch. I LOOOOVE to do kind things for others. That's just me. I remember that day very clearly. We went out for a while, and I was talking with her about how I was probably going to need oxygen to bring around with me. I had no idea that the very next day, I would be starting on the very rough road that lie ahead of me. I remember talking with my friend Heather about how I was hoping that things would start turning around for me, because the condition I was in was getting more and more tiring. Well, that day after I was able to pay for her lunch, I remember her dropping me off at home, and then her thanking me for paying for her lunch. She then left, and I was tired, and God on my VPAP to rest. I rested about two hours, and then got onto my computer hooked up to the pulse oximeter I was continuously hooked up to at home now. I remember the rest of that day, even though I was sick, that seemed a really happy day for me. It seemed as If I was filled with so much joy, and even though I was on and off the VPAP by that evening, I went outside to sit out in the fresh air as I loved doing a lot around that time. When I went to bed that night, I had no idea that the next day, I would be going to the hospital, and after things went alee during a six minute walk study, I would not come home for  28 days, and after I did come home, It would be after three operations, many many times of being in a code blue situation, and being very sick, and when I came home I'd have a tracheostomy and a ventilator.

Well that next morning, I remember getting ready for the appointment, and then we went p there. I'd recently heard about drones all over the news, and was curious what they were. I'd done a little bit of research a couple days prior, but got tired very quickly, and went to sleep on the VPAP. Mom and I talked about drones, and she told me what she knew. When I was going up there, and we were talking about drones, I had no idea of what lie ahead of me. The six minute walk study was haulted when during the study, I went totally apneic requiring high levels of oxygen, and then was wheeled over to the hospital!

That's when the 28 day stay started, and where I would get my tracheostomy which since then has given me a new life which is very precious to me.

Since coming out of that hospital, I've developed a new appreciation for life, and whilst I've always had a very very very soft heart for people in need, now I have a very very very very very soft heart, and loooove doing kind things for others, getting so much enjoyment out of it beyond words description.

I now use an LTV ventilator at night by Carefusion, the exact model being an LTV 1150 ventilator, and during the daytime, I use a ResMed Astral 150 ventilator. At first I used the ventilator only at night, but now use it 24/7 as without it, I desat easily.

But since the trach, my love for music which has always been there, has now gone full blown, and I've always played the piano, but when my health took a turn for the worst, I became unable to really play much, but now since the trach, I play almost all of the time, and have performed several big concerts.

And the small talk about drones on the way to the Dr's. office, which I didn't know would lead to a 28 day hospitalization, but the small talk about drones, has lead me to something even bigger, as now I'm officially considered a drone pilot.


I don't own a drone, however, many friends have allowed me to fly their drone,  and I'm told I'm quite good at it! Very soon, another friend has agreed to allow me to come over and fly his drone, so I have more awesomeness that lies ahead, very close! Many many great things have happened since the tracheostomy, and I'm so thankful that my life has taken a turn for the better.

here's a word of note. If you ever see somebody who's on a ventilator, flying a drone, and whilst he's flying a drone, he's singing a song about Isle Au haut, and about yellow fields, well chances are that's me who's singing whilst he's flying.

That's something I'd do.

Thank you for reading my story of how my life has taken a turn for the best, and now I plan on living my life to the fullest, fully greatful for everything I have, and even though I don't use VPAP, I still plan on posting some on the Apnea Board.

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I would say that through all your trial,s God has blessed you!

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I'm new on the board and a new to apap use...just over 30 days!

Your story was lovely, thank you for sharing Wink  Made me happy reading about your new found joy and interests.  Hoping the road ahead brings you nothing but more happiness Smile
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Hi BiLevel48,
Good to hear from you again, keep up the good work.
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