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Nausea, Sometimes Extreme- Cause By Sleep Apnea?
I'm a 66 year old male in pretty good health. For the last 10 years I've been having these nausea 'episodes' where I won't fell well for days or sometimes even weeks at a time. Not really sick, I just don't feel well. No energy, can't think straight so I can't get anything done.

Then I get what I call 'attacks' (maybe 5 times a year) where the nausea is so extreme I have to lie down and within 10 minutes I'm actually paralyzed with the nausea. Can't get up, even if the house was on fire. It gradually recedes and after about an hour I'm able to finally get up.

My doctor had me do a sleep test which I sent off this morning.

I'm wondering if sleep apnea could be the cause of these episodes and attacks? Has anyone else had these nausea episodes caused by slep apnea??
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Your doctor might also refer you to an ENT specialist who may find an inner ear problem that is causing vertigo or nausea. Disorders in the throat can also affect the gag reflex. ENT specialists can also be helpful in evaluating sleep apnea. I would not rule out sleep apnea as a possible cause of nausea, but it isn't one of the common symptoms that I'm aware of.
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This is a not uncommon symptom of depression. And depression is a known result of apnea. So there is a clear link, just not a direct one. Treating apnea often greatly improves the symptoms of depression, it did for me.
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Hhmm, disorders of the throat .. I had some radioactive material put down my throat as an infant (1950?) to treat my adenoids. I bet an ENT visit will be next on the list for me,

really appreciate the advice and insight folks!
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Hi JoeFromSD,
WELCOME! to the forum.!
I hope you figure out what is causing your nausea.
Good luck to you with your sleep study.
Hang in there for more responses to your post.
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Oh I hope so too Trish! Looking foreword to seeing my sleep test results!
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Joe, with that risk factor from infant exposure to radiation in the throat, I think the ENT is a great call. Better safe than sorry.
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Joe, I'd also recommend seeing a gastroenterologist to rule out weird issues.
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Your description doesn't sound like a a typical morning after sleep apnea episode.

Based on my own experience you need to get your heart checked out - the sooner the better! What you are experiencing sounds very similar to what are called silent MIs (myocardial infarctions or heart attacks). They don't usually have associated chest or left arm pain.

If you also break into a sweat when these occur that is a major sign. Read this


I went down the heartburn path mentioned in the article and if it wasn't for a change of GP I wouldn't be writing this now. I am a PE teacher, fit for my age (64) but genetic inheritance issues caught up with me. My doc (Jonesy) was smart enough to both recognise the symptoms and talk a reluctant me into taking a myocardial perfusion test. Go ahead and do it - at your age you have nothing to lose. Yes, I got a triple bypass but I'm still vertical.
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Oh I don't know about that Holden, as I've been having this well over 10 years now. I had a treadmill test a few years ago, came out fine,

what test was it that found your problem?
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