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Nasal masks for large heads?
RE: Nasal masks for large heads?
Mask parts will last much longer than the replacement schedules say. There have been a number of discussion threads about that in the last year or so, including a poll, and the consensus is that the schedules given by the insurers (I believe Medicare's is commonly used in the USA) and by the manufacturers are all overstated.

For anyone getting the parts via insurance with a small or zero out-of-pocket cost, it doesn't matter; just take what you're given and put the spares on the shelf. For the rest of us who are buying parts online, it's good to find out through experience how long the various pieces last. Just remember that a nosepiece or cushion should be washed every few days at least. Washing the other mask parts doesn't matter so much. Also, those of us who can easily do without added humidity (I'm one) have found that just that little detail, switching off the humidity entirely and keeping the tank dry, can double the lifetime. Humid air accelerates the decay of the materials and, mainly, breeds mold and bacteria.
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RE: Nasal masks for large heads?
(01-23-2019, 12:01 PM)cisbrane Wrote: I had a ResMed N20, that was pretty good, but the head strap was too small and could never fit my head; it kept slipping off. Also, the frame itself wasn't quite wide enough... the edges were close  to my eyes, though not on top of them.

Note that the N20 comes standard with a "regular" sized headgear, however a size Large is available, and I would imagine it should fit you.  I'm really in-between the two sizes (regular is too small - not enough adjustment to properly fit the mask, while large is almost too big and I have little adjustment left to make it smaller) and the Large has a LOT of extra room available if you need it.
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RE: Nasal masks for large heads?
This item is not about nasal masks as such, but just for completeness, on the off-chance that this helps any, let's include the ear loops when we're looking at different kinds of headgear.

Resmed Swift FX Bella: https://www.resmed.com/us/en/consumer/pr...-gray.html

That headgear is an excellent idea, even more minimal than the single backstrap of the Brevida and P10, and I wish it were available for other masks (from any manufacturer) that are small enough and light enough to use it. Unfortunately, there aren't any standards for interoperability of mask components. The ISO really needs to get involved in this stuff. (I'll have to write a letter to the editor. Grumble, grumble.) The Bella loops can be bought separately, of course, but attaching them to the frame of a mask other than the Swift FX would be a hassle at best or impractical at worst, depending on the mask.

To consider the Swift FX itself as a candidate, you'd need to be a fan of not only that general mask type, which is Nasal Pillows, but the subtype, which is Hard Lumps, same as the P10 (so stock up on lanolin cream).
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RE: Nasal masks for large heads?
The Wisp large headgear is a separate item, and some DMEs to not stock it. I think I have mine convinced to keep one in stock for me. I find it more comfortable than the Brevida, which I also like.
Apnea Board Monitors are members who help oversee the smooth functioning of the Board. They are also members of the Advisory Committee which helps shape Apnea Board's rules & policies. Membership in the Advisory Members group does not imply medical expertise or qualification for advising Sleep Apnea patients concerning their treatment.
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RE: Nasal masks for large heads?
Well here I am a year later with the same problem I had when I first started this thread (actually surprised it's like a year to date).
So I have tried a lot more masks and still can't find something that fits my head or nose well. So, still looking for some suggestions for Nasal and Nasal Pillows.

Fyi, I have like a 24" circumference head - so like hat size around 7 5/8.
Due to the slipperiness of my hair, I have had to but a bandana on my head at night.
I found I was slightly opening my mouth, so now I have a chinstrap.

I was recommended ResMed P10 to try, but the reviews had someone with my head size saying that it was not big enough....
I am currently trying the F&P Brevida again, but the nasal cushion pain is there. It is the model with the velcro.

ResMed N20 - Moved to Large headgear size. A lot more room, but kinda in the wrong spots? So far the "best", but lately the cushion has really been irritating my nose and leaking a lot. The L cushion is like too wide for me so I have some trouble sealing. But M is tooo small. I replaced cushion and still having leaking issues. Time for new head gear?

Philips Wisp - Large head gear was actually still kinda small. I had to stretch it manually to give it more play. The L cushion, however, was just a little small for my nose, and the next size was huge so didn't work out.

Philips Dreamwear - Large frame, large (or med?) cushion. Frame was ok, just a tad large (surprising) but not too bad. Cushion, however were problematic. The nose slits were either too small or too big to get a seal. When small, i felt like I couldn't breathe. Also, sleeping on my side was hard to seal and moved the slits to where they were not on my nose.. I swapped in the Pillows into the Dreamwear, but found it really hard to breathe. However, I am thinking of potentially trying this setup again to see.

Resmed Mirage FX - "one size fits all" did have enough play in the straps it seemed. However, cushions would not fit my face without leaking. Also, exhalation ports on the mask were terrible and blew cold air on my arm...

F&P Eson 2 - "ones size fits all" headgear is not large enough for my forehead. But the bottom strap has soo much room. M cushion sorta fits but can't seal. L cushion is gigantic.
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RE: Nasal masks for large heads?
The Swift FX has soft nasal pillow shells but the headgear is made of silicon with a fabric tie wrap round the back of the head, by changing this standard length to a home made one out of Velcro and sewing the hooked part to each end, it can be made to fit a much bigger head, but they are Nasal Pillows. The only drawback is sometimes when you do this the strap that goes over the head tends to slip back, but if you use it along with a chin strap and put the strap of the Nasal Pillows in front of the chin straps over the head strap it will not slide back, it will also stop the chin strap slipping forward, so it is a win win.
However, this is only a suggestion, so if you have to buy the Nasal Pillows, check it out first.
I am NOT a doctor.  I try to help, but do not take what I say as medical advice.

Every journey, however large or small starts with the first step.

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RE: Nasal masks for large heads?
What about the bleep mask it has no headgear and just sticks to your nose. It’s not cheap if insurance wont pay but I love no headgear and no leaks
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