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Poll: Do you breathe better out of your RIGHT or LEFT nostril?
This poll is closed.
I breathe better out of my LEFT nostril.
44 41.12%
I breathe better out of my RIGHT nostril.
24 22.43%
I breathe the same out of BOTH nostrils - no difference
39 36.45%
Total 107 vote(s) 100%
* You voted for this item. [Show Results]

(07-08-2012, 10:00 AM)southernlady Wrote: No difference for me but had a deviated septum corrected years ago.

What she said. In fact, we had the same ENT doc fix ours.

If I recall him asking her, "Are you sleeping better?"

Her response, "I can't tell you until you FIX him first." Unsure
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My left side is always better to breath through. Just did the test and my right side is stuffef up a little - wasn't bothering me until I tested - Thanks Wink
Had the deviated septum supposedly repaired about 18 years ago - never slowed my snoring down at all - according to my wife.
When I get a cold, I often get a bloody nose with it - always on the right side.
Last Sunday night (1 1/2 weeks into using the machine), I squirted in some saline solution and blew my nose. Hoped to clean things out a little before putting in the nasal pillows.
Instead my nose (right side) started gushing blood - wouldn't stop for about 10 minutes. Layed there another half hour before putting the mask on - wondering if I would drown in my own blood Wink
Put the humidity up to 5 and things seemed ok - finally fell asleep, but woke up about 2 am thinking the blood was dripping into my left nostril as well - but that wasn't the case - my first experience with "rainout"
instead. Isn't this CPAP (BiPAP in my case) great. Hey - but I'm sometimes getting 4 hrs of sleep a night now.

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(07-08-2012, 09:11 AM)SuperSleeper Wrote:
~ A "Nose-hole Poll" ~
Okay, this is kind of stupid, I know.

We all have two "nose-holes" (nostrils), right?

Most of the time for me, it seems to me that one nostril is more "stuffed up" than the other... in other words, I breathe better out of one than the other.

Currently, I'm breathing better out of my left nostril. Don't ask me why, but my right nostril is a bit more stuffed up.

Please put your finger on one of your nostrils and push it completely closed so you can't breathe out of that nostril. Breathe a few breaths, then do the same out to the opposite nostril....

Now, here's where the POLL question comes in:

Did you breathe better out of your RIGHT or LEFT nostril? Or, was it the same out of both (no difference)?


Also, please comment on the following:

1. Please explain to me why you think that one nostril is better for breathing out of than the other.

2. Why does this happen, if one is better than the other for you?

3. If one is better than the other, has it always been that way for you, or do your nose-holes switch off, taking turns on which one is better for breathing through?

Inquiring minds want to know the truth behind this nose-hole mystery. Happy Eyes

Even as a child, I realized that I was breathing alternately on one side and then the other side. Later, while in grade school, both sides would occasionally stop up and I had to resort to a nasal inhaler. The Benzedrine inhaler worked great, until it was banned. Then I resorted to a menthol inhaler. Much later the Oxymetazoline (Afrin) nasal spray became available by prescription and still later, over-the-counter. I finally got away from the afrin (except at night), but once I became accustomed to my auto CPAP, I was able to reduce the Afrin use. Now, I occasionally use Actifed during the day and only the Auto CPAP at night.

For the people that breathe alternately through the left or right "hole", why don't you include that option in your poll?

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The right nostril is always clearer. Slight deviated septum on the left side that has never been corrected, but is enough to cause a congested feeling. allergies make it words, but when I started CPAP therapy, the filtered air together with lubricating nasal gel has provided me with relief that I never had before. CPAP changed my life for the better in more than just one way.
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Unfortunately for me My dose doesn't do me much good, it barely holds my reading glasses on.
I have chronic dry congestion & if I was duct taped across my mouth I would die slowly of asphyxiation.
I keep Claritrin in business by using their nasal spry several times a day & wake up at night & AM clogged solid.

During my first sleep study I had to have several of the nasal sensors replaced because they would clog up & fail.
I wish I could frill a nice 3/8" path way to breath with, If I could clear my entire nasal cavity I could drop a 1 lb off my weight
So I guess I would say they are the same but I do remember as a kid when having a cold they would alternate somewhat.
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Unfortunately, I cannot breathe through the right nostril..well I can but bare minimum. When I was a kid, I walked into a concrete lamp post and unfortunately the bone grew down the nostril as well as down the middle. If I wanted it corrected, it was major bone reconstruction. I've lived with it all my life and have know no different - but if my left side gets bunged up I'm in deep doggy do do!
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the right is alway more clear.... as others have said... deviated septum on left side make breathing on that side difficult.

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Phooey! I did not even have to do the test, LOL. Smile I have a deviated septum and have always had trouble with my right nostril. That side also seems more congested as well. I have been a mouth breather all my life as I never felt I got enough air through either nostril. I can't believe I am actually using a nasal pillow mask and using Chin Up Strips to keep my mouth closed - and it works! Of course when I first begin the night, I'm usually fairly breathless from rushing around getting all the stuff together, so my first minute or so is pretty noisy and I often take a couple of breaths through my mouth.
To sleep; perchance to dream...
[Image: resmedforher.gif]
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currently my right is better, though it can switch when I'm in bed....I can't remember which way my septum deviates....didn't know it did, until I was looking at an MRI of my head recently.

Though I tend to have more trouble getting the saline rinse to go up on the left....

The Dreamer.
You may be a dreamer, but I'm The Dreamer, the definite article you might say!
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Left has
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