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Need HELP!!!
My name is Simon Warner and I am a 42 year old male with serious sleep issues. I have been diagnosed with obstructive sleep apnea. I have a CPAP machine and have used both a nasal pillow mask and a full face mask. I have had the machine for years. I still have sleep issues. I have tried everything under the sun, from melatonin to 5HTP to teas to essential oils and nothing has helped. I average about 4 hours of sleep a night. That sleep is restless though and I wake up multiple times. The best I can sleep for is around 2 hours max before waking up. Most days I wake up early and cannot go back to sleep sometimes. I always need a nap by the afternoon. My head is foggy when I wake up and I also have a dry mouth. I am also having super vivid dreams, some normal and some nightmares. I feel awake during them and remember them the next day. I have anger/irritability/and moodiness from lack of sleep. I have a lack of energy. I experience memory issues and lack of concentration. I also have reflux and stomach issues - I always need an alka seltzer. Those are most of my symptoms. My only health issues are high blood pressure. I take Telmisa/HCTZ and Amplodine for my blood pressure daily. I also have to have TRT and my levels are tested every 6 months and average from 600-1000. I exercise at least 3 times a week. I'm not overweight and I eat healthy (currently following a low carb, low cal, high protein diet). I don't smoke or use tobacco products, I drink wine/alcohol a few times a week moderately at most. No mental health issues. Does anyone have any suggestions and what a could be causing the machine not to work with my apnea? I'm thinking I may have insomnia also. Any suggestions on what I can try to help me get the sleep I need because I am at a loss of what to do???
Thanks in advance!
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Simon, we need to start with the basics. The Mirage is a model of CPAP mask by Resmed. We need to know the manufacturer and model of your machine. Once we know that, we can guide you to learning how to access the settings or perhaps sleep data that will show us how to help.

So grab a cup of coffee, clear your head and read what is on the machine. Some of the side issues here can affect your therapy. Sounds like possible acid reflux, low testosterone levels, which are treated and monitored, some blood pressure stuff. It can all be sorted out, but we need to start with your machine, any information from your sleep study, and CPAP pressure levels. Hopefully your machine can provide data. If not, maybe we can point you to one that does affordably.
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What machine do you have? I see unsure, Read the name plate and tell us what model you have. Hopefully you have a data capable model and that data will tell us a lot of what is going on. Do you know if your machine has a data card (If ResMed it is on the left side)?

The SleepyHead software (see my sig) will enable you and us to view the data. Until you have 4 posts list the url of your charts without the http or the URL/link tags.

Nobody here likes to see people having trouble.

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I have the resumed auto set II EPR. Heater is on.
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Hi Simonwarner42,
WELCOME! to the forum!
Hang in there for more responses to your post, good luck to you as you continue your CPAP therapy.
You would be better served with newer technology in the newer machines, stick around for suggestions.
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I've added some attachments. Thanks for your help. I'm desperate to get sleep. I switched to the Mirage Quattro full face mask thinking that maybe it was the nasal pillow. Not sure my machine has data...I've had it since 2009.
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it looks like you machine has data card slot. Do you have a card and know how to use it ? Has your doctor ask for the data to help you ?

Can you set up the Sleepyhead software to read out your sleep patterns ? Do you have information on your machine ?

We want to help but need more information. Hang in with us and things will get better.

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Hi Simon,

You sound exactly like me. I'm new, been "using" the machine for a few weeks. I'm not getting along with it very well.

Watching your thread for more advice.

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If I'm reading your response correctly, you have a legacy Resmed S8 Autoset II. This machine provides limited data to a smartcard, and that data is not very useful. That machine was issued about 2006-2008 and was replaced by the S9 in 2009, and Airsense 10 in 2014, both of which offer full data on a SD card. I am unfamiliar with how to obtain useful information from your S8 machine.

Clinical settings on that machine can be accessed by this procedure: Press the right and down arrows simultaneously for about 3 seconds until the word "clinical" appears. Select Menu, then use the left and right arrows to cycle through the settings. Use the up and down arrows to make adjustments. We need to know your current minimum and maximum pressure and any other settings you can find there. Just cycle through the settings and write them down.

You can obtain a manual by sending an email to: apneaboard@gmail.com and put "Setup Manual" (without the quotes) in the subject line. Then, in the body of your email Resmed S8 Autoset II.

You are overdue for a replacement machine. If you have insurance, you can contact your old supplier of the S8, or your general doctor for a prescription update. If insurance is not going to help you a new auto CPAP could be purchased for under $400 With a modern, data-capable auto CPAP there is no doubt we could help you to optimize your treatment.
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Hi Simonwarner42,
The ResMed S8 Autoset II with EPR can't give us data other than usage hours and AHI.

You can order the Clinicians Manual available here:

Are you able to tell us the pressure range you are using and the AHI number?

If you have been using this machine since 2009 and just now having problems, then I would suggest talking to your doctor and getting another sleep study.

And it would be a good time to consider upgrading to a newer machine that is compatible with SleepyHead software so that you can start to monitor your own therapy. If you don't have decent insurance coverage, there are other ways we can advise to get a decent machine.

Are you under a doctors care for insomnia? Are you being treated for Acid Reflux and stomach issues? That alone will keep you from getting sleep. To help with that, sleep slightly elevated, and don't eat or drink before bed.

Please give us more information on your circumstances so that we can better help.

Apnea Board Moderator

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