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Need a new machine but........
Have used a cpap machine for 17 years. Had 2 sleep studies 7/99 and 4/2007. My 17 year old machine has stopped working. Summer 2014 my doctor refereed me for a sleep study. When I didn't hear from study lab I called in Sept. they returned call in Oct. setup sleep study for Feb.2015. New obamacare didn't cover sleep study and couldn't afford $3000 for study. Now I need a new machine, but sellers want a sleep study. How do I get a new machine? Should not go without cpap for 6-9 months..........
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Hi AlbertHarris,


Any person that can legally write a prescription can write one for a CPAP and masks. This can be your family doctor, any other doctor or dentist, and a PA. All the person needs is to have a DEA number.

Good luck.
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Hi albertharris,
I know it's tough without insurance coverage.
Have you talked to your doctor about this? He/she may be able to set you up with a home study which would be cheaper.

Most suppliers/DME's do require a perscription.

Check some of suppliers from the suppliers list at top of page. Supplier #2 offers used low hour machines and also new open box zero hour machines, you will still need a script.

Again, touch base with your doctor.
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Supplier #10 on the supplier link above offers a $250 home sleep test AND they will review and provide a prescription if the test shows you need CPAP. I have never used this so you decide.
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A home sleep study is much cheaper. I don't know how involved they are: do they just diagnose OSA (which you know you already have)? Or do they calculate your pressures?

Your doc might be willing to write you another prescription for your current settings. The current generation machines are much more advanced and allow you to record your results so you can make your own adjustments. Kind of a DIY sleep study.
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I bought my first cpap at the flea market for $10 and used it to try. it helped. bought my second machine off craiglist for$60 the girl that had it used it for one night and put it back in the box.

When I could afford a doctor got a new cpap and found this forum.

I would not wait for anybody to get another cpap. i care more than anyone about me.

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Hi albertharris,
WELCOME! to the forum.!
Good luck to you with getting a machine, hang in there for more responses to your post.
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Funny you should ask..........I am dealing with the same issues. i too have had OSA for 17 years and am getting my 3rd machine. I have had 3 sleeps studies but do not have copies or access to them so I had to look for options that would allow me just to get a replacement machine. The one thing you will need is a prescription. I got mine from my PCP, but had to practically dictate what was needed as he does not know about ordering these devices.

Currently I am using my original 17yr old machine a Respironics Duet LX Bilevel w external humidifier that is trying to die. My primary machine a Res Med VPAP III has pressure issues, it will not hold settings and blows only high pressure. When i first looked around i could not find a place that would repair it. So I went back to my old faithful.

I too have Obamacare and qualify for a new machine . But due to high deductibles that have not been met, started searching online for options. Insurance quoted me $2350 for a new machine. There are a slew of online places that sell MUCH cheaper then insurance quotes. Look around you might be able to get a refurbished machine much cheaper then a new one and with at least a 6 month -1yr warranty

I am in the process of getting a new Devilibiss IntelliPAP AutoBiLevel Machine with SmartCode. In looking around even this has the best parameters that fits my needs, warranty-5yrs and has software that can be used to download info both for me and my MD. I was able to put together a package that is $1400, a bit over 1/2 of what insurance quoted...and this is for a brand new machine. Still pricey but I did save a bunch.

I am going to try to get teh RESmed VPAP II repaired to use as a back up...but not right away.

Dont get discourages at least you found this forum and might get some help here!

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Thank you all for your information. Was feeling down yesterday after seller after seller told me I'd need a sleep study.
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(07-07-2016, 11:45 PM)JessieLC Wrote: ...

I am in the process of getting a new Devilibiss IntelliPAP AutoBiLevel Machine with SmartCode.


I'd suggest making sure that particular machine has the SD card option. Without it, you are limited to only the reports that you get from the SmartCode functions. There is an add-on module called SmartLink that plugs into the back.

I am retiring my less than 5 year old IntelliPAP because it does not have that module. Instead of paying extra to add it to a 4+ yo machine, I decided to go ahead and get a different brand completely. I, and a buddy with the same machine, have also found an error in the way that machine records certain data. It's not a problem with the compliance reports that are generated from the SmartCode, but it is a problem if you try to track lifetime usage.
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