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Nasal bridge infection - sleep iq gel nasal mask
after my first night my nasal bridge became red and very sore. I loosen the straps (I had then way too tight) after I read that masks can cause irritation if they are too tight. That same day when I went to clean my face, I looked more closely at my nose and saw what appeared to be white heads at each pore. I did squeeze and clean then (yes, i know I shouldn't do that) and ended up swabbing with alcohol and covered with a bandaid. Today it's mostly cleared up. I did not have any other skin issues where the mask touched my face (just on my nasal bridge). Tonight I plan on covering with MEFIX white cloth surgical tape (I've treated with neosporin and salicylic acid 10%).

Anyhow, should I be concerned about the mask or do you think it's a reaction to high pressure on the nasal bridge with the new mask material on the skin?
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(12-22-2012, 09:33 PM)whodi Wrote: Anyhow, should I be concerned about the mask or do you think it's a reaction to high pressure on the nasal bridge with the new mask material on the skin?

Unless you have a sensitivity to silicone, I vote too much mask pressure.

This is really common to want to tighten it too much, if the mask and your nose area are perfectly clean you'll find it doesn't take that much pressure to get a good seal.

Everyone has to gage just how much strap pressure they need to make a good seal and to accommodate their sleeping position so it doesn't get moved out of place.

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i would try different mask
resmed gecko nasal pads can helps with skin irritation on the bridge of the nose
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If it were a silicone reaction, you'd have it in other places. Our noses are quite oily so it is possible the heat of the mask just brought those to the surface faster. Before you go to bed, wash your face well (with a soap you've used on your face before) and dry it completely. Wash again first thing in the morning. I'm not sure if a lotion would help or hinder.

The mask is the most important part of this game. And the most difficult.

After the holidays, or if your supplier is open Monday, ask to try another mask. Most suppliers (DMEs) have a mask trial period where you can try a mask for a certain length of time (anywhere from a week to a month) and then trade it in for another. Try one that has a different way of sitting on your face. Ask to be shown how to use it, too.
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thanks for the replies and I'll call the DME and see what they say. I've seen there are hybrid masks that don't touch the nasal bridge, but I'll keep an eye on the affected area.
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Do you have the fitting guide?

You might need to adjust the mask shell to lessen the pressure on the bridge.

Here's the fitting guide: http://www.sleepnetmasks.com/downloads/p..._final.pdf

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Yeah, I readjusted it last night (took a lot of pressure off) and did not have an issue with leaks. I guess I overcompensated the first night.
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(12-22-2012, 09:33 PM)whodi Wrote: after my first night my nasal bridge became red and very sore.

Hi whodi, welcome to the forum!

Be sure to always wash the mask itself (especially the surface of the cushion which touches the face) very well with plenty of soap and warm water before first use (as well as daily).

Whenever I forget to do this (after all, it is brand new and clean, right?) I get a reaction on my nose or wherever the mask presses most strongly.

Take care,
--- Vaughn

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Yeah - I didn't wash it the first time (which i should have) and that could be the issue. I've washed it each day since.
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Hi whodi,
There are moisturizing creams on the market just for CPAP users, I have purchased it from Supplier #1 on the supplier list here on the board. The only thing I didn't like about it was that it came in such a small amount, ( a 1-oz tube, I think.) But I guess if you use it sparingly, it would last you quite a while.
They say you shouldn't use creams with patrolium in them as it breaks down the mask. I don't know if that is a big problem but I didn't want to risk that when I had difficulty with dry skin and such, so I try to buy moisturizing creams with no patrolium in them just to be sure.
Hope this helps.
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