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Need help to analyse OSCAR data
RE: Need help to analyse OSCAR data
You have 3 options.  The first is, follow Dormeo's advice and purchase a USB card reader. The next two options both require that you create a dedicated directory on your computer and point OSCAR to this directory for the data import operation.  The first of the two, is to have your friend copy the complete SD card then you download all the data, each time, into the dedicated directory.   The second is, obtain a Toshiba FlashAir Wi-Fi SD card, no larger than 32Gb.  You can then set up the card on your wireless network as a standalone device.  This will allow you to use free software, like FlashPAP, to wirelessly import your data from your CPAP to your PC.
Crimson Nape
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RE: Need help to analyse OSCAR data
Dear Dormeo,

Is ok. I will open a new thread for this issue. In fact, I also have another hardware issue to tackle. This hardware issue cause me not able to use the CPAP.

Kindly take care during this period.


Steven Chia
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RE: Need help to analyse OSCAR data
Dear Dormeo,

Finally I had managed to download the latest data from the OSCAR since my new laptop issue as mentioned earlier. In your earlier email, your advice is to change the ERP from 3 to 2 to see if can resolve the sign of central apnea (CA) as shown in my previous OSCAR data.

Kindly have a look into the latest OSCAR data as attached with this post. Appreciate if you can provide advice if CA still exist. As I can see it still exist in the Event Flags but not so frequent. But bear in mind the sleep time is only from 1.30AM to 5.30AM, so not sure if it consider frequent for CA within such short sleeping hours?

I wonder if I need to change my ERP to higher ie from 2 to 1? If I really have CA issue, can this machine help me? And also, apart from CA, any other issues as can be seen from data?

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RE: Need help to analyse OSCAR data
You are doing great. You need to base changes on how you feel, not what the numbers say. This happens to everyone as the seriously approach their sweet spot.

We only need the first chart. If otherwise we will ask for it. Do feel free to post any chart that you need help with.
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RE: Need help to analyse OSCAR data
Steven, as Bonjour says, this is looking very good. In the first chart you posted, you were averaging 4.67 central apneas per hour. Now you're down to an average of 1.26 central apneas per hour. (The information is toward the top in the panel on the left.)

I'd recommend sticking with your current settings for another week or two. Then if you'd like to experiment with EPR of 1, give it a try and see whether you feel better or worse. Also, after a few months, you could also experiment with EPR of 3 again. It may be that by that time, your body will no longer be responding to treatment with a bunch of centrals.

This is just to underline what Bonjour is saying. You're in a good place now, and you should judge changes by the way you feel, giving each change a while to settle in. When you feel you're sleeping soundly, when you're feeling rested during the day -- that's when you know you've got your settings exactly where you want them.

BUT, on that general subject -- why was your sleep time so short last night? Something about using the machine and mask, or something extraneous?
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RE: Need help to analyse OSCAR data
Dear Bonjour and Dormeo,

Really appreciate your good news and expert advice. Knowing that I am on the right track on using the machine. 

Dormeo, to answer your question of the short sleep time of mine, it is because I slept very late these few months for observing the US stock market  Big Grin It is not due to the machine or mask. 

After I used the machine, I can feel my clear head in the morning. But still feel tiredness the whole day as I think is because I am lack of sleep (for the reason as above mentioned). I have planned to change my habit to sleep earlier and longer hours in order to maximise the positive effect of using the machine.

I will stick with EPR of 2 for another 1 week or 2 before try EPR 3 as per your advice. Another thing, in between I will try another type of mask which is nasal pillow mask in the 3rd weeks after i changed my ERP to 3. (Of course have to see if ERP 3 does suit me on the 1st week trial)

Now I gonna to use this weekend to do research on the cleaning and maintenance on the machine and masks which I think is very important at this point of time.

Thanks again and will talk to you soon.

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RE: Need help to analyse OSCAR data
This all sounds like a great plan. Keep us posted!
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