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Need Help with Aiefir F20 Leaks
Having a fully data capable machine has revealed that what I thought was a great mask was only so-so. I've used a Quatro FX FF mask for several years with my old constant pressure CPAP. It was the only comfortable FF mask that didn't chew up the bridge of my nose. Now that I have the Resmed 10, am running APAP, and using sleepyhead, I see that it's not so great in the leak department. So I tried the Amara View. I love not having anything up near my eyes but with an average 90% leak rate of 20 over a period of two weeks and large leaks on 87% of the nights it was used, it was obviously not the right choice for me. (Much worse than the Quatro FX) It seems several times a night the bottom edge of the seal would be in my mouth.

The reviews of the F20 have been very good, so I went to my "friendly" DME to give one a try. They don't like to take a lot of time with fitting but I did get them to let me it with my max pressure of 14. It took a little fiddling but I got it adjusted so it didn't leak. But I didn't test it to the extent I should have.

Now I'm home and have tried it again without any adjustments. Air blew out the sides between the bridge of my nose and my cheeks and the seal made an interesting sound. I pushed the mask against my face and the leaking stopped and did not resume when I released the hand pressure, until I moved my head. So I tightened the straps until the leaking stopped and did not start again. Seemed great, although felt a little tight. Took it off and put it on again without any adjustments; you probably guessed it, noisy leaking again along the sides. Leaking stopped with application of pressure and wiggling the mask slightly; until I swallowed! So it seems I can adjust this mask so it won't leak but I'm not confident that it will stay leak free through a change in position or a swallow or two.

I would appreciate advice from other users. I read somewhere that this mask may need a little time to conform to my face. Has anyone found that to be the case?

I wish I could use nasal pillows but I discovered years ago using a nasal mask that even with a chin strap I blow air out through teeth and lips.

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I also use the F20. I have found that you place the mask lower on the nose then slide it up to position. This allows the silicone to cover the nose with the most amount of material lying on the bridge of the nose.

Hope that helps, Car54
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(03-07-2017, 05:00 PM)car54 Wrote: I also use the F20. I have found that you place the mask lower on the nose then slide it up to position. This allows the silicone to cover the nose with the most amount of material lying on the bridge of the nose.

Hope that helps, Car54

Thanks, car54,

First try of your method I had a bad leak at the bridge of my nose but then I tried it 3 more times and that leak was gone and other leaks were much better. I was able to release some of the tension on the upper straps without any leakage which improves comfort. That was a good tip   Thanks I noticed that when I just place it directly per the instructions there is a little wrinkle at the bridge of the nose that doesn't occur when your method is used.

Still have some leakage at the upper cheeks and would appreciate any other suggestions.

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I don't want to discourage anyone from trying the F20 based on my initial impression. Last night was the first using it and I was pleasantly surprised. The average leak rate was 1.1, the 90% leak rate was 0.0, and the max was 6.0. Those are the best leak rates I've observed in the month I have been using SleepyHead. Who knows what tonight will bring but my initial concerns have been put to rest. I also experienced less dry mouth with this mask than with others.

All is not perfect. For the first time in several years, since I began using the Quatro FX I have some irritation at the bridge of my nose. It's only slight and I hope it will improve as I adapt to the mask. Unlike any mask I have used in the past, the seal of his mask actually seemed to be slightly stuck to my skin around the entire periphery when I removed it, a little like a sticky note , although less sticky. I don't know if this is a good or bad sign but it certainly indicated a good seal. It left no red marks on my face and the only irritation is a small spot at the bridge of my nose. Using other masks the seals have been slick in the morning.

Another plus for this mask is that when the inlet nozzle is removed (which is easy) if you need to get up in the middle of the night to heed the call of nature, the hole is large enough that you can take a sip of water using a straw, without removing the mask, which is great to alleviate any dry mouth.

My thanks to Car54 for his tip.

I would appreciate any thoughts on how to deal with the irritation at the bridge of my nose. Has anyone found topical treatments that help? I'd prefer not to use a mask liner.

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My experience with the F20 was pretty much the same. The more that I used it the better that it seemed to fit. You might try a pure lanolin salve in the area on the bridge of your nose. It can be found in the baby or mother section of some stores like drug stores or Target.

Best Regards,

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Thanks for the tip, PaytonA,

I asked my wife if she had any lanolin salve and she laughed and asked if my nipples were sore (LOL).  It's been years since are kids were babies and I had forgotten what it's commonly used for.


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And so, did you tell her that your nipples were sore??? Big Grin Big Grin
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I also had a sore nose for a while, it went away.I do not think that you should put the lanolin on at night. It will act as a lubricant and probably cause more leaks. To reduce leaks I wash my mask every night and make sure that my face is squeaky clean because I have oily skin. On the few occasion when I am unable to wash my face my leaks go up. 

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I have used lanolin and it does not seem to act as a lubricant. In fact, it seems to help the seal.
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Good to know, I will have to experiment.

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