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Nasal Pillows
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RE: Nasal Pillows
Hi Auggie Doggie Welcome
I had a bought last week where my pillows rubbed a sore inside my nose, or maybe an ingrown hair, who knows, but the bottom line is that man my nose hurt for a few days. I started using a tube of Neosporin +Pain that I had and within 2 days it cleared up. Now Neosporin is pretty high in petro product so I wouldn't want to use if for more than a few days as it could start breaking down the material the mask is made of, but for a few days to get me over the hump, it sure worked well! I made sure to wash my nasal pillows really well every day to get that stuff off of them and I think it only took like 3 days to clear up, once I gave in and started using the Neosporin that is! LOL! Not sure why the irritation developed, it just happens.

As always, YMMV! You do not have to agree or disagree, I am not a professional so my mental meanderings are simply recollections of things from my own life.

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09-06-2012 09:39 PM
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RE: Nasal Pillows
I too had sore nostrils when I first started cpap. I was told by medical supply store to get Ayr saline nasal gel. Wow it works. It will not affect your nasal pillow material. I use a little before putting mask on. I still get an occaisional sore then use the gel during the day. Works for me. I bought it at Walmart.
11-01-2012 09:35 AM
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RE: Nasal Pillows
Hi wdw777 and WELCOME! to the forum.!
Another thing you can use is HPA Lanolin, which is found in most stores in the baby isle, You just put a LITTLE bit on a Q-tip and swav it into your nostriles before you put your pillows in. However, if what you are doing works for you, just keep doing what you are doing.
Best of luck.

11-01-2012 08:52 PM
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RE: Nasal Pillows

I started with a ResMed Mirage FX Hybrid Mask. It was ok but the Nasal Pillow part did hurt my nose some nights .

I did a several week test of the ResMed Swift FX Nasal Pillow mask and the Fisher and Pakel Pilairo Nasal Pillow Mask....
Both of them work well but the Swift FX has the same type of pillows as the Quattro FX and although it gave me lower AHI and Leaks than the Pilairo I went for the Pilairo for comfort. It is so minimal it looks like it couldn't work but it is supposed to be rated to 20cm.
11-03-2012 12:14 AM
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