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Nasal Irritation [from DreamWear Gel]
Nasal Irritation [from DreamWear Gel]
Still working out the kinks in my new setup ...
While I like the hose at the top of my DreamWear gel mask, it's irritating as heck.
First, it makes the inside of my nose (deep) aggravated at times.
Secondly, the pressure upward into my nose makes me feel like a bridled horse.
I'm a side sleeper primarily. 

Any suggestions on a mask to try that would encompass my nose or nose/mouth?
Looking for comfortable and a great seal, don't care about the cost.
And work properly with a DreamStation and DreamStation Go.
The former has a humidifier and heated 15mm hose, the latter 12mm hose.
Need to know if extra pieces/parts (adapters) are needed, etc. to match up.

Thanks in advance for all assistance.
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RE: Nasal Irritation
Did you try the DreamWear nasal mask? The cushions are interchangeable with what you have and nothing goes inside of your nose.
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RE: Nasal Irritation
It sounds like you might have the wrong size frame. I remember seeing pictures of how it should fit, but I can't remember where. You might need one size larger, but I'm guessing. Must google for pictures...
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RE: Nasal Irritation
The Philips Healthcare channel on youtube has a video, "Introduction to DreamWear" (Aug 16, 2016) that shows how to fit the cushion, and also how the headgear should fit - also with examples for too lose and too small.

I think the default packaging is the medium size and it contains all sizes of the cushion. You'd have to order other headgear sizes separately (assuming the one you have is not the correct size). Double check that all of this is correct. I could be mis-remembering.
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RE: Nasal Irritation
(09-29-2017, 04:11 PM)kiwii Wrote: Did you try the DreamWear nasal mask? The cushions are interchangeable with what you have and nothing goes inside of your nose.

+1 on the DreamWear nasal mask. Nothing goes into your nose and you still have the hose connection at the top of your head, which reduces the hose pulling on the mask if you move around at night. I'm a side sleeper as well and this mask works great for me.
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RE: Nasal Irritation
Tried the nasal pillow ... useless for me.
Constantly shifting in my sleep, bad seal, etc.
Need something ‘locked down’.
And, yes, my frame is correct ... I’m just sensitive.
Remember ‘Princess and the Pea”?

My seal reports 100% with the DreamWear Gel.
And my AHI averages less than 1.0.
Nothing but positive results, just not 100% comfortable.

Do any of the masks seal well enough to switch?
No facial hair, medium face/head, straps don’t bother me.
It’s the nasal inserts and upward pull on my nose.
Yes, it’s slight, but I still don’t like it.
And without SOME sort of upward pressure, it slides.

Thanks again to everyone.
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RE: Nasal Irritation
Lol! Okay, I guess Largemouth Bass fishermen can be sensitive too. Big Grin

I am not able to tolerate an upward pull on my nose either. Nor can I tolerate pressure against the bridge (missing some bone due to reconstructive surgery).

I am using the F&P Simplus full face mask and really like it alot! I can even wear my glasses with it, although it requires sliding them on from the side but it's no big deal. Even though there is a piece of plastic frame that seems to be at the forehead, it doesn't actually touch and there is no pressure on the bridge of my nose at all.

You may not have any interest in a FFM though.

I previously used the Swift FX, which definitely does not meet your requirements, although it is a really nice mask if you can tolerate upward pressure.

eta: Oh! I should clarify - the Swift FX pressure, for me, was due to the hose twisting the tip of my nose. So maybe that wouldn't bother you. It would be great for me if I needed to sleep in a reclining chair, just not in bed sleeping on my side. So maybe the Swift FX might be one to try.
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RE: Nasal Irritation [from DreamWear Gel]
I had some irritation issues with the DW Gel and went back to the nasal mask to recover. I've just come back from two weeks away and took the pillows with me. Allowing my nose to heal has solved the problem. More importantly, I took my back up machine (a PR 560 APAP) and while it didn't give the best numbers with the mask, when I switched back to the pillows the results were markedly better including a supposed night of 0.0 and another of 0.1. I didn't take a SDHC card so I couldn't look at the results.

What I've found with the DW Gel pillows is that you need to take a little bit of extra time adjusting it to ensure you are getting a good flow in both directions. Once I did this it all seemed to work. Now that I'm back home I've got a first night in two weeks with the Gels on my PR 760 BiPAP. I'll be interested to see what happens. The bottom line for me is that my backup machine, while only an APAP, will still give me good treatment.
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