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Nasal conjestion and AHI
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RE: Nasal conjestion and AHI
(11-26-2014 07:05 PM)surferdude2 Wrote:  I don't think Vicks salve is a good idea. It has been proven that it doesn't do anything to relieve congestion and may actually cause you to produce more mucus. It contains camphor which is toxic. It may give the sensation of breathing better but the actual air volume is not changed. I can't gainsay the good feeling it produces but you must weigh the risks when considering breathing any toxin for long periods of time. Lung damage is rarely reversible as many find out too late.

Stick around for other opinions and consider all of them before making your decision. There is a long standing dispute as to the value of Vicks salve vapor inhalation and I would prefer to err on the side of safety. My advice is, don't use Vicks salve in your humidifier and perhaps not anywhere else for long periods of time.

Yep the camphor is toxic which is why its not recommended to put Vicks directly into your nose to be absorbed by mucus membranes but instead on your chest. The vapor itself isnt toxic but the actual salve and it only has a tiny amount of camphor.

If only the vapor is coming thru its really no different than any other scent etc folks use with cpap. I nor the wife uses it all the time. Only with a cold or something like that. It just helps her and me when I occasionally use the nasal mask we have here to hang in that first five minutes or so until the humidity can do its thing and clear the old snoozle out.SHa_biggrin5
11-26-2014 11:32 PM
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RE: Nasal conjestion and AHI
Someone in the past mentioned using the vicks that is meant to be used in the vicks vaporizer in the humidifier tank. They were going to try it and said they would post back on board. Not sure if they ever did. However that is meant to be inhaled and should be better than using the other stuff. Also, as it is in the humidifier tank it is less likely to make the unit retain any smell at all.

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11-29-2014 10:34 PM
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