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Nasal pillows and a cold
So I've had a cold for the last few days. Not a knock down dead cold, but one of those ones with the runny nose, and one nostril gets plugged until you roll the other way to switch the snot. Well I decided, why not I'll try the p10 anyways. The first night didn't go so well, I was just mouth leaking a bit, so I brought out my mirage Quattro and it leaked like a sieve with having a beard and all. So last night I tried again with the p10 and woke up about every 2 hours to roll over and switch the snot. I actually slept pretty well, and my AHI was my lowest yet at .29 with no leaks. So my point is don't give up on the nasal pillows just because you have a cold.
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Thanks True.. I've been saying just that ever since I got the P10's. I kept my FFM for when I had a bad cold but I've never used it. What I have found is the P10's will actually help to keep that really bad congested nosie from acting up so much in the first place. So, in the past year or so I have had colds, but not one that has gone on to be one of the really yucky variety. Thanks cpap. Thanks P10.
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I have a cold too! Use nasal rinse before bed. I sleep straight through last night wearing my P10.
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Thanks for the comments. I wanted to start with Nose Pillows but was concerned about what to do when I had a cold since my insurance only covers one mask every 6 months. I get my machine in June, but cold season starts in September. Smile
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R_G I did feel like my nose was kept more open for sure.

Opal I'll have to try the rinse next time.

Mosquitobait check out the p10 resistance is futile Smile

I was actually fighting off my cold but then I had to go for a sleep deprived EEG, and the lack of sleep jacked up my immune system.
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I have not had a cold in over 3 years, so maybe my Mirage Quattro really is better. Big Grin Sleep-well Rolleyes
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(05-02-2015, 02:25 PM)PaytonA Wrote: I have not had a cold in over 3 years, so maybe my Mirage Quattro really is better. Big Grin Sleep-well Rolleyes

Haha ouchDielaughing
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I had a cold a couple weeks ago; first cold under xPAP therapy.

So I was expecting a problem. Didn't have one. The P10 sailed right through. AHI actually went down.
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I'm going to jump in on this discussion concerning the P10. I have been struggling for months since I was diagnosed. I currently have the P10, F10 and N10 because I can't seem to find comfort as a side sleeper. With the P10 and N10, I wonder if I am a mouth breather and that's why I can't adjust? With the F10, the pain on the side of my nose wakes me because the mask pushes against it when I'm sleeping on my right side. I really do want to be compliant and get a good night's sleep but am just not sure what to do next. Any tips, ideas, etc?
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Hey drp,

"Can't adjust" can mean many things. One of those can be mask leaks. Yes, if you are breathing through your mouth that would create an issue. But just as likely your pressure could be too low for you to be comfortable. You need to download the Sleepyhead software from the link at the top of the page so you and we can find out just what is going on. Things to look at are ahi, how many and what kind of events, what are your leak percentages. Your side bar indicates you are at fixed 8 pressure. That could be too low.
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