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Need help understanding O2 drops
Need help understanding O2 drops
Last night, I wasn't feeling well after work, and went to Urgent Care. I take Multaq for AFIB, and I think something I ate with it caused me to not feel well. But the Urgent Care couldn't find anything. I went back home to try and sleep, but kept waking up with my Contec O2 monitor going off. I do not understand why my oxygen drops so rapidly.

1. First screenshot shows that as I went to sleep, I leveled off at 93%. During that time, I had some transitional CA's that didn't affect O2 at all!
2. Then later on had a HR spike to 100bpm for no reason I see except for some shallow then heavy breathing.
3. Then at 6:15am, O2 dropped steadily.
4. Overview for tonight, which wasnt much, since i didnt feel good!

Last pic is of the very end which had yet another O2 drop that alerted me, and then I stopped trying to get sleep. BAD NIGHT FOR ME, since my body kept breathing shallow or not at all it seems sometimes. I would like to send this to my Sleep Doctor, but he cares less about this stuff

I just got this vAuto, and now wondering if maybe I should've got a BIPAP with Backup.
Would I benefit from a BIPAP with BACKUP breathing to force me to breathe?

[Image: 5O8PzkZ.jpg]

[Image: E1AjSFp.png]

[Image: uTlz1iS.jpg]

[Image: U6z4lI5.png]


[Image: aTLK9ij.jpg]

[Image: cgSpD0Z.png]

[Image: h7S0gsJ.png][Image: yOHy2HT.png]
ResMed AirCurve 10 vAuto
Pressure EPAP min 4.4, IPAP 8.4, IPAP Max 18, PS 4.

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RE: Need help understanding O2 drops
Here is the night before.....
Don't have an O2 report for this night, since it was overwritten. But my O2 monitor never went off, during ANY of these events.

[Image: rEdweIT.png]
ResMed AirCurve 10 vAuto
Pressure EPAP min 4.4, IPAP 8.4, IPAP Max 18, PS 4.

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RE: Need help understanding O2 drops
I'm not qualified to read the charts, but the O2 looks just fine. You will have variations in O2 even if your AHI is under 1, but yours is still over 1. I think you just need a fine tune and someone here can help you.

If your 02 was dropping below 90 regularly, that would certainly indicate that there is a greater problem. My average in the early part of the night is 95%, but then, like yours, drops to the low 90s the rest of the night. I have a slow heart, so it's a known problem.
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RE: Need help understanding O2 drops
I agree. I wouldn't worry about a couple of dips during the night. They're not staying long enough to really cause any problems.
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RE: Need help understanding O2 drops
The most experienced helpers here routinely ask those reporting Sleepyhead charts to set up, or organize, their charts first.  One of the things they ask is that people eliminate the pie-chart view because it causes some anxiety and it is usually not helpful...or even meaningful.  If you look for posts from the admin and monitors/moderators, most of them have a list of links about organizing and interpreting Sleepyhead in their signature blocks.
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