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Need help to adjust Dreamstation Auto CPAP
My Name is Gabriel and i live in Switzerland.

About One month a go i got sleep Apnea diagnosed after my blood pressure went up to 200 or so.
I may have Apnea since a long time with all the Symptoms related to it but i was too stupid to go to the doctor.
However i feel quite depressed for i cant leave anymore without a machine.But i Need to get over this.
My Supplier gave me one Dreamstation Auto CPAP machine with some masks to try out.
The first three weeks i used different full face masks to find the most comfortable ones.
However full face masks sucks because i wake up permanently and the mask wont let me sleep well ,especially i am a side sleeper.
so since one week i use one nasal pillow mask Resmed Airfit P10.
This mask feels quite better and i can get longer sleep periods as before.
I also have to say that AHI values between FFM and Pillows are are without substancial differences and the AHI Values vary a lot in dependence of how long i sleep.
My Supplier set the Dreamstation to 5-10cm pressure. I used Sleepy head to check the results and i seen a lot of hypopnea Events.
I adjusted then 6-12cm pressure but the results have not changed much. After one appointement with the Supplier they set the pressure even lower as the beginning. 4-8 cm.
I still wake up with headache and not feel really rested but much better than before the therapy.
Now since i use the nasal Pillow mask i rised the lower pressure to 5.5 because i got air hunger and it was required for me to do so.
I hope i can got some advice how i can get this Thing work better.
Thank you all in advance for your opinions.
PS: sorry for my bad english
Images will follow first i Need to get 4 Posts.
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[Image: gKR2oO1l.png]

[Image: zRG8IKrl.png]
[Image: YBSyAtIl.png]
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The move to an Airfit P10 seems to be working well as you have no significant leaks at all. You did an awesome job of presenting graphs with all the important information, and overall you are reasonably well treated at your current pressure of 5.5-10.0.

The graphs are showing some residual obstructive events, particularly hypopnea and OA, as well as some snores and flow limits. I think this can be improved by increasing minimum pressure by 0.5 cm increments until you feel more comfortable (no morning headaches) and the AHI is consistently less than 2 and snores are diminished. It would not hurt to increase the maximum pressure to 12 as you do reach the maximum pressure of 10 currently. Really, you are off to a great start, and have good equipment and a good grasp of using and presenting the Sleepyhead data. Thanks for making it easy.
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Welcome to the board! You're in the right place - this is such a great resource.

You're on the right track with the therapy. And the machine is a good one - I love it! 5 was too low for me (gave me air hunger), so I imagine you'll benefit from tweaking your pressure as Sleeprider guided you in.

And your English is wonderful! May I ask what your native language is?
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Hi lmost,
WELCOME! to the forum.!
Good luck to you with your CPAP therapy and getting it adjusted to meet your needs.
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Thank You very much for the suggestions .
I did what suggested and increased last night the pressure to 6-12
I see on the results that i do not reache anymore the upper pressure Limit. Smile

To the language question: My native Language is German.

[Image: ffw6RVSl.png]
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I would increase 0.5 cm again, to 6.5-12. It would be nice to see the OA and hypopnea reduced, and I think your key is higher minimum pressure. The Philips Respironics machines are very slow to respond in auto mode to obstructive signals, so you need to be a bit higher to prevent the events. Good luck, and thanks for checking back.
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(05-01-2017, 03:58 PM)lmost Wrote: To the language question: My native Language is German.

Oh, very cool!  That was my guess.  (I love languages.) I'm super impressed when people are able to participate in forums in their non-native languages. 

And I'm sorry to not be able to add any input on your sleep.  Sleeprider has that covered, though. :-)
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Welcome to the forum,

The data shown on your Overwiew, although very condensed, is found to have never started below 7.0 cm although it is set to 5.0 minimum, narrow the margin between maximum and minimum, try 7 and 8.5 or 9.

Before I had 6.0 and 12.0, (0.5 and 1.12 AHI), but I preferred to raise 0.5 AHi by the best confor I feel now, with min 8.5, max 10.5, (1.0 and 1.7 AHI), that increase alone Has been more comfortable than before.

Their data of the increase of pressure, coincides with great losses of the mask. So my advice, when you get zero leaks will have enough

Try the Eson F & P, it is the best result I obtained with respect to my old, good and irreplaceable mask, Apex Wizard 210 all of silicone, stopped producing it in 2012 (I have twelve masks of all kinds and brand including the P10)

Grüße aus Madrid
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Hoi Gabriel, dis Englisch isch nid emol so schlecht.... Big Grin

I started Therapy with a P10 mask but eventually switched to a full face mask because of mouth breathing. The F&P Simplus is really comfortable and works well for side sleeping, I always sleep on my side. I use a mask liner which greatly improves comfort. Just some info if you ever want to consider a different mask.

Willkommen to the board, you found the best place for Apnea Info and you already got some great guidance here.
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